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allo all!

For those of you who havn’t met him, you are missing out! Charlie is about the coolest kid I know, and you all should get to know him too.  After becoming one of youtube’s greatest successes, charlieissocoollike’s videos are amazing. and super funny. You gotsta luv him! his charming english accent, his crazy talent, and his AWESOME hair cut that changed everyone’s lives…its all good :D

My friends and i have tons of “inside” jokes about his videos–its really a good time! so go watch now! HERE is a link to his site!!!

i must recomend:

  • HAIR!
  • n00b
  • How to be English
  • Percy Pig

the rest are amazing too, but i laugh really hard during those :D :D :D i will post “HAIR!” for you :D here it is:

enjoy!!! YAY CHARLIE!

~~BenLoka is so cool like too!~~

Another great videooo!! BenLoka is amazing :D

(this is a different guy btw…yeah.)

this is “Sitcom Cliches”:

BenLoka is halarious–go look him up!

Sitcom Cliches!! its the funniest video EVER!!

well, thats all of my YOUTUBE maddness for today!

Have a nice day!

~happyness :D

hey yo everyone!!! :D

how are you? i know, i know, im never around anymore TT_TT im sorryyyy!!!! *tears*–school and other stuff–it makes me so busiy!!! ahhhh!!

well, i know, there are no excuses! but, the past couple days, i have been taking time out of my o-so-busiy schedule to find some UBER CUTE stuff for YOU!

well, story for you…kinda. last friday, i went to the yummy-est japanese/sushi/restaurant/bar place called ichiban!!! so yummy.  we ate at the “all you can eat” sushi bar in the restaurant, it was DELICIOUS. i tried all this new stuff!!! eel is my new favorite. there was this really nummy roll that consisted of rice, eel and CREAM CHEESE!! i know, it may sound crazy, but the most delicious thing ever :P *drools* other stuff too, but that was the best :D yummy.

k, so here it is FALL/WINTER WEAR for you <3

some sweet stuff for this fall/winter :D

kk, so most of this stuff (i think all…maybe) is from Asia Jam!! YAY! go check it out if you like the stuff i posted :D :D but also, i wanted to put some stuff on here from Fred Flare, but it wouldn’t let me upload it…so yeah. go check that place out too if you havn’t already! :D

Continuing on, this winter, don’t be boring and flabby, BE BRIGHT and STAND OUT!! Bright colors this season are all the rage…so seriously, get wit it! enjoy this colorful ensemble of clothes and accesories! ~~(Some of this stuff isn’t so bright and colorful, but whatever, its extremly KAWAII and you stand out for sure ;)  ).


aww!! look at the hair clips! me WANT!






wouldn’t these be cute in a pair of converse …*dreams*


…or THESE!


they lookso cozy and warm <3


so cute…so cute…


this. i REALLY want this :D :D :D


some kawaii boots belong in EVERYBODY’S closet!


This is what i want the most. this blue dress would be amazing :D :D :D

i love it!


everyone needs some rain boots too! they are quite fashionable, but you never know when they would come in handy!


last, but not least, this kawaii purse/pencil case REALLY wants to hold your pencils :D i couldnt resist! its so CUTE!!!

Well, that does it for this winter fashion post!

Have a nice day ;)

~happyness :D

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