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So I didn’t get to move in today because of Hurricane Irene. It seems that the streets near my college are flooded so…. yeah TT__TT

It’s okay though because it gives me more time to finish my summer reading!!! :D I honestly thought I would be done with summer reading once I went to college but I guess I was wrong.

The book isn’t so bad, but it’s like reading a textbook. The book isn’t an actual story it’s just a bunch of facts about history that teacher’s don’t teach you. Sometimes its interesting but it’s really repetitive in my opinion.

It’s called “Lies My Teacher Told Me.”

I think I’m gonna go read it now since I don’t have much time left. -.-

Is this new chapter of my life already starting?

Yes, it is true. My college life will be starting in a couple of days. How exciting!

Though it seems Hurricane Irene has made some complications with move-in day, I’m still excited as ever. Though it is quite disappointing at the same time. I get to drop off my luggage and boxes, but I can’t actually stay in my dorm yet.

That will have to wait ’til Monday. Hopefully things will be okay until then!

Here’s to beginning something new!

ayabie world tour 2008

(From left to right Intetsu, Takehito, Kenzo, Yumehito, and Aoi)

(**Blog has been edited 2011**)

Hello everyone!! Rae.La here!!! Hehe this blog topic today will be about Japan’s cute and fun-loving band, Ayabie!!!! (・◇・)

If you haven’t heard of them, then here is a good place to start. And to all those who already listen to them, please continue to do so!

Well now for some background information. Ayabie (彩冷える) started in 2004, signed under the label Speed Disk. Originally the band consisted of Aoi (vocalist), Takehito (guitarist), Intetsu (bassist), and Ryohei (guitarist).  

During 2004, Ayabie had a support drummer but a year later Kenzo became the official drummer for Ayabie! Then in 2006, Ryohei decided to leave the band and soon after started his own band called Megamasso (please feel free to check out Ryhoei’s new band).  As a result, Ayabie got its newest member, Yumehito soon afterwards.

In the Spring of 2009, Ayabie went from an indie label into debuting with a major label. Their first single with their major label was “Aitakute.”

However in 2010, due to some complications with their label, the band decided to split. Aoi chose to stay with the major label in gratitude for everything that they have done for Ayabie. The other four members (Yumehito, Kenzo, Intetsu, and Ryohei) are back to an indie label now promoting as AYABIE. Yumehito is now the vocalist while Kenzo, Intetsu, and Ryohei continue to play their respective instruments. There was no harsh feelings or band disputes which lead to the splitting. It was a mutual decision between the members.


In 2008, Ayabie came to America for their World Tour! Their first stop was at the Knitting Factory in New York!! Because I’m a big fan of Ayabie, me and my friend bought tickets to watch them!!!

It was a great experience to watch Ayabie live!! Aoi sang very well live and it almost sounded like from the PV’s. The guitars (Takehito and Yumehito), sounded very well on the solos and throughout the songs played. Also the bass (Intetsu) really helped to keep the beat and music flowing. We can’t forget the drums now, the drums really kept the rhythm, so good job Kenzo!!

Hehe not only did I get to meet people who share the same love for Visual Kei and Ayabie, I got the band members autograph as well!! After the show their was an autograph session for anyone who bought at least $30 worth of merchandise!

The band members seemed really friendly and they really reached out to the fans!! The atmosphere at their concert really spread to even those in the balconies that couldn’t be near the stage (well at least in my point of view)!! I’m sure they were nervous because this was their first performance in America. But overall, they did a great job and they really let their feelings out to the fans!!


Ayabie has more of a techno electronic sound, but they have some Japanese elements in their music as well. You would understand more if you listened or watched their PVs.

If you ar interested, go on youtube and search the following songs: Cubic “L/R” ock, Yubisaki, and TheMe. These are some of my favorite songs of Ayabie. Though it is regretful of me for not continuing to listen to their music as two separate bands, I did enjoy AYABIE’s ‘Parade’ single. However other than that I have not had the courage to listen to both bands respectively.

Though it is very sad that they are not Ayabie, but two separate bands, please continue to support both Aoi from Ayabie and the four other members of AYABIE. They need all the love and encouragement from their fans!

And while your at it, please visit their official websites. For Aoi from Ayabie, please visit: www.ayabie.net/ or his myspace page www.myspace.com/ayabieusa
For AYABIE, please visit: www.ayabie.co.jp/

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this blog.

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