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Its been…over two years since I posted or used my hello kitty account…! So much has changed and I can’t believe how the time flies. I changed emails for some reason…maybe to chat with friends, but who knows. Anyway, I’m still in love with Hello Kitty! And as I’m moving out to NY this fall, I’ve been feeling nostalgic and stumbled upon my old account. G times! Who knows if I will keep a regular blog again (maybe I’ve lost my touch?) but I’d definitely like to try it out for awhile!

Its so funny looking at my old posts, too. All of the smilies I used back in the day…haha. I’m tempted to delete my foolish old posts, but I’m lazy and they’re kinda cute…We’ll see…

I’d like to introduce everyone to Fredflare.com. I’m addicted. Cute and stylish clothes for men and women, along with quirky fun items that you will end up buying. Even if you don’t need them.
If you’re already aware of the genius of Fred Flare, then I’d like to point you towards the beauty of their Boombox which is fun to listen to and that will introduce a lot of classic, pop and new music to your regular iTunes library.
I will leave you on that note and wish you a most happy Thursday or whatever day it may be for you…
Thanks and stay kawaii!

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