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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow


You Should Have Super Long Hair
You are free spirited and carefree. You are a total wild child, and no one is going to tame you!
Your hair tells people that you’re an individual who doesn’t care what other people think. You and your hair break all the rules.

You are a mysterious type who has many secrets. You prefer to keep to yourself.
There’s a lot hiding behind that hair. Very few people truly understand what you are all about.

Uh, no. Just, no.:P If you know in me in RL, you’ll know how my hair seems to have a mind of its own.XD It goes a little crazy sometimes, and it gets frizzy without provocation. Longest hair I’ve maintained is middle of my back, and it has to be tied if it reached that length, unless I got it straightened. Rawr my hair.


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Yeah, I feel like the retriever right now. I’m sick yet again for the nth time this year. I have colds and cough again. My nose alternately feels like it wants to run away or it’s superglued to my face (yeah, gross imagery, don’t try to imagine it). My eyes are watery. My throat is so itchy it feels like a tiny feather’s stuck there. The only thing I want to do right now is curl up in my bed and sleep. For a week. Maybe two.

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You Should Walk the Tightrope

Any subject you study, you aim to master. You enjoy being the best.
When you’re good at something, you like to show off your skills. You’re the type of person who would practice years to walk the tightrope.

And you’d love the glory you’d get from walking it in front of a crowd.

What Circus Act Should You Perform?

Blogthings: We’ll Tell You The Truth… Someone Has To!

Heh, another ironic result, since I’m scared of heights.:P I don’t think I’m a show-off.o_o I’d prefer to work in the background, actually. Maybe it’s different with my writing, since I sometimes post it up to have people read it, but perform? Nooo.

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“Heroes” and Zombies… And Teasing Azog


387px-PrideandPrejudiceandZombiesCoverJust found it funny that in the season premiere of “Heroes”, Claire’s almost-teacher was reading the book I blogged about a few months back: “Pride, Prejudice and Zombies”.XD I really wanted to buy this when we were in the US when I saw it at Barnes, but we didn’t have time. My sister said we’d return to the store, but we never did, so no Elizabeth the zombie hunter for me. Hurmph.

Oh, and just to tease Azog about him saying his spork is not HKO-related…


Sorry, couldn’t resist.XD


You Are Bicycling
You are an energetic, driven person. You try to live a good life.
You are industrious and determined. You happily and willingly do hard work.

You are deeply philosophical. You are concerned with doing things the best way.
You love freedom to explore and experiment. You don’t like rules.

Ah, the irony, considering that I don’t really know how to ride a bike.XD Yeah, I think I mentioned that before already here. Anyway, yep, it’s pretty true, especially the rules part. It’s not that I can’t work with rules, it’s just that sometimes, I do believe that rules can be put aside when something greater is at stake, like the welfare of people, that sort of thing.


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You Are "All You Need is Love"
You are compassionate, kind, and giving. You truly believe that love can heal the world.
In some ways, you are a bit of hippie. You think that peace is still very undervalued in this world.

You feel like people make life too complex. Happiness is often as simple as just allowing yourself to be happy.
There isn’t much people really need in this life. If you’re truly loved, then you’re lucky.

I love this song! And yeah, given the choice, I WOULD be a hippie or at least live in the 1960s, they had the best clothes.XD And I also do believe that happiness is a choice: if you believe that you can be happy instead of dwelling on all the bad stuff that’s happening to you, then you’d still have an optimistic view of life.

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Disliking Math Says You Are Expressive
You are an expressive, passionate, and spontaneous person.
For you, math is way too cold a subject. You dislike how black and white it is.

While some people have extreme passion for math, that would take far more work than you’re willing to put in.
What you’re into changes like the wind, and you could never be forced to choose one thing. You have to be free to follow what you love.

Haha! I only thought the reason why I didn’t like math is because of the numbers, but this could work too.XD

Protein, Carbs, Fat


One of the strangest quizzes I’ve taken in a while.:P

You Are Carbs
You are a very energetic and seductive person. You tend to be driven by your impulses, and people often find you tempting.
Often your energy is brief and almost manic. You have a lot of ups and downs if you’re not careful.

When you take care of yourself, you feel alert, balanced, and satisfied. You can live a very balanced life if you play your cards right.
When you don’t take care of yourself, your life is a nightmare. You can be moody, cranky, and unpredictable.

Some of my friends might say that I have almost manic energy.XD And yeah, I admit, I can be cranky. I wonder what the quiz meant about playing my cards right. Couldn’t it have been a little more specific?:P

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Has anyone heard what happened in the VMAs? I’m not really a Taylor Swift fan (nothing against her, it’s just her music isn’t the kind I usually listen to) but what Kanye did to her was horrible. Not only was he rude (typical), but he did he really have to go all out on being nasty to a teenager? Seriously, what was he thinking? I’m just glad that Beyonce’s really nice and went out of way to get Taylor to do her speech again. That was really sweet of her.

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Misha Collins is on Twitter!


My favorite TV angel is on Twitter!XD He’s even formed an, er, army for world domination.

I don’t have Twitter myself, but I’m tempted (well, sort of) to get one just to reply to his goofy posts. The guy’s awesome!

Wonder if Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have Twitter accounts as well?:P

Speaking of Supernatural, I haven’t watched the first episode of the new season, but I definitely will. I can’t miss it, especially since all hell has literally broken loose!

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