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i am doing this thing to get my blog to the technorati place so ignore this until i delete it! k?

~happyness :)

You’re so CUTE! 

This is picture from a really kawaii flashback in Fruits Basket!! its Tohru (the main character) and her mother. i think its such a cute picture!!! <3

Hello!! thanx so much for posting me as “Blog Of The Week”!!!!!¬† me so happyyyyy!!! :D yay!!¬†

well–spring break is here (almost)! ¬†i just have to make it through tomorrow and i will be free for a week!! but¬†i still have to do homework tonight… :) thanx again! i am so happy!!

~happyness :)
What Fruits Basket Character Are You? Hosted by Anime. Done right.

this is the quiz i took and i tohru!!! but i bet i’m not HALF as nice and careing as she is though!! i don’t think anyone is that perfect!! well i’ll write soon! tomorrow is FRIDAY!! i am happy for that!

~Happyness :)

Sweet Peeps

hello peeps (people)!¬† Does anyone know where i can buy the Fruits Basket soundtrack for my iPod? i need to know! that song has been stuck in my head for the last 24 hours! Well, today wasn’t very eventful.¬† I tried some japanese noodles and they were OK, but now i have a tummy ache :”(¬†¬† this weekend, i hope to make onigiri and go to the Wild (the team name is ‘The Wild’ )¬†hokey game.¬† It will be fun!! proffesional sports are very fun to attend, even if they don’t interest me much. its always intertaining and i always have a good time! well, thats all i have to write at this moment…i have homework to do….but tomorrows friday!!!! what would i do without friday? i don’t know.

happyness for everyone!

~happyness :)

This is my most recent (&strange) obsession: The Onigiri!

YUM! onigiri!As usual, i am obsessed with cuteness and peace and what-not, but recently this pas week, i’ve come to be obsessed with ONIGIRI! it all started while i was reading Fruits Basket (duh!!! everything starts with Fruits Basket!) and the word ONIGIRI poped up every single page!! of course, knowing the superior knowledge of Fruits Basket, i though to myself “onigiri must be something really cool!” . well, as it turns out, onigiri IS something really cool!! It can be kawaii, cute AND nummy all at the same time! this was very exciting for me, so i went on an online surch for onigiri and how to buy it. well, turns out you have to be in San Fran, NYC or Asia to get these cause they don’t last very long…but you can make them!! i don’t know why i like onigiri some much, and yet, i haven’t even eaten one–i can’t find any sea weed at super target.. LOL–but you have to admit this is and AMAZING invention!! rice is so good, asian food is so good, sandwiches are so good, school lunches are SO BAD!!! so just take an onigiri with you!!! YUMMY! :)¬†

~Happyness :) <3

ps–if i’ve given bad info on onigiri or anything else,¬†someone tell me please! you can leave a comment or contact me by e-mail or something!¬†if i have bad info, i will edit it ASAP! thanx!

~happyness to allll!

Fruits Basket at Tea Time  hello! i told u i would write again this afternoon!!! lol!!! well, i had chicken potstickers for diner a cheese burger! YUMMY! then i made myself a nummy smothie!! it was delicious and i gulped it down in about 2 seconds!! lol!

ooooooooooo, right! this picture is adorable–everyone seems so happy & tea is so kawaii!–this is Fruits Basket at Tea Time, and i love it! how cute! XD its kinda funny because its all girls…& ayamme!!! lol! it used to be really ginormus, so¬†i hope its ok now!

well i looked up what my name would be if i was japanese and here it is:

My Japanese name is Hatsue Baisotei. (ooo! so kawaii!!!)
Take The Original Japanese Name Generator by Shu today!
Created with Rum and Monkey’s Name Generator Generator.

wel thanx very much & a peace of happyness to all!

with love,

~happyness :)

My Favorite Fruits Basket Scene

well, this is it. my favorite funny scene from Fruits Basket! U must see–i promise its funny!!–well its in the first couple episodes so search for it! its when Tohru’s friends come over to visit for the first time at the Sohmas! well, i can’t think of anything else to say…so…i’ll probably write something later! bubye, and stay kawaii!!¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† with love,

~happness :)

hey! here is a little kawaii riddle from Fruits Basket!
Question: When the snow melts, what does it become?

Answer: spring!

if you don’t know, here is¬†the definition of “kawaii”

basically, kawaii means cute and sweet. here is the definition from

cuddly: adjective
Example: a cuddly teddy-bear

cute: adjective
attractive or pleasing in any way
darling: adjective
lovable; pretty and appealing
dear: adjective
very lovable
pretty: adjective
pleasing or attractive
yep-now you know what it means!

~happyness :)


spring makes me so happy!¬† its when everything comes to life again after a long winter nap! everything is so cute and pretty, the snow melts and i can go outside without freezing my butt off!! and its also not too hot–its very comfortable.¬† i just love it!! its also a sign of summer–aka no school–and spring break! well, i could go on and on about how wonderful springs is, but i’ll save you the pain.

well,¬†about me~i like all cute&kawaii stuff! i am a fashion girl and i like to read magazines like elle and seventeen and stuff of the sort.¬† i am obsessed with Fruits Basket, very obsessed, because i can’t get over¬† how adorable and cute it is! i wish i could changet the format of this blog to make it moe kawaii, but i can’t, so it will stay black and white for now! thanx so much–im very greatful!

~happyness :)

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