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Has anyone heard what happened in the VMAs? I’m not really a Taylor Swift fan (nothing against her, it’s just her music isn’t the kind I usually listen to) but what Kanye did to her was horrible. Not only was he rude (typical), but he did he really have to go all out on being nasty to a teenager? Seriously, what was he thinking? I’m just glad that Beyonce’s really nice and went out of way to get Taylor to do her speech again. That was really sweet of her.

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6 Responses to “Kanye/Taylor”

  1. I watched the video. What he did was really rude and very disappointing.

  2. What happened in the VMAs was surely horrible I am also not a Taylor Swift fan but I agree with you about Kanye he totally ruin Taylor´s moment and yes Beyonce was really nice to let Taylor have her speech .

  3. He’s been like that since his break up and the lost of his mother, i jus wish he would not take his fustrations out on people. :(

  4. MTV should have done something.

  5. I was like oooomg when I saw him go up there. :shock: I heard he was drunk? But anyway, I saw him apologize on the Jay Leno show and he did seem really sorry. I just hope that he keeps his ego in check from now on.

  6. Seriously, Kanye has issues. I hope he gets everything sorted out.

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