ya know when you loose something or put something away in a box for a long time or you put it in the back of your closet and totally forget about it?? and then you find it and itlike the best/coolest thing ever and you ask yourself “why did i put this in the back of my closet?…ITS SO COOL!!”. well, that happened to me today when i found a box with some of my old stuff in it and i found this old, vintage Caboodles box with some of my old jewelry and those big fat kid beads, and its so COOL!! i love it all over again!! yay!! its like giving myself a present…but i already owned it…nvm…but i trued to find¬†a picture of it and i found some similar ones, but mine is smaller and blue, but it has the cool “caboodles” logo on it so here are some pics…caboodles 1

and heres another…

caboodles 2

well, i guess that concludes my caboodle rant. :)

¬†moving on…i’ve only got 7 days of school left!!!!YAYAYAYAYAYYYY!!!! its gonna be a party this summer!! i can’t wait!¬† also…its like the movie “the ring” when the people get the phone call that says: “SEVENNN DAYYYYYSSSSS!!!”
ok, well, school isn’t over yet, which means …i’ve got HW to do… :(have a nice day!!

hello all!

yes, i have created my own DREAM STUDIO VIDEO!!!!! its almost done and its kinda long and i still have to finish it, but its remembering Fruits Basket!! yay! i am excited!!! i will post it on my blog when its finished, so stay tuned!!!

~happyness :)

hello everyone!!

        ~~i am going to attempt to put a video clip in my blog~~           wish me luck!!

ok, i got it to work!!! YAY!

this is “the egg song” from: luchi99990



hello! is anyone out there an artist or good at drawing anime or anything or a deviantart website?? it would be cool if i could post some of ur kawaii pictures on my blog!! :) i’m obsessed with cute things OMG! and good anime/manga/art! i just can’t get enough!!!

¬†ok, moving on, its almost summer vacation!! i am so excited!–but it seems as though the tests/homework/projects keep getting harder and harder!!! WHY???? some days i have nothing to do, and others, i’m up until 1 a.m.!! what is going on? well, i think its all just a case of “summer fever” and everything just seems to be harder when its so nice outside.. :( so sad…

well, i best be off! i’ve got HOMEWORK to do! and i want to get to bed at a decent time tonight¬†¬† *yawn*¬†¬† me so tierd… :3

ok then~~peace and happyness to all :)

~happyness :)

YAY!! its summer time! it was so nice today (mother’s day) that i almost died in the target parking lot! lol! well, i’ve added a new page called “happyness tidbits” where i’ll inform u about things. so far, i have nothing to inform anyone about so its blank…T_T…so sad…i’ve biin super buissy though! omg–school hates me!!!

i’m gonna have to make my blog more interesting, so, im going to look for a cool picture! so i found this picture with kawaii Onigiri!

ok, next time i’ll find MORE cool pictures! k? alright! have a nice day!

~happyness :)

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