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Taco Bell


You Are Taco Bell

You are a daring, energetic, and outgoing person. You love to mix things up a bit.

You get bored by routine, and you need a lot of novelty in your life. You’re always looking to try something new. You hate mundane day to day tasks. You love to be creative and think outside the box. You abhor busy work.

You like to take lots of breaks. You try to inject a lot of fun into your day, and you love to goof off with your friends.

What Fast Food Restaurant Are You?

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Some of the parts here are not true. What’s true is that I like being creative and thinking outside the box, because I believe there are a lot of ideas out there waiting to be explored. I also like goofing off, just because one can’t be serious 24/7. I also get bored with routine, but not to the point that I’ll end up bouncing off the walls because of it.

What’s definitely not true is me abhorring hard work (I’m a workaholic!)

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