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Murphy’s Law


Remember my blog entry about the study I’m doing?

Guess what: it just became worse.

The thumb drive where some of my raw data and my new research materials are went pffft.

What happened was I went to school last Saturday to go and find more previous studies to use on my related lit section. I haven’t really been sleeping that well for the past few months, so by the time I was done with my research, I was practically dead on my feet. I probably didn’t stuff my thumb drive properly in my bag, or it fell out while I was getting money to pay for my lunch or something. I don’t really know where I lost it, only that I did.:( Now I have to look for the studies again, which previously took me a few hours to get only just a chunk of them. Not to mention the fact that since the thumb drive has pretty big space (8 gb for a two inch thing? Not bad at all), I lost other files as well. Urgh. When it rains, it pours.

I seriously hate Murphy’s Law. Seriously hate it. Urgh.

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