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You Are a Doctor

You are a total brainiac who isn’t content to just be smart. You want to do something with your smarts!
You’d like to change the world or at least change lives. You feel like it’s important not to waste the gifts you’ve been given.You may cure cancer or simply make a few people healthier, but you will rest well knowing that you’ve made a difference.

You’re the type of person who does the right thing even when no one else is watching. You’re very ethical.

What Popular Career Are You?

Blogthings: We’ll Tell You The Truth… Someone Has To!

I actually dreamed of being a doctor when I was younger.:p Oh, and you probably know this by now, but the quiz is definitely correctly when it said I want to change the world.:P Definitely true! It’s silly, but I do believe in helping make the world a better place. Oh, and some people I know would definitely agree on the ethical part.:P

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