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seriously, furuba rocks my world :D

just reread almost the whole series (just my fav parts…but almost the whole series is my fav part…hehe…) so yeah, and SPOILER if you havn’t read the book, skip the next paragraph…unless you wanna know what happens, that is! ¬†heheheh…

so my FAV book is the one where it tells about Kyoko’s (tohru’s mom’s) past!! its so sad and i love the story event though is so sad D: but i love it! tohru’s dad is SO SWEET and nice to Tohru’s mother! uuggg!! i love it! but when he dies, its like the love of my live is dying too! i could like, almost (ALMOST) understand what Kyoko was going through! the part that hit me the most was when Kyoko goes to her dead husband’s room to collect his things and she sees the picture of their family and starts screaming and crying! ooooo! that made me cry…

so basically i love this series to DEATH! and i always will…even if manga becomes really stupid in the future, i will love furuba :D

well, have a nice day!

~happyness :)

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