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chiThis is Chi from the anime Chobits! i think it is a very funny and cute anime, so check it out! Chobits has a funny and interesting plot and i love its comedy and creativity! well, Chi just won the kawaiiness award for the week! she is so pretty T_T it makes me cry! well, enjoy! :)


i havn’t been writing much~~sorry, its 4th quarter and i have to get my grades up! very buissy with school work…but, school is almost over YAY! i’m so excited, expecially with the nice weather! i was fishing todady–but i didn’t catch any… we always through them back though! don’t worry! i always feel bad for the fishies, but then, i guess its the circle of life… :(¬† oooo! by the way someone left an ugly comment (that i deleted) and yeah, so i hope no one took any offense by the comment or anything like that…

well more interesting stuff–i have been trying to watch a variety of animes that are popular, so i just started watching Chobits and Love Hina and i¬†think that they are very cute! i really like the begining theme song for Chobits–its so catchy! i LOVE the people in the background saying “yeah”! lol! well have a nice weekend~~not long till summer break for me!!!!! YAY!

~happyness :)

howl‚Äôs moving castle¬†¬†¬† hello! this pic is from howl’s moving castle~~ such a great movie !¬†but one thing that¬†bothers me that the girl’s hair doesn’t turn brown again after the witch of the waste puts the old lady curse on her…but i <3 howl!!!!

¬†¬†¬†the title of this post means “hello! welcome!”–well, i hope thats what it means!!! lol! :) lately, i’ve been trying to teach myself japanese on the internet! well, if you’d like to know, i’ve made some progress because now i know some japanese words and i can reameber about 1/4 of the ones i’ve learned…mabe less…:) well, i’ve veen trying hard, and i’ve come to learn a little bit about the japanese language! k, i’ll give you a mini lesson!

¬†¬† ~in japanese, they don’t use “?” when they ask a question, instead, the put the word “ka” at the end of the sentence. “ka“¬†lets the person you are talking to¬†know when¬†you are asking a question!

¬†¬† here is an example: Tanaka-san wa ringo o tabemasu ka.¬†¬†¬†¬†this means “Does mr. Tanaka eat apples?” ringo¬†means “apples”, tabemasu means “to eat”. “o” and “wa” are particles that come after nouns. Tanaka-san (someone’s name) means mr. Tanaka. pretty cool!

   there is your japanese lesson for today! the website i use to teach myself is: www.japanese.about.com and that is also where i got the sentence from, so check it out! its very informational! :)

   ok have fun and happy spring!

~happyness :)

Dress Up Games, Doll Makers and Cartoon Dolls @ The Doll Palace

hello there! this is a doll i made and i just put it in my blog to save the picture so i’ll write my next post seperate! i have tons to say~ sorry i havn’t updated in awhile, it was spring break and then school againg an di had to get back into my routien, so yeah. alright! i’m gonnat write another post now…:)

~happyness :)

by the way….the title of this post is a song refrence (if you didn’t catch it~ its that one song by eminem)¬† or¬†mabe its not clear to anyone except me, but i think its funny…lol! :) i guess its like an inside joke with myself…? lol, nevermind :)

elouai's doll maker 3

look at the doll i made (again… ^.^)!!! well i promise this is the last one… lol! ashley is such a pretty name, isn’t it? well, its time for me to go to bed–i am SLEEPY!! (and its only¬†21h38 or 9:38 )!!¬†i went to the store today and i looked at all the fruits basket stuff, and one thing that i REALLY WANT¬†(that isn’t¬†at the store) is a momiji bunny backpack!! omg,¬†he¬†is so cute!¬† i love bunnies… and momiji must be the cutest of all, he certainly wins the kawaii award for the week!! congrats momiji!! well g’night everyone!!! HAPPY SPRING!!!! :)!!!!

~happyness :)

My Doll

hello! this is a doll i made of myself!! i have never done this before, but¬†those websites are pretty cool!! i spent so long choosing what¬†my doll should wear and asking myself “do these eyebrows look alright with that nose?” lol, its pretty fun! i really enjoy it! this one that i linked onto this page is a horoscope one so i guess it gives me my horiscope every day….? i think…lol! well it was fun making the doll anyway!

by the way…does anyone know how to make the little thing on the side of my blog move to the top of the page? its really annoying that its stuck on the bottom…oh! and if anyone would like me to put them on my blogroll thing, just leave a commentwith¬†ur blog address! and if anyone knows anything more about personalizing the blogs that would help me out too!¬†and,¬†what is a “post password” and a “post slug”?¬† sorry bout all the questions! thanks!!! happy spring!!

~happyness :)

OH MY! handsome momiji!!look!! its handsome momiji!!! but i gotta say, i was kinda sad when he grew up… but i still love you momiji!!!! ur so CUTE :D

sorry if i was unclear last time i wrote! i meant to tell you to ignore the post because it had nothing to do with my blog and it wasn’t anything important, so yeah i’m so sorry if i was unclear… :(¬† i was going to delete that post anyway, so yeah……i’ve said “yeah” too many times…

anyway on a happier note :) , last night i finished reading fruits basket!! yay!!!! except for the last chapter because no one has scanned it or translated it–if only i could read japanese!!!! but i guess i’ll be patient and wait for the last chapter–it must be tough and long work for those people who translate all that stuff!! so thank you for translating and scanning all of those chapters for everyone to enjoy!!! thank you!!! well, furuba(so far)¬†ends happily and i am excited for the last chapter–such suspence!! well, i can hardly wait! if anyone finds the last chapter, i would be very happy if you could let me know!! thanks so much!!(i’m really sorry if i was unclear earlier…) alright! i will write more later–i gotta check my e-mail!

~happyness :)

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