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find out wat have happening to me everyday ^^

I had blogspot le! ^^

konnichiwa ^^ ytd just made a blogspot for myself ^^ thx lin for teaching me…or else i really in a lost of how to create a blog for myself >< thx lin! today have a bad soft throat…slept until 12.30pm then woke up le…due to my throat damn pain n kept sneezing non-stop >< Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ yo!today can relax for awhile then tml continues to revise for my coming examination…woke up as per normal,5.45am…today had PEQ class test on whole bk >< can’t do the paper at all!damn hard n i dun even have enough time to study finish for the whole bk =’( so confirm nv score well… =( haiz…must face the fact!who call my memory nt gd in memorize all things… =’( Read more »

childish girl,GET LOST!!!

konnichiwa ^^ tml i dun need to go to sch leix!damn happy de lo! ^^ cos i tml no lesson to attend! ^^ great!today woke up as usual,5.45am…finally last presentation,PM1 was over…everything are coming to an end…after the dec final examinations…will miss my classmates so much!but nt tat childish dwarf couple!they are eeeeeeeeee & yuck! Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ actually today nt blogging le…since ytd post,i had wrote tat today going to study for my class test…but not confirm whether there is a class test on coming tues a nt lo!haiz…woke up at 12.50pm…so on com instead of studying…see whehter ltr wan to study for my coming thurs,EVT class test a nt >< as if goes study PEQ class test n no test on coming tues then i will go crazy lo! Read more »

drama time! ^^

konnichiwa ^^ woke up at 12.30pm…after washed up,on com n continued the drama episodes tat i have nt finish…just finished the two dramas episodes ^^ now listening to rainie’s new album ^^ after tat will listen to DBSK’s new album…nth much for today… Read more »

shopping time! ^.^v

konnichiwa ^^ today had a great shopping day! ^^ bought a lot of things…hehex :P woke up at 6.30am as no PEQ theory lesson at 8am…cos today had to take phrase test,so my group L1 who are taking the test on pump…had to report at 9am to take the phrase test…my phrase test can say went smoothly bah >< thx to my di,helped me flipped the coin to head! ^^ Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ today gt my baby pink colour mickey mouse mp3!damn happy de lo! ^^ left the ear piece n neckstap have nt taken,tml lao da then gives me…then i tml pay him money…woke up as per normal,5.45am…lin n da jie nv go for pe again…during whole pe lesson,i playing my psp game ^^ long time nv use my psp liao lo!since so many tests kept coming non-stop…next week also gt 3 class tests,it is test on whole bk leix! >< Read more »

enjoy time! ^^

konnichiwa ^^ woke up as usual,5.45am…today no cca!great! ^^ ytd after i off com then received the msg sent by my co chairman…she said due to the co room gt other ppls using,so we can’t use the room…gd lo!i dun need to see tat childish girl lo!hahax XD i dun even send the msg to her leix! >< cos i dun wan to lyk last time,always the one who first tells her the co informations!

Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ hehex :P today early release…so can blog now…ltr then study my OHSS class test >< hahax XD woke up at 6.30am…had PEQ presentation today…i spoke until very jialet la,just dun wanna to talk abt it liao!but had a lot fun saying tat dwarf couple!WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ today totally HOT TEMPER liao lo!!!all tat dwarf wife la!!!idiot childish girl!!!ltr will write out all my temper to her here!!!woke up as usual 5.45am…as today had PM1 lesson…so had to wake up early to go sch…had another presentation,LLA to do again -_-||| deadline is due to wed de,but cher changed to next mon ^^ Read more »

sleepy day…

konnichiwa ^^ woke up at 2.30pm >< cos ytd used up all my energy playing at east coast BBQ there till today damn sleepy de lo! >< hahax :P feeling so unwell n seem to have fever when i woke up >< but now feeling a bit better le ^^ dun feel of doing anything today…just wan to use com watch drama n blog here…PEQ presentation tml then practice hao le…no mood to go practice it lo :P Read more »



liin ^^


vyn ^^


monkey…hahax XD


hiippo ^^


yong wee’s sock ><


liin again ^^


rabbiit & monkey

BBQ Time! ^^

konnichiwa ^^ woke up at 9.30am to prepare to go out at 11am to watch High School Musical 3 movie at ps,the cathay cinema ^^ 12pm tat monkey n i should meet each other at ps there…but he overslept,so he late for 15 mins!i knew it lo!morning kept sms him,no reply back at all! -_-||| anyway when i reached,i went to sembawang music centre first,to look for rainie’s new album again n also check whether BOA’s new album is out a nt ^^ Read more »

back for awhile! ^^

konnichiwa ^^ finally can blog! >< such one whole week nv blog le… =( cos having tests n exam whole week >< anyway today woke up as usual,5.45am…today have PEQ class test…haiz…but luckily can have a short break liao!cos next week only two tests,OHSS class test n PEQ phrase test ^^ damn happy de!but this will nt last for long…since final examination is coming liao,so can’t slack anymore!there will be more tests coming up too! >< Read more »

last post… =(

konnichiwa ^^ woke up at 11.30am…wan to watch finish the episodes of two dramas…so nv sleep till afternoon >< btw…waiting for my di to online to send me the project power point slides tat he had done…but he nv online,i think he working now bah…so have to continue to wait lo… Read more »

25.1o.2oo8 ^^












~vyn’s bd cake~


~da jiie,mii,paul,vyn,le,liin~


~le & liin~


~liin & paul~


~liin & vyn~


~mii & vyn~

dun miistaken…ii n hiim are jiie meii ^^


~vyn & da jiie~


~paul & vyn~


~da jiie,liin,yiin~


~tcc coffee~


~perfect match~

bought the things tat i wanted! ^^

konnichiwa ^^ finally bought my sch bag!hehex :P anyway,first wish monkey,marvyn Happy sweet 17th Birthday ^^ thx for treating me meals…others also have la!nt only me… >< today attended for the meal have : le,me,lin,da jie,paul ^^ woke up at 10am to prepare to go out to meet my jie meis n friends at 12.30pm… Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ one whole week nv blog le… >< woke up at 5.45am to go to seng kang sec sch to take my ‘o’ lvl maths exam…today de paper damn jialet de!dun wanna to talk abt it!totally no hope…haiz… =( after the exam,went back to my sch for my ‘o’ lvl maths lesson…since still have paper 2,so have lesson… Read more »

Project again! -_-|||

konnichiwa ^^ woke up at 10am to prepare to go out do project at 12.30pm…sian…Project again!project non-stop de leix!haiz…anyway today nv buy my sch bag again =’( cos no time to go bugis there!some more kept raining non-stop lo! -_-||| btw tml have test…after the project is around quite late le…so dun think of going bugis to buy my sch bag liao >< Read more »

