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Valentine’s with my Valentines

by ilima:hellokitty.com

Valentines Day is the greatest holiday with your greatest of friends…. (Uniform required, lol)

Valentine’s Event

by ilima:hellokitty.com

My verdict on the latest event….

I find the better prizes in quests is great, not everyone has the money for every event’s items.  The color choices are ‘Meh’ , complaints for no green, orange, or purple/violet is the most common I hear.

I do applaud the wiki folks (I think it was mostly Ly) in getting the quests up and ready for the players.  The map especially helped me in the location of the specially named monsters. ;)  Too bad I don’t think any give their cards, would have loved Nick (the puzzle piece).

Downside of the event was the use of 2 maps to zone in and out of.  Which when you have a timed Magic Valentine Note makes it pressing for time to hurry and get through..  Maybe put the assisstants at the center of Florapolis next year.  Truly wished the full Cupid set was ingame this year…. and that the green male version was for females too (*wishwishwishes*).  I guess there is always next year.

 *fingers crossed for a St. Patty’s Day event* 

Overall I rate this event a slightly better than average attempt by Sanrio Digital.  Could have done more dye colors/special items/special pets but overall I was entertained, and enjoyed the charity portion that was merged into it.  Still waiting on the Toys for Tots numbers, by the way ;)


by ilima:hellokitty.com


My favorite pet has and will always be the Mad Skorpin, the moment I saw him, I had to have him.  He is tired in this screenshot in the Harbour, but he got a great nap afterwards. 

Key Lime Pie is his name after my raptor pet in another game.  I think it was the color that I truly loved and I being a Scorpio made him the perfect choice.  He took a lot of hours and energy drinks to get his card, but I found him well worth it.  My favorite times with him were the times we would tan on the Sanrio Harbour beach…. I would always get a sunburn (merchant needs to sell some sunblock!).  Along with the pet parties we would get to joke around with all the fun people in-game, telling funny stories, sharing experiences, and just having an awesome time.

I have a hard time naming just one memorable experience with my mad skorpin, because they are all fun!  Whether it’s a holiday event or questing, he is the best friend anyone could ever have.


 Making new friends and hanging with the old ones is my best time spent in Hello Kitty Online, and with Pie (mmmmmm…. Pieeeee) it is even more grand! 

HKO Spooky Makeover Entry 2

by ilima:hellokitty.com

 Sherlock Dragonfly is on the case! Along with her trusty sidekick, Dr. Bearson, nothing is too tough to figure out. (Dr. Bearson says he is truly delighted to make your acquaintance. He would shake your hand, but currently he is hung up on the details of this case.)The light blue detective’s cap means we are on a tough case. The easy, cool cucumber jacket is the best to wear on cold nights of the fall, and matches well with these slacks. I cannot tell you all the information to this puzzling case, but it will be ‘elementary’ to figure out. Come, Bearson, come, the game is afoot!

HKO’s Spooky Makeover Entry

by ilima:hellokitty.com


Avast ye who enter the cove of HKO’s swashbuckler Dragonfly, this cute costume is great to take all your candy treasures home in. It is wildly stylish, yet comfortable to wear any day of the year actually. Crabbykins, the pet orange crab, helps snatch at chocolate candies and is every swashbuckler’s best first mate. The beautiful gold monocle helps see long distances to the ‘good’ candy houses and is a must-have to complete this unique look. From the tip of the pirate’s hat, down to the detailed brown boots, the bright red with gleaming gold highlights throughout is fun to wear on any adventure with all your mateys.

GM Event 8/7 at 10 PM on US/C server

by ilima:hellokitty.com

Friday’s event awarded Loyalty Points, hopefully this Saturday will be the same.  A lot of new and returning players were seen and met, hope to see more for today’s later event on the US/Canada server.  See you there! ;)

And for those of you that want to schedule accordingly, there is a calendar with the events posted at GM Events. The purple is International English server and the pink is the US/Canada server.

GM Event for 8/6 at 10 PM on US/C

by ilima:hellokitty.com

Unconfirmed event for Friday, August 6th at 10 PM was announced today, I will try to find out what the prizes are and hopefully by next week it will be permanently set.  Hope to see you there!

GM Event 7/26 HKO:NA

by ilima:hellokitty.com

Unconfirmed GM event for 7/26 at 10 PM (server time), prizes unknown at this point.  Hope to see you pop in, just in case it does happen ;)

New Selection Screen Announcement

by ilima:hellokitty.com

A somewhat server merge is in the plans and going to be implemented on Wednesday, July 28th.  Its not a full merge, since the servers are still seperated, but, you will have a choice of which server to log in at!  So if you never got around to downloading the Global server (like me), no worries, you will soon be able to just choose the server instead!  More information is found here

Events for HKO: NA 7/27 and 7/30

by ilima:hellokitty.com

This upcoming week there will be 2 events, the first one will be on Tuesday, July 27th at 10 PM, and the other will be on Friday, July 30th also at 10 PM.  The prizes for them look fabulous, but that’s all you’ll hear from me.  Hope to see you there ;)

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