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hey! this is the anime “The Vampire Princess Miyu”!! i think she is very pretty, by the way, but yes, she is a VAMPIRE!! i kinda like this anime! i found it recently on a website, and then i looked it up on youtube! it might be kinda dark and gloomy, but Miyu is very kawaii!! yep, so far, the episodes i have seen are great! so check it outttt!!! <3

the end of anime review


i have been tagged my kt_sanctuary!! ahhh! the pressure! jk :D well, i was tagged a long time ago, and i typed up the whole thing, and i thought it got published, but it didn’t (i think i might have deleted it by accident or something…oops!)…so yeah, i will type it again!!

k, so the five best nights of my life…that i can think of right now…in no prticular order:

  1. Christmas this past year was super fun! we stayed at this big mansion (i like to call it a mansion, but it was probably just a big house, but whatever…) that was on a really big lake and all of my relatives came over and we had nummy food and drinks and CHOCOLATE! yum. it was great! i got a really nice neclace and these REALLY comfy slippers :D it was great! my cousins and i played video games in the “video game room” and we watched football in the den, and we opened presents on the present opening couch :D we brought our dogs too and they got some gifts too!! yep. i had a great time.
  2. The last day of 9th grade was also reallly suuuppperrrr fun! our school went to an amusment park all day, and then afterwards, alll of my friends went to my friend’s house to go swimming! and it was fun :D we had these nummy taco things that were yummmy and the pool water was really cold because it was the beginning of june, and she hadn’t filled her pool up all the way yet, so it was funny. yep.
  3. My b-day this year was really fun toooo! two of my friends and my family and i went to this really cool japanese restaurant and we reserved a private room where you sit on the floor and they had the paper sliding doors and everything!!! it was so much fun! and the sushi was really good too :D afterwards (when we were suppperrr stuffed from the huge meal) we went back to my house and ate cake and i opened presents!! my friends got me really thoughtful gifts and japanese candy and a really cute strawberry neclace and a japanese tea set. and i got a camera that i really wanted and am obsessed withhhh!! and a WII!!!!!!!!! YEAH! and diamond earrings toooooo! we had tons of fun playing Wii sports and we had a compettition too :D yep.
  4. my trip to Grand View Lodge this year was fun too!! we went for a weekend (this isn’t cheating, is it? we stayed there for one night, so it isn’t cheating. hehe…) and we had private golf lessons and i was really tored after that, but it was fun! and they had a beach on a lake and the water was warm and i stuck my feet in! and we went fishing and horseback riding and we had dinner at a really good italien restaurant!! YUM! it was great :D i took a whole bunch o pictures too :D

ahh i can’t think of any moreeeeeeee! oh nooooo! hmmm… think, think! hmmmm… k,

5. My 13th b-day when i got my puupy dog Hank :D he is my little baby and i luv himmmm!!! we went to go pick him up on my birthday and it was thunderstorming and raining and there were some tornados i think…but he was so small and such a cutie :D in the car, he walked around on my lap and slept the whole way. the thunderstorm didn’t bother him i guess :D hehe yep! that was intense!

well, i hope you enjoyed learning a little more about ur one and only happYness!! k, i tag: my good friend Pink Spunk!! and i guess if annyone else wants to participate they can…???¬† no presure though!! you don’t have to participate¬†if you don’t want :D

well, that concludes the five best nights of my LIFE… that i can think of right now…lol, it always seems that when i need to remember something, i never can! oh well :D

hahaha…well, have a nice day!!
~happyness :)

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