ARGH!!!pls give me a break!!!

konnichiwa ^^ damn tired de!lot of class tests n examination keep coming non -stop!ARGH!!!i wan a break so much! >< woke up at 12.30pm…cos afternoon going out with my mum to city hall to find my sch bag…nv buy any sch bag today =( as none of it i lyk…some more damn expensive de! >< Read more »

konnichiwa ^^ here a post for today! >< woke up at 6am…damn sleepy de…since only the first week of sch reopen… >< hahax XD tml can slp well till afternoon!hehex :P Read more »

sad news… =(

konnichiwa ^^ two days nv blog till now le >< cos from sunday till ytd…studied my PO1 units 1 - 12,cos had a class test at today…so can’t on com n blog…today no cca ^^ woke up at 5.50am to go sch for my PO1 class test at 9am sharp >< anyway ending of this post will tell u a sad news! =( Read more »

end of holiday… =(

konnichiwa ^^ today is the last day of holiday le…nth much happened for me today…woke up at 1pm… >< hahax XD had a bath then started to study for my PO1 class test…cos ytd blog here tat i today will study for my PO1 class test which will test on tue…but now only managed to finish two to three units -_-||| Read more »

last day outing…

konnichiwa ^^ today super sleepy de!u know wat time i woke up?hehex XD say liao u will think i am a ‘pig’,who can slp until so late >< hahax XD i woke up at 3+pm today! >< disbelief/cannot believe bah?hahax :P all my kor fault la!kept waking me up!!!next time must lock my room de door liao!in case he kept disturbe me while i sleeping! ^^ Read more »

ended! ^^

konnichiwa ^^ everything had come to an end…finally can rest le! >< hehex :P early in the morning…woke up at 6am n went out from hse to sch for today de cca,co performance…reached sch at around 7.30am…the first thing to do when went into the co room,was to change to the performance clothes n wear the black shoes with heel… >< Read more »

sleepy as usual…

konnichiwa ^^ having cca practise again…haiz…damn sleepy de!tml still have to wake up early…cos 8am must reach co room le =( woke up at 9.30am today…tml is performance day le >< damn stress de!cos today rehersal(forgot the spelling le… >< hope i nv spell wrong ^^) i can’t really blow well…haiz… Read more »

tired arh!

konnichiwa ^^ woke up at 10am to prepare going out to cp(compass point) de POSB bank there to fill up my Giro form…after tat around 11.30am reached  my sec sch…as today went to visit bkshop auntie… ^^ totally nv slp well these few days…causes nt enough slp at all! >< Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ damn busy for this week >< today actually have to start to revise my ‘o’ lvl maths n sch reopen PO1 class test de…but due to that sickening cca la!need the black shoes by this fri…so bo bian have to go out n find for it…woke up at 9.45am for a prepare to go out at 12pm… Read more »

CCA again and again…haiz…

konnichiwa ^^ actually wan to wake up at 11am…but too sleepy…so continued slept until 1pm then woke up >< hahax XD ytd watched the movie tat i wanted to watch much ^^ title,’The Black Swindler’. lyk the male lead guy lo!damn shuai de ^^ he is from japanese… Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ ytd watched another two dramas de ending episodes…these two dramas de famale lead are my favourite actors ^^ one is from korean n another one is from japanese…anyway woke up at 12pm…

Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ woke up at 2pm…due to too sleepy…so wan to slp more >< day by day have passed…left one more week to sch reopen le…haiz…i wasting the days tat i had in the holiday =( wan to go out but no one to find n they seem so busy with their own things…when they are free,i nt free at all! -_-||| sian… Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ ytd found another korean boys group…name FT Island…their sound quite nice…so found a lot of their songs…woke up at 12pm today…nth much for the whole day,slack at home again -_-||| Read more »

a sad mode…

konnichiwa ^^ woke up at 1pm due to ytd nv slp well at all >< maybe slp to much liao…so on the bed turn here turn there,also can’t fall asleep XD nth much for today…per normal,stays at home using com… Read more »

public holiday…

konnichiwa ^^ today is a public holiday…childrens’ day plus hari raya…woke up at around 12pm…but lazy to leave bed…so until 2pm then left bed for a wash up then on com…finding wallpapers for my psp background ^^ Read more »

finally watched the movie! ^^

konnichiwa ^^ finally today watched the movie - boys over flowers ^^ woke up at 9.30am to prepare to go out meets diana at 11.30am…thx her very much…for acc me to go watchs the movie ^^ Read more »

stressing day!!!

konnichiwa ^^ woke up at 11.30am…ltr at 4pm have cca…will leave hse at either 2.45pm or 3pm…a video shooting today!ARGH!!!SICKENING!!!i dun wan to care anymore liao!blow nt gd…they nt happy,i also bo bian liao!made me till lyk going to turn into a crazy girl lo!y should i still care abt,i can perform perfect for them a nt!stressing ppl de cca! Read more »

another boring day =(

konnichiwa ^^ woke up at 10.41am…actually wan to wake up at 10am…cos wan to watch the channel u de drama >< maybe too sleepy le bah…so continued slp :P ytd midnight 1am then slept…so quite tired…btw my sore throat now feeling better le ^^ cos ytd kept drinking water… >< Read more »

watching drama! ^^

konnichiwa ^^ nowadays busy over the dramas >< ytd finished one drama…now only left the miss no good drama ^^ it was uploaded till episode 3 le…mon will be episode 4…so have to hurry up by finishs the episodes…woke up at 12pm… Read more »

