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hey everyone!! :D

i’m glad you liked the link to allthingskawaii!! its really wonderful when you’re looking to find a cute site :D i like pressing the “random site” button because you always find something new!! i love it! i think i have some more sites in my blogroll at the bottom of this page…yep.

so, school will be starting for me in 5 days D: its very sad. and i feel as if summer has only started…  this past summer has been great for me… and also different from past summers. i have always pictured summer as a time where you travel non stop; like to far-away places. but this summer i havn’t been on any big trips at all, just some road trips and staying home, hanging out with friends. and it has been so much fun! i am relaxed and enjoying myself more!! it has been nice taking some time to stop and smell the roses. mabe thats why summer has gone so fast! i can’t believe it! and yet, i guess that’s the probleme: when you’re having fun, the time flys.

so now school…i have nothing nice to say about school.

hehe, well, i’ve also been catching up on some Fruits Basket…even though i’ve already finished the manga and anime…hehe…i recently got my cousin hooked (oops! my bad…) and now i remeber why i’m so in love with this series in the first place! its been awhile, but its still so amazing! tohru just makes me want to become a better person!! mabe that will be my goal for this school year: to become a better person! YAY! i have a goal! (at least i’m some what motivated…hehe…) the humor in that book…and the drama…and the happiness (or should i say happYness…)…and the darkness…its so amazing! i can’t stand it! i encourage all to read it…or at least watch it! ***** five stars from me!!!!!!

well, i should stop writing now, nobody wants to read all of this…hehe…i’m not even going to proof read it…hehe…so,

have a nice day!!

~happyness :D

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