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The World Says Hello!


Really, really cute new HKO trailer.^_^ Made me miss the game so badly.

Happy Badtz


Cute new screenies I saw on the Downloads section of Sanrio town.:P




The wonders of 3-D: making a formerly grouchy penguin happy.XD

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Badtz Maru Wallpapers


Some cute Badtz wallpapers I saw online.:P Thought I’d share it with you guys.






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I Want This.


Even on a cellphone pouch, Badtz still looks grumpy.XD

What the heck is this?o_O



Found this on the net. Is this official?o_O

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Happy Easter!



Happy Birthday, Badtz!


Well, actually, his birthday’s not until tomorrow (April 1), but I thought I’d dedicate a post to XO! I found some screenies here on Sanriotown featuring him in 3-D glory, so I thought I’d share them with you to celebrate his birthday.:P





Omg, Badtz is a cross-dresser.o_o


Happy birthday, Badtz!

Badtz Sneakers


I don’t know if I mentioned this already, but I don’t really like wearing clothes or stuff that have cartoon characters on them. I don’t know why, but I do.

I would definitely wear these though:


I find them so cute! I won’t buy the shoes though, I’ll just wait for someone to give ‘em to me.XD

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First Day in HH


I spawned (sounds weird) in Harbor, so the first thing I did was rush off to see if I could get to New York and maybe do some Christmas quests I wasn’t able to finish (yes, I know Christmas ended two months ago.:P It doesn’t hurt to try, though). Sad, the portal to New York disappeared.:( I guess I’ll only see Badtz Land on Open Beta already.

I feel lucky that I met a lot of friends in-game in the first day of HH.

First person I saw was the_otakutopian:

duel with otaku

Urm, yeah. We had a duel. Rose vs. broom after 20 paces.


Next was Starrfire:


Badtz meets LTS.XD


Then Juicy and Tidesong in one (surprised!) screenie:



I also saw Serenity, who offered to give her bee stinger wand guide. Her laptop’s a bit weird, so she said she might poof while we’re talking…

And she did.

poofing serenity

Now you see her, now you don’t.XD We weren’t able to trade when she got back though, because there was a surprise server reset that disconnected all of us.

It’s alright Sere, I can get it from you when we’re both online.:P

Oh! And I finally got my dream pet: the rat! Yay! I named him Balloon, since that’s what the little things reminded me of. You know what he told me the first time I brought him out?

embarrassing balloon

Oh dear. I hid him again in a hurry. Must remember to toilet train him first before I take him out for a walk again.x_x


I also did my first quest, with Chococat who seems to be really worried.


See? Told ya he’s worried. Poor guy.

hko-valentines-event_bigsizeI was able to go to Paris eventually to get the recipe for Cupid, and I got the pot thing done (thanks to the Founders for helping me out on this!) The problem occurred when I started farming for strawberries (first it was the flies, and now there are rocks?o_O)They weren’t growing, even after watering and fertilizing them. I was desperate enough to try the top secret strawberry hypnotism…

strawberry hypnotism

But they didn’t even budge.x_x Anyone able to help me out on this? Serenity said that someone said someth about the plants needing sun to grow. Where do I get that?

Badtz Shirt


AAAAAuYbessAAAAAAAv7PwSaw this online, thought I’d share it with you.^_^

I actually don’t wear shirts that have cartoon characters printed on ‘em (I think I last wore one of that way back in grade school, I prefer seeing them on plushies), so if I see this one in a store, I might not buy it. Still, it’s Badtz, so who knows?XD

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