‘o’ level maths…

konnichiwa ^^ just came back nt long from my ‘o’ lvl maths lesson…damn tired n sleepy de!cos nv slp well ytd night…dunno was stomach too fill or hungry lo…from 12pm laid on bed then staying awake till i think around going 3am then fell asleep le bah >< today still have to wake up early at 7am…to prepare going sch for the ‘o’ lvl maths lesson… =( Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ second post today >< cos just now happened a lot of things…so wanna to blog again ^^ anyway super happy today n enjoyed myself ^^ thx hippo much…can forget all my stress from my cca ^^ today outing,really helped me much… Read more »

hippo’s birthday ^^

konnichiwa ^^ today is hippo’s birthday…wish her a Happy sweet 17th Birthday ^^ woke up at 11am to prepare for ltr going out celebrate for hippo…around 12pm on com and continued to watch the hot shot drama ^^ just finished the episode tat had uploaded until now…must wait till coming thurs then have another episode… ^^ Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ today have cca again…sian…woke up at 10am…nowadays watching taiwan dramas ^^ ytd whole day watching hot shot…long time nv watch le…now already uploaded till episode 10 leix!if i nv forget,tat time i stopped at episode 5…now already half of the episodes uploaded le!hahax XD Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ woke up at 2pm… >< after ate my lunch,on com and started to put in shinee’s songs into my imeem profile ^^ cos ytd my co senior sent me all the songs of shinee ^^ thx him much!at first gt asked le for helps…but since my senior sent me the songs le,then dun need to ma fan ta le ^^ Read more »

cca =(

konnichiwa ^^ ltr cca le =( gd luck for me le…haiz…woke up at 11am…after washed up,listening to songs ^^ nth much for the morning…ltr cca at 4.30pm… Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ today going out to buy lin’s bd present…ltr meeting diana at around 3.30pm…she accompanys me to go city hall ^^ while her church is nearby city hall…woke up at 10am to watch channel u show…it was a taiwan drama which repeated many times in tv le…but just dun feel bore of watching it over again n again ^^ Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ woke up at 2.30pm >< today nv go out…so can slp longer…hehex :P same as last week…when woke up and on my phone,a lot of msgs kept poping out XD anyway…going out with diana tml at 3.30pm lyk tat ^^ cos she morning have somethings on… Read more »

sch holiday time! ^^

konnichiwa ^^ finally sch holiday!!!hurray!!! ^^ woke up as usual,at 5.45am…went for 8am,PEQ theory lesson…but today nv study,only took back test paper and cher went through the qns. ^^ so dun need to bring textbk to sch…but i still have ‘o’ lvl maths,need to bring maths textbk -_- lolx XD Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ finally presentation finished!cool!can rest le…two more presentations,must wait till sch reopen…one is PTQA and the other one is LLA…woke up at 6.30am…reached sch early again -_- when reached sch…went to cafe 1 and sat down at the table n chairs where lin and i always at…then took out my presentation notes to start practice ^^ Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ just came back from tm(tampines mall) ^^ as went there to buy my ear piece and nail polishs…besided tat…also practiced for the EVT presentation,which helds on tml! >< woke up as usual time,at 5.45am… Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ today went back home early again! ^^ actually have PO1 theory lesson at 1pm-2pm de…but cher cancelled it >< so went with lin to have lunch at cafe 1,then went back home with da jie by taking bus 31 ^^ woke up at 6.30pm…reached sch around 8+am >< Read more »

bo hua…hehex :P

konnichiwa ^^ a very bo hua day!hahax XD lolx :P this two words only me and lin knew ^^ woke up at 5.45am…due to have PM1(LLA) lesson…today is the final day for handing in LLA Project…finally my group all things done and handed up today ^^ da jie did her jobs we gave her!gd! ^^ Read more »

project practice!

konnichiwa ^^ went out to city hall there to practice for my EVT project ^^ as there is a presentation on coming thurs >< da jie has to work…so can’t come along with us for practice…woke up at 10am to prepare going out at 12pm ^^ Read more »

night post :P

konnichiwa ^^ just came back from ang mo kio hub nt long ago…at first my parents and i r going to toa payoh HDB there to do my popular card,as now my member card is going to expiry le >< but if go there very late le and my dad tml has to go for work…so we change plan to go ang mo kio hub for shopping… Read more »

i wan to watch the moive!!!

konnichiwa ^^ woke up at 2.30pm… >< hehex :P as today dun need to go out to do project so can rest more ^^ but tml have to go out for project,sian…nvm!after tat all will come to an end le! ^^ except left LLA project presentation…haiz… Read more »


hehex…just found the camera usb cable ^^ upload the photos for today ^^ Read more »

happy birthday!xiang xiang! ^^

konnichiwa ^^ today is my hse tat naughty boy,xiang xiang’s birthday…hahax XD he is nt my real(same blood with me) di di la…is my mum helps other to take care de ^^ woke up at 5.45am…first period is PO1 theory lesson as change with PEQ theory lesson last tues…brought my PSP to sch as afternoon must wait for a long time for my ‘o’ lvl maths to start!haiz… Read more »

bought my PSP!!! ^^

konnichiwa ^^ finally bought my PSP! ^^ damn happy de lo!hehex :P luckily after sch still have went out to buy psp…as the lesson only half an hour then can go home le -_-||| cos i dun need to go for practical lesson since i done my phrase test last week le ^^ so 11am left sch and went to woodland centre there to buy PSP… Read more »

feeling better ^^

konnichiwa ^^ morning still have fever…but a bit better than ytd le ^^ ytd doing the PEQ class test was totally high fever lo! >< maybe is stress too much,causes have fever ma >< lolx :P woke up at 5.45am…first period was PO1 theory lesson,learnt new chapter today…cher said the chapter is the most difficult in the whole PO1 coursebook…so she divided the chapter into 2 parts… Read more »

sick =(

konnichiwa ^^ during ytd,early in the morning had fever and sore throat…woke up at 6.30am,due to no PM1(LLA) lesson…today woke up at 6.30am too!as first period no lesson for my group,L1 ^^ btw ytd had PO1 phrase test!!!ARGH!!!some more i am sick for the whole day!!!lolx…now i still have fever…haiz… Read more »

my room ^^

konnichiwa ^^ from today onwards…my room is pink colour!!! ^^ is the sweet pink tat i lyk most! ^^ also i gt the room i wanted liao le! :P damn happy de lo! ^^ woke up at 11am…actually have to wake up at 8am de…as the uncle who helps to paint our hse came to our hse le…but now i still sleep at the other room tat i dislike,so will nt affect me from waking up while the uncle came and started to paint the room… Read more »

a day off for project ^^

konnichiwa ^^ today dun need to go tat monkey’s hse to do project!as lin said,give us a off day for today ^^ actually wan to go buy my psp today de…but bad news kept coming by,tat causes me can’t go and buy lo!cos…today my malaysia relatives come to sg…so my mum has to acc them by bringing them around the places for shopping >< Read more »

sian diao!

konnichiwa ^^ actually woke up at 5.45am…as i thought today lesson started at 8am…i on my phone and lot of msgs kept appeared! >< then i noticed tat today lesson started at 10am…so continued to slp till 6.30am then woke up ^^ Read more »

i need a break!

