welcome ^-^

kitty theme =]

February 25th, 2009 by ilubzar:kuririnmail.com

k so basically all of us here

loves hello kitty ^^

like uber lol

so since ima hk freak too lol

i just had to costumize my

bestfriends =]

my laptop and my phone lol

  i havent fully completed customizing lol i still need to purchase  

other materials ^^”

so here is my iphone

you guys prolly have seen this alot

throughout the net like google

but i will try to make my own theme

when i have the time xD

right now focus on studies lol

 if you have an iphone

and dont know how to put themes into ur phone

basically you have to jailbreak it or “hack”

w/e u want to call it lol

its pretty simple just but u have to be careful lol

ive experimented with my phone

downloading diff apps and customizing

to make it hello kitty as possible ><

and i crashed my phone a few times lol

so eh xD lol im risky like that

& here is my desktop lol

kk just showing u guys some of  the

stuff i changed so far lol

i got these themes from

deviant >< sory i forgot from who

but ill look for it xD and post it =]

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