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A Quiz is a Window to Your Soul :P


Your Soul is Searching

You are a wanderer. You constantly long for a new adventure, challenge, or eve a completely different life.
You are a grounded person, but you also leave room for imagination and dreams. You feet may be on the ground, but you’re head is in the clouds.

You believe that people see you as a bit small and insignificant. People pay more attention to you than you think.

Your near future is still unknown, and a little scary. You’ll get through wild times - and you’ll textually enjoy it.

For you, falling in love is all about flirting and feeling playful. You couldn’t fall in love with someone who took life too seriously.

Inside the Room of Your Soul

Blogthings: We’re Not Shrinks, But We Play Them On the Internet

For the first time, I can’t say if the quiz is accurate or not. Maybe it’s because I haven’t really been thinking of these things recently (I don’t really have time to reflect these days). Maybe the one thing I can say is definitely true about me with this result is that I’m grounded, but I also allow my imagination to soar.

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Paper Sculptures


I was just web browsing when I saw these amazing photos:

peter-callesen-1 peter-callesen-3


They are sculptures made from single sheets of paper, usually A-4 size, each. Cool, eh? He charges $4 for each creation, which I think is too small, but that’s just me.

For more photos, click here.

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Quirky Christmas


You Are Quirkily Offbeat
During the holidays, you do things your own way. You have eccentric decorations and traditions.
You like to keep things a little kooky and crazy. You hate it when the holidays are too upscale or stuffy.

You believe that the holidays are for everyone, and you like to make your own celebration funky and eclectic.
You mix and match what you like best. No one is going to tell you how to celebrate this year!

Yes, definitely!XD Not the way I actually celebrate though (since I always spend it with my family, and they’re traditional), but as a person, I really am more than a little kooky (if you haven’t noticed already).XD I like doing strange things just to shake things up at times, like in yesterday, when I dressed up as an elf in a Christmas party - and costumes weren’t even required.XD I haven’t (and I’ll never) reach Lady GaGa status though.XD

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Board Games


I remember me or my siblings getting board games when we were younger, so I couldn’t resist taking this quiz.XD

You Are Boggle
You are an incredibly creative and resourceful person.
You’re able to dig deep and think outside the box to get things done.
You are a non linear thinker. You don’t like following directions
You draw your inspiration from the strangest places sometimes. You’re constantly inspired.

Kinda apt. I wish I was constantly inspired though, that way, I could always write stories when I wanted to.XD

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Christmas Lights


I love this weather! I can definitely feel Christmas in the air.^_^ Maybe I’m just crazy, but I have this urge to grin from ear-to-ear and sing "It’s the most wonderful time of the year".:P Haha, cheesy, I know.

You Are Blue Lights
Your holidays are a time for spirituality and peace.
Whether you’re religious or not, you try to bring more meaning to the holidays.

You prefer giving to receiving, and you enjoy the generous spirit of the holidays.
You take the time to reach out to those in need, and you open your home to all your friends and family.

Yeah, probably true. I guess it’s in the way I was raised.:)

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You Are an Argyle Sweater
You are contemplative, brainy, and serious.
You don’t take much lightly - life is too important for that.

You are a very determined person. You don’t let anything stand in your way.
You think out your actions and act deliberately. You don’t waste time, money, or resources.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I love sweaters! There’s something about feeling nice and toasty about them, and for some reason, they remind me of my childhood whenever I wear one.^_^ The quiz is semi-accurate, but I do have impulsive moments.:P

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I’m Kermit!


You Are Kermit
Hi, ho! Lovable and friendly, you get along well with everyone you know.
You’re a big thinker, and sometimes you over think life’s problems.
Don’t worry - everyone knows it’s not easy being green.
Just remember, time’s fun when you’re having flies!

The description’s kinda accurate, especially the first two sentences. The last two… I don’t eat flies, and I’m not green.:P Now I’m curious about the other results *goes and tests*

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Rock Quiz

You Are Classic Rock
You are a pretty average American guy or gal, even if you don’t live in the US.
You like music that’s basic, honest, and real. The best songs don’t have a lot to them.

You consider yourself to be pretty normal. You work for a living and put your pants on one leg at a time.
You love songs that stand the test of time. You don’t fall victim to musical trends.

Yeah, I was gonna say I’m not American.:P Description’s pretty accurate though. The only thing I don’t agree with is the normal part, since I don’t really believe in "normal".:P I love being weird (just ask my friends!) so yeah, normal doesn’t apply to me.

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You Are 63% Manic
You’re so energetic, it’s almost like you have a superpower.
If you can dream it, you can do it. And without stopping for sleep.
Just make sure you harness your energy for good - not evil!

I can’t help but laugh at my result.:P But yeah, I can still perform well even if I only had three hours of sleep, so I guess that counts for something.:P Just don’t expect me to still be chipper when I do that regularly!

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TV Show Updates


Just realized I haven’t given any updates on the new seasons of the TV shows I’m watching, so here it is.

“Supernatural”. Dean’s the vessel of Archangel Michael, Sam of Lucifer. Even though Castiel got vaporized by the angels, he suddenly gets revived, and he thinks it’s God who brought him back to life.

”Heroes”. Actually, I have no idea where the show is going. It used to be one of my favorite shows, but now, I don’t know. I’m still watching it to see if it’s going to progress, but I don’t really have high hopes for it right now.

”CSI: NY”. The season started with Danny in a wheelchair because he got shot during the shootout from last season’s finale. He’s getting better now though, since he’s fighting for his and Lindsay’s family. Also, Flack has still not recovered from Jess Angell’s death. Poor guy.

”CSI”. I guess I mentioned it before, but they got rid of Riley. That’s about the only special thing that happened there, aside from Nick’s promotion as Catherine’s second-in-command (as if we didn’t see that coming :P).

“CSI: Miami.” Eric Delko survived the shoot-out, but we haven’t really seen a lot of him this season. There’s a new guy too, Jess Cardoza (sp?), played by Eddie Cibrian. Finally, some eye candy for Miami!XD

”House.” House is out of the rehab/psychiatric facility, but he’s seeing a shrink. He quits his job and Foreman takes over his position, causing a rift between him and Thirteen, eventually making him fire her and her flying off to Thailand. That, and Taub leaving (he only wanted to work with House) caused for Cameron and Chase to return to the diagnostics team (yay!).

“Dollhouse.” Dr. Saunders aka Whiskey left the Dollhouse. Victor’s healed, and more signs of him and Sierra become involved are shown.

That’s about it. Anyone else watching these shows?:P

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