konnichiwa ^^ morning till afternoon,all the way tests!!!ARGH!!!SO SCARY!!!lolx :P woke up at 6.30am…as no more PE from today onwards until when sept holiday over then have PE ^^ totally was surprised when my EVT cher said tat PE have a written test lo!WAT!!!i dun even know tat lo! >< then my di just said,’aiya…sure pass one de la!’ lolx XD he always has this positive view… ^^ gd for him lo… Read more »

cca so sian…

konnichiwa ^^ need to show the LLA Project first 50% to cher…but cher nv check for it -_-||| only said if need any help can ask him…woke up at 5.45am…learnt new chapter during PO1 theory lesson…something had told by cher during PO1 theory lesson…dun wanna to mention here…all is tat guy de fault! Read more »

wanted to rest…

konnichiwa ^^ woke up at 6.30am…early reached sch again…first period was for L2 classmates to attend de…spent my time by reading lin’s storybook…at PEQ theory lesson time…can’t even pay attention to wat teacher is teaching >< kept chatting with others… :P Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ FINALLY DONE MY LLA PROJECT!!!HUARRY!!! anyway today is teachers’ day!Happy Teachers’ Day!the LLA Project luckily i used two days to finish it… ^^ i thought i can’t finish on time by wed lo! >< woke up at 10am…lin and da jie can’t go for the project today…actually wanna to go marvyn’s hse do project de…but ended up nv go…all his fault la!nv tell me ytd night tat today can dun need to go his hse!SICKENING! Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ super sleepy sia!slept at 3+am till 8am…woke up by my mum morning call >< as we going out to buy paints for repainting the hse…i slept lesser hrs than b4 lo!only 4 hrs >< anyway bought the paints liao…next week will start to paint the hse ^^ Read more »

super happy! ^^

konnichiwa ^^ went to jurong island today!gt free goodie bag!inside gt a free thumbdrive of 2 GB,super happy lo! :P hahax XD woke up at 5.45am…saw lin at tampines interchange there while waiting for bus 31…when we reached sch,lin acc me to go cafe 1 to buy bread…all stalls nv open except the stall tat sell drinks and breakfast set >< Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ woke up as usual at 5.45am…today only need to attended a lesson,PEQ theory lesson ^^ as my phrase test for PEQ practical,i had done last week le…but today those who haven’t take the test de classmates,dun need to take for it…as cher said next week then test,so gd lo! >< Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ woke up at 6.45am…as today dun have PE…only need to attend for EVT theory and practcial lessons…peaceful day for me ^^ Read more »

summarise of mon to wed ^^

konnichiwa ^^ i am going summarise the 3 days tat i had…mon and wed woke up at 5.45am as normal…while for tues woke up at 6.30am…everything were going fine during these few days…great! ^^ Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ hehex…today woke up at 2.30pm >< as raining day so felt more sleepy and dun wanna to leave my bed:P also dunno y i felt my body super hot lo!lyk having fever…even though i had already woke up but felt so uncomfortable so slept for a bit while be4 leave my bed and wash up ^^ fell in sleep again…when woke up,its already passed few hrs! >< Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ went to marvyn’s hse to do projects…woke up at 9am to prepare then went out to meet my jie meis at serangoon mrt station at 10.45am…cos we said tat by 11am sharp,all must reach marvyn’s hse ^^ due to my bad habit happened again >< so went out late by reaching the mrt station at around 10.55am…only late for 10 mins,hehex :p Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ had PEQ phrase test today!but i nv learn for it ytd…lolx :p woke up at normal timing,5.45am…actually today nth much to write…so my post for today will be quite short ^^ but still have tat dwarf thing la!idiot dwarf! Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ today no pe ^^ so woke up at 6.30am…waited at cafe 1 for my jie meis…continued read the storybook tat borrowed from lin…i will start to write abt ytd thing tat i had metioned to blog here today ^^ Read more »

cca so boring!

konnichiwa ^^ woke up as usual…today a lot of classmates late for the first lesson,which was PO1 theory…as cher was low…so they all gt zero attendant for the whole day!wow! >< gd luck to they all arh… :P anyway saw lin at tampines interchange there ^^ reached sch at around 7.15am…done our breakfast and we went up to the classroom there very early at 7.30am >< Read more »

always being so normal…

konnichiwa ^^ feeling so sleepy again -_-||| no mood to do anything…early in the morning,woke up at 6.30am…haiz…early as usual…since lesson started at 10am…stupid bus la!ARGH!!!SICKENING OF IT!!!lolx :p Read more »

project again!

konnichiwa ^^ woke up at usual timing,5.45am…first period was LLA…need to do 5 pages for the project and hand up by next mon…since wed no LLA lesson,but we have to use tat lesson time to do for the project >< anyway the more scary thing coming up after LLA lesson! >< Read more »

laptop speaker gt sound!!!hahax XD

konnichiwa ^^ woke up at 12pm…nth much for today…so boring at home…just now figure out y the laptop speaker there dun have sound!hehex :p as ytd night i heard sound coming out from the laptop speaker,when i pressed on the blue tooth software >< Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ just went to cp(compass point) POSB Bank to do my ATM card ^^ finally had ATM card le… :p from today onwards have to use my own money for my lunchs in sch… >< woke up quite early at around 8am…but dun felt of leaving my bed,so continued to slp…cos of my ytd da ya ma,stomach pain till today morning…made till i can’t slp well at all! =’( Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ sian…today super boring!da jie had to go bank…so can’t acc me to go and have lunch =( beinging alone with taufeek,fuad and yong wee to go cafe 2…but luckily diana msg me and told me to find her at cafe 1…so went to find her and she acc me to have my lunch ^^ so thankful to her…she always be there for me,whenever i was alone…woke up as normal timing… Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ such a moody day…totally nt enough slp for today…eyes kept closing when i was on the buses to sch…had EVT phrase test…ARGH!!!so scary!!!as dunno wat cher will ask for the one qn.!woke up as normal timing…first period was PE but cher nv come…next week no PE,HUARRY!!!hahax XD Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ woke up as usual…sian…today have cca =( can’t go home early…early in the morning,had PO1 theory lesson till around 9am…then waited for tat guy to clean the whiteboard till we do nt have any break -_-||| after tat cher brought us to the indoor sport stadium there to attend a so called ‘lesson’… Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ woke up at 6.30pm…misses a lot of buses today…sian…all buses were full!!!haiz…so reached sch at around 9.15am…listening to the songs in my phone with ear piece while waiting for lin to release from her PO1 practical lesson and came to the classroom for the next lesson…where i was waiting… ^^ such a boring day!study…study…study…no fun thing… Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ woke up at 9.30am to prepare went out with diana…as today i was going to repair my hp! ^^ met her at 11am at cp(compass point) bus interchange there…from there took bus 156 to bishan ^^ be4 tat…as i reached there early…so went to popular to look for sketch bk…as needed it for my LLA project ^^ Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ woke up at 10.30am to prepare to go out for my project at marvyn’s hse…today marvyn finally gt done something le ^^ hahax XD brought my kor laptop to do for my project…while for lin today…she can relax le…as she ytd whole day doing the report >< watched her suju videos -_- sat in front of the laptop and laughed non-stop… Read more »

