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HAPPY NEW YEARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Sydney, Australia!!

Niagara Falls!


AWWWW <3 earth’s such a cutie!

allo all!

happy new year 2008! YAY! i am so excited and happy! this is gonna be a great year– i can already tell!

After sleeping in untill noon today, i decided to think up a resolution :D MY new year’s resolution for 2008 is *drum rollllll* : To be more organized, get a job and HAVE FUN!…and to be healthy…and pollute less and help the earth n’ stuff!

I know, i know, its long…but i have all year! plus, this is gonna be the best year ever! i plan on writing more in this blog because i enjoy it! but, of course, school comes first, but i will make time for this! because i like it and its my friend :D that’s part of me “being more organized”.¬†

i should also start eating less pizza and more fruits and healthy stuff, and excercise and what not :P …yeah…i will do that…sometime…in the future…

And a job…because i want money. to buy stuff.¬† but i cannot think of anywhere to work! i wanna work somewhere nice, a job i can manage.¬† i know alot of people babysit n stuff, but i don’t think thats a job for me. i would get too nervous taking care of other people’s kids >.< haha, but yeah…maybe i’ll look into working at some stores :D

of course, i don’t pollute too much now. i recycle, turn off my lights etc…but i want to do more too :D so that is included in the resolution!

last, but not least (farrrr from being least) is to have FUNNNN! which i plan on doing alot :D i hope to do some traveling in the comming year and to chill more with my hommies :D it will be good times.

sooo, i guess i would like to hear everybody’s new year resolution for 2008! it would make¬†a great post! :D :D :D haha

soo, to wrap it up, i took the crayon quiz!

You Are a Red Crayon

Your world is colored with bright, vivid, wild colors.You have a deep, complex personality - and you are always expressing something about yourself.Bold and dominant, you are a natural leader. You have an energy that is intense… and sometimes overwhelming.

Your reaction to everything tends to be strong. You are the master of love-hate relationships.Your color wheel opposite is green. Green people are way too mellow to understand what drives your energy.

What Color Crayon Are You?

teehee! i got this from lilybethflame! its such a kawaii quiz :D

The red crayon is pretty intense, i must say! so im happy with my results!


well, have a GREAT new year!!!!

Aurevoire mes amis!

have a nice day!

~happYness :D

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