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AWWW!!! sanriotown has changed so much since i first joined!!! for all of us who have been sanriotown members for over a year now ( or even more!!), i feel like sanriotown has grown so much!  don’t you agree? there are so many more members and all!! and so many more blogs!!! KEEP BLOGGING EVERYONE!! sanriotown is amazing isn’t it??

hehe, ^_____^ so exciting!!!

well, updates about…RANDOM THINGSSSS :D enjoy…

  1. my fav. manga is still Fruits Basket
  2. check out deviantart.com! its really great! there are so many talented people!! go and drool over all the amazing art…
  3. my fav. anime is…OHSHC :D
  4. Homecoming was so much FUN! like best EVER! omg… i could go on and on and on…but i won’t :D
  5. SADIES is comin up <3 who shall i ask??…
  6. its kinda chilly outside here!! brrr…i need to go buy some fall/winter clothing…my NEXT POST’s theme will be FALL/WINTER WEAR!! check it out, you might find somethin’ sweet…
  7. MCR is cool
  8. i got my hair cutttt!! its short, like the last time i cut it :D i really like it too!! i really needed it too, my bangs were past my nose…i looked like snufalufuges from sesame street :P
  9. KYO is the best ever
  10. well, as you may or may not know, i speak french fluently (kinda, i’ve gotten worse over the summer :P ) so a lesson in FRENCH!

apple: pomme

patato: pomme de terre

love: amour

 enjoy using those in your everyday life!!! ^______^

have a nice dayyyyyyyy!!!

~happyness :)

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