Happy National Day! ^^

konnichiwa ^^ Happy National Day!Happy 43th Birthday,Singapore! ^^ woke up at 10.50am to wash up and watched 11am show at channel 8 ^^ today is a off day for me ^^ cos dun need to go out to do project >< also a quite boring day for me…sian… Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ sian…today actually wanted to go out with my jie meis to go buy thing for our LLA project…but ended up…each of us went back home -_-||| i nv went home first la…hehex :p woke up as usual,5.45am…early in the morning received lin’s msg…said tat marvyn can’t open the cities thing ?.? lolx XD Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ reached home early…due to my EVT practical teacher nv come…so only attended for the pe and EVT theory lessons then can go home le ^^ btw today should have phrase test for my EVT during practical lesson…but teacher nv come,so needs to wait till next week then takes phrase test le… Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ woke up at 6.45am…actually today dun wanna to blog de…as thought teacher will release us late…but our cher nv come again…due to on course >< so another teacher of the subject,PEQ took over…ended lesson at around 3.45pm…first lesson was PEQ theory then PTQA practical lesson and PEQ teacher took over again… -_-||| somemore after PTQA practical lesson,was PEQ theory lesson again! -_-||| Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ woke up at 6.30am as today de lesson started at 10am…very early right? >< cos i had said be4 abt my bus…so no choice lo =( tml also the same time as today…haiz…i finally knew y no PO1 practical lesson for today le…cos my teacher was on course…tat y no lesson and the 10am PTQA theory lesson also her lesson and was took over by another teacher to teach us… Read more »

restless… =(

konnichiwa ^^ the show tat i watched every sunday was finally ended today! ^^ today was the last episode of the show…a gd ending ^^ loved it much…great!every sunday can slp late le ^^ as on sat can’t slp late due to go out and do project =( so now finally have a day per week for me to slp well! ^^ Read more »

super tired!

konnichiwa ^^ woke up at 10am to get ready to go out to do my EVT project…so sleepy sia!sch reopened till now,do nt have a enough slp >< lin nv went for the project…due to have to go back to her sec sch to take award ^^ so i lead everyone today for the project of who did this n tat >< as we gt to do 2 projects… Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ such a tough day i had been >< lolx XD morning woke up at 5.45am…8am started the PEQ theory lesson till 9.30am ended…after the theory lesson,was practical lesson…hand up the first rig tat had drawn for last few weeks…now continued to draw for another rig >< today drew de rig more complicated sia -_- gt some many tanks >< Read more »

fun ^^

konnichiwa ^^ woke up at 6.30am due to no pe ^^ so can slp a bit late…lesson started at 10am…but i reached sch at 8 plus >< very tired and sleepy lo >< as from 8am onwards…i can’t take the bus at all!since all buses were full of ppls -_-||| Read more »

ytd and today ^^

konnichiwa ^^ ytd no time to use com and blog >< so today will write abt wat happened ytd… ^^ btw woke up at 6.30am for ytd and today woke up at 5.45am…ytd due to no lesson on 8am,as the lesson was PO1 practical which was only for L2 ppls ^^ while L1 ppls had to attend for the lesson at 10am,PEQ theory… Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ woke up as usual…5.45am…so sleepy as ytd watched movie at channel u till 11pm >< a boring day…early dismissed at 11am…2 hrs of lunch break till 1pm then next lesson,PO1… Read more »

dun feel of doing anything =(

konnichiwa ^^ woke up same time as every sunday >< 10.50am…to watch channel 8 show >< dunno when it will end sia!so i can slp late for every sunday…instead woke up so early -_-||| haven’t draw my poster yet…so switch on com and blog XD as dun feel of doing anything in the moment >< Read more »

funny photos… :p


lincute right??? ><


sherlin… ^^


lin & marvynhehex XD


lin with the geisha pose! >< lolx XD


lin again… ><


hehex…u taking photo of me! ><


mii >< isn’t it looks weird? -_- hahax XD


another photo of me >< damn weiird siia XD


jiia huii… ^^


yiin & liin… ^^

fun =)

konnichiwa ^^ went to marvyn’s hse to do EVT project today ^^ we had watched the DVD abt global warming and enviornment >< a great video tat everyone must watch ^^ to let everyone know tat how the world is going on as yrs passed…actually wanted to wake up at 10.30am…but ended up 11.30am woke up >< Read more »

photos… :P


regiina & ii ^^


Naziih ^^


Sherliin ^^


yiing ^^


yiin ^^


liin ^^


jiia huii ^^


sherliin ^^


yiing yiin ^^


liin ^^


yy ^^


mii ^^


marvyn & sherliin ^^


chiia weii & naziih ^^


me ^^


yiingyiin & naziih ^^

so sleepy…

konnichiwa ^^ today was damn sleepy!!! >< during the whole lesson of ‘o’ lvl maths…i was so sleepy till i can’t open my eyes at all!!!ARGH!!!lolx XD anyway…woke up as usual…5.45am =( ytd slept late at 11pm…as watching channel u show tat was final last second espisode >< Read more »

so sian…

konnichiwa ^^ first lesson was pe…but we did nt need to attend for it >< also for next week too! ^^ so can slp late a bit while lesson starts at 9am…on the way to sch…i saw my secondary friends ^^ had a short chats with them…they seem to be so restless…anyway in sec 5 had to suffer first then can enjoy ^^ so friends there!jia you!dun give up!u can do it de! ^^ this week was totally boring and sian de lo =( no much fun lyk last term…seem lyk something had missing…the thing was laughter… >< Read more »

normal as usual…

konnichiwa ^^ nth much for today…happy thing was tat today no cca ^^ so can go home earlier and post here…woke up at 5.45am…damn sleepy and tired since ytd slept late >< anyway feeling relax during the lessons…except for the OHS lesson!we needed to draw a safety poster and hand up by next lesson >< Read more »

worry =’(

konnichiwa ^^ woke up at 7am…actually wanted to wake up at 6.45am de…but too tired till wanted to slp somemore…so slept for another 15 mins ^^ the timing for today was earlier than last tues due to dun wan to late for sch >< as for the bus i taking…started from 8am onwards,the buses were totally full -_-||| can’t even go up the buses while it also nv stop to let ppls go up the bus >< hahax XD Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ wat kao,today taking bus back home really made me so angry lo!!! >< woke up as usual time at 5.45am to prepare to go sch…during PM1 lesson,my group members decided to change the topic tat we had choosen earlier on…as our earlier on de topic was hair fashion…now change to brand things >< dunno how to describe clearly here XD Read more »

so scary!!!

