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Yeah, I feel like the retriever right now. I’m sick yet again for the nth time this year. I have colds and cough again. My nose alternately feels like it wants to run away or it’s superglued to my face (yeah, gross imagery, don’t try to imagine it). My eyes are watery. My throat is so itchy it feels like a tiny feather’s stuck there. The only thing I want to do right now is curl up in my bed and sleep. For a week. Maybe two.

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4 Responses to “Down”

  1. hugsssssssssss

  2. Get well soon!

  3. :( I hope you get better soon, too! At least it’s not the swine flu.
    It is getting pretty cold lately. Keep warm!!

  4. Thanks, guys. I just hate getting sick, it takes me longer to get better compared to most people.:(

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