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Valentine’s Event

by ilima:hellokitty.com

My verdict on the latest event….

I find the better prizes in quests is great, not everyone has the money for every event’s items.  The color choices are ‘Meh’ , complaints for no green, orange, or purple/violet is the most common I hear.

I do applaud the wiki folks (I think it was mostly Ly) in getting the quests up and ready for the players.  The map especially helped me in the location of the specially named monsters. ;)  Too bad I don’t think any give their cards, would have loved Nick (the puzzle piece).

Downside of the event was the use of 2 maps to zone in and out of.  Which when you have a timed Magic Valentine Note makes it pressing for time to hurry and get through..  Maybe put the assisstants at the center of Florapolis next year.  Truly wished the full Cupid set was ingame this year…. and that the green male version was for females too (*wishwishwishes*).  I guess there is always next year.

 *fingers crossed for a St. Patty’s Day event* 

Overall I rate this event a slightly better than average attempt by Sanrio Digital.  Could have done more dye colors/special items/special pets but overall I was entertained, and enjoyed the charity portion that was merged into it.  Still waiting on the Toys for Tots numbers, by the way ;)

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