konnichiwa ^^ just came back from the hospital >< actually can’t said from hospital la…as went to chinatown to have my lunch then came home ^^ woke up at 7.15am to prepare to go to the singapore general hospital at outram park station there… Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ wake up at 9.30am to prepare to go out to do my EVT project with lin,da jie and marvyn…but in the end nv do anything >< okay this was how we spent our day…at first we said earlier on tat met at city hall tap card there for each other…i was the first one to reach there at 11.50am since we had to reach there at 12pm sharp ^^ Read more »

feeling uncomfortable for the whole day =(

konnichiwa ^^ woke up as usual at 5.45am to prepare to go sch…today is the worst day i ever had…one day tat made me so sleepy,uncomfortable,tired…early in the morning,gt sore(hope i nv spell wrong ><) eyes >< somemore the bone in my throat still have nt go down to my stomach then intestine =( as i still can feel it when i swallow my saliva! >< i really nt hu si luan xiang lo! it really still at my throat…i can ensure tat as i feel a hard thing still stuck at there =( Read more »

finally can blog XD

konnichiwa ^^ wow!it been 4 days i nv blog le >< no choice la…since this week really very busy with my sch work and cca >< sunday due to go out with my parents then reached home very late so nv blog le and went to slp as mon gt sch…ok,now let me slowly write abt wat had happened last few days and today ^^ Read more »

outing ^^

konnichiwa ^^ woke up at 10am to prepare to go out to do my EVT project with lin and marvyn since da jie can’t go due to she had to go look for her new hse >< but end up,only lin and i went out to do the project…marvyn dun ever care abt it lo!slept until so late…dun ever know we had to meet up today to do our EVT project since gt reminded him abt it again and again! Read more »

so tired…

konnichiwa ^^ feeling so tired the day…after my lessons gt ‘o’ lvl maths to attend…today de PEQ practical lesson ended earlier so lin and da jie acc me to go cafe 1 to have lunch… Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ just reached home nt long ago…as today actually is 3pm end sch but EVT(environmental technology) teacher let us went off by 2pm lyk tat… ^^ due to she had finished the things tat she wanted to teach us so we can go off after tat…woke up as usual at 5.45am to go sch… Read more »

tired =(

konnichiwa ^^ such a tired day…after lessons still have to go for my cca =( but i told the vice-chairman tat i gt something on so left at 6.30pm…while the cca started from 5pm till 7.30pm end…this week which was sch reopen week,i felt so tired and sleepy during classes >< Read more »

second day of school ^^

konnichiwa ^^ today dun need early to go to sch for lesson… ^^ as the first lesson was PO1 practical for L2 students while L1 had to report to sch by 10am for second lesson of the day ^^ while L1 had PO1 practical lesson at ytd le…so i woke up at 7.45am to prepare to go sch for lessons… ^^ Read more »

first day of sch ^^

konnichiwa ^^ hahax XD gt some times to let me post today…great! ^^ nth special abt the schooling today >< early in the morning,lin and i gone crazy by kept laughing non-stop…taking craps here and there >< lolx XD Read more »

survey ^^


01. What disappoints you the most? .][. can’t get the results tat i wanted and someone tat i waiting has nt appear… .][.

02. Where will you go if someone sponsors you a tour ticket? .][. firstly -> taiwan , secondly -> korea , thirdly -> japan , fourthly -> hong kong , fifthly -> australia(dunno correct spelling ma and dunno is the place where disneyland is???) .][. 

03. What’s the most romantic thing that you would like to do with the one you love? .][. spending times with him everyday…no matter where we are… ^^ .][.

04. Do you think money can buy happiness? .][. hahax XD a qn. tat dun need to think in a sec >< of course N.O,NO! .][.

05. If you can have one dream to come true, what would it be? .][. hope the one tat heals my wound will appear asap in my life… .][.

06. Do you believe you can survive without money? .][. Yup!without money i sure can survive ^^ all i have to do is to work harder towards in my life…tat is the most important thing to me!money is just a object.item tat used in life… .][.


07. What are you afraid to lose the most? .][. ppls tat i love in my life… .][.

08. If you win $1 million, what would you do? .][. first -> some to my parents…who had brought me up till now with their hard works ^^ second -> i willl donate some to charity ^^ lastly -> rest of the money…i will spend it for the rest of my life with my sweetheart ^^ .][.

09. What do you dream of doing in the future? .][. no idea yet…as i dunno there will be a change in my dream for the future…no one can tell >< .][. 

10. Do you know who is super junior ? .][. yUp…from my jie mei,lin -_-||| she always told me abt this band…but be4 lin told me,i already knew them quite long time le ^^ hehex >< i am a girl who loves music lots…some more this bad is so famous,i am sure tat everyone will know them ^^ .][.

11.What makes you happy? .][. having one bf…good results…a friend tat i can believe and trust…lots and lots… ^^ .][.

12.What type of person do you hate most? .][. someone who betrays…someone who always acting…someone who dun precious wat ppls had given them…and take it for grated… .][. 

13.Where do you see yourself 10years down the road? .][. a good qn. …but in 10 years down the road i also dunno wat will happen…all i hope and wish is a gd road ^^ .][. 

14.What do you think is the most important thing in your life? .][. to have a bf tat precious me lots,supports me,an wei wo when i am sad ^^ i am a girl tat needs lots of love and an quan gan… .][. 

15.Why do you love singers ? .][. their songs are nice and awesome…all of them are very handsome and pretty ^^ .][. 

16. What do u expect tat the one you love to treat you? .][. loves me…take care of me…always be there for me when i am feeling down… ^^ .][.

17. Which cartoon character you like most? .][. a lots…but i likes the most is tsubasa de xiiao yiing ^^ haha XD .][. 

18.Are you courageous enough to go and tell the person that you like he/she? .][. no…i am a girl tat too shy and no courageous to speak out,hahax XD i need guy to speak with me first… ^^ .][.

19.Who do u always bully? .][. i nt so bad as lin…hahax XD jk…jk… the ppls just dun come and make fun of me when i am nt in a gd mood…then i won’t go bully them de ^^ hehex >< .][.

