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tokyo mew mew

this is Tokyo Mew Mew, the most recent anime that i’ve been watching! its actually quite good :D i guess i didn’t expect it to be very good, but it is! its like Sailor Moon, but with more action and more of a story line.¬† Don’t get me wrong, i am in love with sailor moon, but this anime is great! and very kawaii!!¬† thats all for my anime update!!

hello <3

well, i have been busiyyyyyy! school started in september and i have be working my little bum off!!i have basically neglecting everything (my violin, my blog, my drawing, my photography etc…) and i decided i might wanna catch up on some of those things. lol…so right now i m drawing and posting at the same time :D

well, eventhough its the middle of october, its like 80 degreese farenheight outside (WOAH!) i know…the fall leaves aren’t as read and orange, but the sky has been very beautiful for the last couple of weeks. the clouds are amazing! i’ve seen the most beautiful horizon walking from english to my math class in the morning :D if only i had a camera with me like, all the time :P

have you noticed the new sanrio town layouts?? they are so nice and cute! the home page (where you login) is much better and you can actually see the top blogs on there! i am enjoying it! it was a suprise to me as i loged in today :D a plesant suprise i might add! i had heard that they were doind some remoddeling, but i didn’t know it would be so amazing !! :D KUDOS to the sanrio town people :D nice work!

well, hopefully i can contiue to post new things on my blog regularly from now on! i just want to let everyone know that i don’t plan on abandoning this blog anytimes soon, so yeah :D

seriously, furuba rocks my world :D

just reread almost the whole series (just my fav parts…but almost the whole series is my fav part…hehe…) so yeah, and SPOILER if you havn’t read the book, skip the next paragraph…unless you wanna know what happens, that is! ¬†heheheh…

so my FAV book is the one where it tells about Kyoko’s (tohru’s mom’s) past!! its so sad and i love the story event though is so sad D: but i love it! tohru’s dad is SO SWEET and nice to Tohru’s mother! uuggg!! i love it! but when he dies, its like the love of my live is dying too! i could like, almost (ALMOST) understand what Kyoko was going through! the part that hit me the most was when Kyoko goes to her dead husband’s room to collect his things and she sees the picture of their family and starts screaming and crying! ooooo! that made me cry…

so basically i love this series to DEATH! and i always will…even if manga becomes really stupid in the future, i will love furuba :D

well, have a nice day!

~happyness :)

hello all!!

i’m so glad everyone enjoyed my strawberry segment!!! i enjoyed it as well! my favorte part was the strawberry ear muffs!! i want them so bad…but i think they are sold out!! NO!!! well, i guess i could try making them myself…hehe, i wonder how that would turn out…yep, just been doing some organizing lately. i deleted a few pages that i didn’t use and fixed things up a bit! YAY!

well, this time, my theme is oranges and bananas! YAY! i based it on the banana joke, it goes like this:

person 1: knock, knock!!

person 2: who’s there??

1: banana.

2: banana who??

1: knock, knock!!

2: who’s there??

1: banana.

2: banana WHO?? **getting angry**

1: knock, knock!!

2: who’s there??

1: banana.

(ok, so it goes on like this for however long you want, then…)

**after a long time**

1: knock, knock!!

2: WHOS THERE DARN IT!!! **person 2 is really mad**

1: orange.

2: orange who??

1: orange you glad i didn’t say banana??

hehe, i know its a stupid joke, but hey,¬†its funny when whoever you are telling the joke to gets mad :P lol…

well, sorry for my tardyness on this post D: i have been busiy with school, and school is my first priority these days…so im sorry i havn’t posted in a while… :’(

k, so here we go!! prepare yourself for tons of CUTE ORANGE AND  BANANA STUFF!!!

  • this is from Ity-Bity Bags on etsy.com¬†she has some VERY cute bags there!! this one is called the “luck oranges bag” because oranges are considered lucky in the chinese cuture :D oranges 1

  • from: stylehive.com, the decolello banana xylophone is super amazing!! I WANT IT!! YAY!! its so cute and colorful i could die! wouldn’t this¬†make music class tons more fun??bananas and an orange


  • k, this next one is a design from cafepress.com! its a cute little vampire¬†orange :D…¬† yep!orange2

  • hehe! check out this quiz! “What Flavor Pockey Are You?” from http://www.blogthings.com! i turned out to be banana flavor! YAY! i have yet to try banana flavored pockey…

You Are Banana Pocky

Your attitude: fun and lightheartedUnique and unforgettable

You are cutie everyone falls for

What Flavor Pocky Are You?

well, thats all for the time being :D

i will post again soon, i PROMISSSEEEE!!! ok, thanks to all the people out there who still read my blog even though it has been neglected for about a month!! thanks so much!!

well, have a nice day!! :D

~happyness :)

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