20.If you could have a superpower,what would it be? .][. same as lin…able to read ppl’s mind =) of wat they are thinking abt urself and more… ^^ .][.

last day…

konnichiwa ^^ today as usual de sunday…woke up at 10.50am to wash up and watched tv programme at channel 8…started at 11am ^^ finally last day of this one whole month holiday le…this holiday feeling very boring and sian!can say was the worst holiday tat i ever had >< Read more »

1 more day to sch reopen…

konnichiwa ^^ going back to busy,tired,sleepy days after today and tml le…as it is sch reopen time! lolx XD just hope everything going fine when sch reopen ^^ woke up at 2.30pm…since today nv go out…some more is the last day for me to slp late be4 sch reopen ^^ Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ woke up at 10am today…to prepare to go out again with diana to watch moive at 1.10pm ^^ we watched the movie title ‘get smart’ . this movie was damn funny lo!i laughed lyk hell sia >< was a very gd movie worx,worth to watch ^^ Read more »

bought ah boon’s bd present =)

konnichiwa ^^ finally bought ah boon’s bd present le >< woke up at 9.30am to prepare to go out with diana to watch movie and also search for ah boon’s bd present ^^ we watched the movie title ‘wanted’ at 12.30pm then met up with regina at city hall there…as she gave me a help of buying the bd present for ah boon ^^ Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ the last day for having cca during this one month holiday >< today gt bullied badly ar! hahax XD cannot said so la as they playing only…since i am the youngest in there…cos today de co only 7 or 8 ppls lyk tat…at first were only 5 ppls then in these 5 ppls,i am the youngest one -_-||| the elderest one is 3 yrs old,elder than me >< she is also the one to keep bullied me from bus to sch till reach co room still make fun of me -_-||| Read more »


konnichiwa ^^ today late again for cca >< by more than half an hour…as too tired le so woke up late by 2pm >< even though 12.30pm have to wake up and prepare to go sch for the cca…3pm started cca so i reached there by 3.45pm… Read more »

happy =)

konnichiwa ^^ woke up at 10.30am today…to prepare to go out shopping with diana ^^ while waiting for diana’s called…i used com for a while as i told diana to call me so tat i can go out at the time tat matched the time she reached the meeting place where we had decided ytd… Read more »

as usual…

konnichiwa ^^ same as usual…woke up at 10.50am to wash up and watched channel 8 show at 11am ^^ haiz…these few days were sian de lo >< just hope tml can go out with diana again ^^ as we made a promise tat this coming week will find one day and go out for shopping since tat time watched finished the movie she had to go home le… Read more »

gt the sch reopen timetable…

konnichiwa(hello) ^^ just gt next term de timetable and in the letter wrote tat sch reopen i should report to Mr.Calvin at 8.00AM Sharp for PM1 Module in Room B05-03…hope those who have read my blog de friends saw this msg ^^ but i nt sure whether sch reopen first day is report to this venue or LLA room since class rep,ah boon said sch reopen report to LLA room >< Read more »

a new start…

konnichiwa(hello) ^^ woke up at 2pm…earlier a bit than ytd >< anyway y i wrote this title for today? it is because i wan to have a new start towards the sch reopen tat coming by next next week ^^ have to work harder than be4…arigato(thanks) lin for comment for my ytd post ^^ Read more »


konnichiwa(hello) ^^ woke up at around 2.15pm >< ytd checked my result le…but the result is nt wat i expected =( need to work harder for the next half yr le…just hope the next final examintions can get the gpa tat i wanted badly…wishing hardly… Read more »

cca day…

konnichiwa(hello) ^^ must wake up at 11am de…to prepare to go sch for my cca…but end up dragged till 12pm then woke up…hahax XD no choice la…too tired till dun wan to wake up to go sch… >< Read more »

what a great day i had ^^

konnichiwa(hello) ^^ today really have a great & fun day going out with diana ^^ woke up at 9am to prepare…as today we watched de moive started at 12.40pm so we had to go out earlier >< we chatted and laughed all the way to the place of cathay cinema where we were going to watch movie… Read more »


konnichiwa(hello) ^^ haiz…today nv go out with lin…since she ytd suddenly said dun wan to go liao -_-||| said tat the idiot marvyn nv ans her at all,some more she still have lot of things to do and no mood to go out…nvm…its okay for me as i today wanna to slp ^^ i woke up at 9.30am due to stomach pain again -_-||| then watched show for half an hour and continued to slp until 3pm >< Read more »

feeling unwell =(

konnichiwa(hello) ^^ woke up as usual at 10.50am to wash up and watched the show at channel 8 which started at 11am…today having a stomach upsad =( i thought i feeling better a bit so went out with my ah yi and mum to cck(lot 1 shopping mall) to shop… Read more »


konnichiwa(hello) ^^ nth much happened today…as normal as wat i had done last week…woke up at 10.30am to watch tv programmes ^^ after tat watched the movie title,the spiderwick chronicles from the dvd disc tat my dad had bought at malaysia earlier on ^^ Read more »

a fun day ^^

konnichiwa(hello) ^^ today have a fun day ^^ woke up at 11am to get ready to go out to meet my sec friends to go watch kung fu panda ^^ had lot of fun today…finally can so cheerful since last week till now feeling so depressed >< my sec sch friends really gd to me,knew tat i am alone without anyone to acc me to go out so when i asked them to come out they will just replied me with a okay! ^^ Read more »

end up nv go out…

konnichiwa(hello) ^^ sian…nv go out today…due to my god-bro nt free…so i changed it to tml then go watch kung fu panda ^^ luckily the other two friends said its okay without scolding me >< they are too kind la,won’t scold me de ^^ nt lyk someone nv reply,so i hack care le…he wan to go a nt is his ownself le,i won’t lyk keep asking him to go… Read more »

second day of cca ^^

konnichiwa(hello) ^^ this week de last day for cca ^^ from next week onwards the cca will only held on wed ^^ so dun need to go to sch twice per week le >< woke up at 11am to get prepared to sch…feeling nt very well the whole day due to my da yi ma had came >< my stomach just dun feeling well…so went to sch late…when reached the co room was already 2.05pm,just a 5 mins late for the cca as it started at 2pm >< Read more »

first day of cca ^^

konnichiwa(hello) ^^ erm…wat happened today…let me think a while as so late then post here >< oh ya! today wanted to wake up at 10am but still end up at 11am >< hahax XD too tired & sleepy,so no choice lo as ytd slept late >< had to wake up so early cos today gt cca,haiz…sian… Read more »


really wanna to go out ar!!!so sian lo…at home nth to do at all…woke up at 12.30pm but dun feel of waking up so continued to slp till 2.30pm >< as wake up also nth to do,haiz… Read more »


same as usual…woke up at 10.50am to wash up and watched the show at channel 8 at 11am ^^ today alone again at home…feeling so empty in my heart…just dun wanna to think of  it…seem to lost something or wat…haiz…dunno wat the hell i was writing now >< Read more »

lin back to sg! ^^

lin is coming back to sg today! ^^ but i do nt know wat time she will reach sg…hope she been fine this one whole week ^^ looking forward to meet her the coming week to go shopping and watch movie…woke up at 10.50am due to my hse phone rang -_-||| can’t slp well the whole week lo…thought today can slp a bit late de as the child had went back home ytd night…who knew the phone rang then i can’t slp le… =( Read more »

one week had gone…

just came back a few hrs from my ‘o’ lvl maths lesson ^^ actually today must wake up at 10.30am but ended up at 11.30am then woke up…due to too tired and sleepy till i dun wanna to wake up >< Read more »

busy with the show XD

hahax XD still busy with my show >< woke earlier than ytd at 10.50am…continue with the hana yori dango as two more episodes to final le >< can’t wait to watch finish…so now i watched finish le then post here ^^ Read more »

show time ^^

continue watching the hana yori dango(meteor garden) ^^ so woke up at 11.30am…this show is meteor garden japanese version,super nice show worx >< lyk it much ^^ the song in there also very nice and touching…same as meteor garden which had part I & II but it quite short…anyway short is nt the main thing…main thing is the story ^^ it is awesome! ><  Read more »

an early morning…

due to today gt ‘o’ lvl maths lesson so woke up at 7am…so sleepy lo >< as ytd slept late at 1am…actually was quite late for me to wake up at 7am today…as usually during sch day,i always woke up at 6.30am for 9am lesson >< since the bus 27 i took,if too late go take will be a lot of people till can’t go up the bus… >< Read more »

fixing laptop for internet ^^

woke up at 10.30am…during 11.30am the person who fix com de reached my hse ^^ finally the laptop can use internet le,yumppy! >< dun need to alway fight with my kor for using com ^^ since tat time,he reformated the laptop,there was no internet till now due to he forgot the password for wireless internet -_-||| Read more »


woke up at 10.50am today ^^ 11am watched my favourite show at channel 8 ^^ after the show,i continued to watch movie tat lent from other,title,invisible target.acted by nicholas tse,jaycee chan,shawn yue & wu ying.it quite long ago de movie le >< Read more »

at chinatown ^^

here i continue my day for today ^^ around 6+pm my mum & i went out of our hse to take mrt to chinatown to meet my ah yi men ^^ actually nth much happened when we were at chinatown…we just went there to have our dinner and shop around… Read more »

a cold day…

today is such a cold day,from the morning till now,i live de place here keep raining non-stop…i woke up at 12.30pm but still dun feeling of woke up and do anything…so i 1pm then woke up >< Read more »

Memories… ^^


lin ^^

xiiao yiing

xiiao yiing ^^

da jie

da jie ^^

lin,zih zih,marvyn

lin,zih zih & marvyn ^^


me,lin & nazih ^^

liin & yiing

liin & yiing ^^

lin & ying

lin & ying ^^

handphones of mii & liin

handphones of mii & liin ^^

ying & lin

ying & lin ^^

yin & lin

yin & lin ^^

boring day =(

today nth much to post since dun have any interesting events happen…woke up at 9.30am to watch this website de show @ kids central ^^ after tat had my lunch at 12.30pm… Read more »

movie time! ^.^v

 today went out with my jie meis,lin & marvyn ^^ we went to amk hub to watch movie called ‘chocolate’. >< it was a movie tat said abt a girl who from thailand has ku fu and did all the dangerous actions without any other ppls took over for her >< she actually is nt totally from thailand as she was born to be half thailand and japanese since her dad is from  japanese and mum is from thailand… Read more »

examinations over! ^.^v

finally exams were over! so happy!can relax for one month for holiday ^^ tml go out with my jie meis,super happy tat can’t wait to tml >< tml we going out to watch movies…ytd was a boring and stuffy day since study for my pic the whole day,but still can’t get into my brain,haiz…dun talk abt it le… Read more »

happy day ^^

today after the first exam,me & my jie mei went to tampines to look for one more present for regina >< actually i can’t go with them de but just took a few hours i think its okay de bah,some more go home also no mood to study for my ffps & pic subjects for the coming exam on thurs 4 june >< Read more »


so happy today(actually cannot saiid the whole day la , iis toniight bah , hehex XD) fiinally patch up wiith my friiend le ^^ actually also cannot saiid patch up la as we nv quarrel wiith each other >just lyk wat my friiend told me , maybe we two too stubborn le bah , ( just waiited for each other to talk to each other>

          P.S. Msg for yin .

        Marvyn had told me all about what you told him already.
        Please don’t scold him because he also can’t stand it already.
        He don’t want us to become like that.It is not that i don’t want to talk to you.Because you know that my rabbit is dead and then i got alot of things going on and i am very stress.I think you know it very well that i am very stress,thats why i dun’t wan to talk because i scare i scold people for no reason.So then please bear with me,okay? You know i actually thought that you don’t wan to talk to me anymore because your results had improved.LOL. Which is like it is a misunderstanding between us. I told marvyn about this and then he said that:”No.She(yin) thought that you don’t want to talk to her because she win you in the results.”
Well,can we just put all the exams and results aside and talk normally like what we do everytime?It is very lame that because of results issue that we are like drifting apart.LOL.
Sometimes exams can really kill friendship.LOL.By the way,i am not angry at all.Maybe i didn’t put in more effort this time thats why my results are like that.But not too bad at all,still can improve.LOL.Then i was like waiting for you to talk to me and you are waiting for me to talk to you.LOL.Marvyn say de la.Okay,the both of us are very stubborn.LOL.
Talk to me hor !! HAHA.HAHAHA.
Yours truly,

Hope she won’t jiie yii ii copy her msg to here ^^ you know wat when ii read thiis msg , ii really cry out of my heart … she really touchiing me wiith all the words she wrote … ii am very lucky to have a friiend tat miing baii shii lii de ^^ at fiirst ii was so scared she wiill because of result things then dun talk to me lo , luckiily nt ! ^^ here ii am goiing to giive her a msg too ^.^v

P.S. msg for liin , ^^

Dear liin ,

no matter wat,we r forever de siister riight? u r the one to let me know to have a siister iis feeliing so good ^^ got any xiin shii can share out,rather than keep iinsiide my heart…so iif u got any xiin shii also can say out to me or other jiie meiis okay? dun stress urself too much,iit really won’t help u feel the way that u wanted><

ur beloved siister

yiing yiin ^.^v

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