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Season Premieres


It’s almost September, which means new seasons of my TV shows! Yay!

Here’s the schedule so far:

CSI - September 24. The only thing I know about CSI is that Riley Adams is gone and Sara Sidle’s coming back.

CSI: Miami - September 21. From what I know, there’s a chance that Adam Rodriguez won’t be coming back to the show due to negotiation problems (a la Paula Abdul :P)

CSI: NY - September 23. No idea what’s going to happen on CSI: NY.:(

Dollhouse - September 25. One thing I heard is that Summer Glau (Sarah Connor Chronicles) is coming in to the show.

Heroes - September 21. Sylar’s Nathan (or is it Nathan’s Sylar?:P), Peter’s still got the touch empathy thing going, Claire’s going to college (and might become lesbian, if rumors are true O_O), and… Well, there.

Supernatural - September 10. The Apocalypse happened! Yikes! Oh, and a trailer showed Castiel exploding into pieces. Oh no! Still, there’s news that they made Misha Collins a regular of the show, so there’s probably a twist somewhere there.


How Well Do You Know Harry Potter


Killing time before class starts.:P

Anyway, just thought I’d post an online quiz that’s a little different. If you’re a Harry Potter fan (the books, not the movies. They’ve tweaked with a few things in the films), check this out. Just something to test your HP knowledge.:P Oh, and it’s an official site, maintained by the Scholastic, publisher of the Harry Potter series itself.

wizard challenge

Pffft. 24 (with everything selected). Man, I’m so rusty with my Harry Potter knowledge. I’ll probably read through the entire series when the school sem ends.

Speaking of school, I’m torn between wishing that it ends and hoping it doesn’t. If it ends, it means I’m free from school for a month, so yay! I’ll be able to get semi-decent sleep again! On the other hand, if it comes quickly, I might not be able to finish my study in time. Urgh.

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You Are The Heart
You are very industrious. Working hard makes you feel good.
You are powerful and strong. Some people may think you’re fragile, but you’re not in the least.

You are steady and reliable. You keep going no matter what.
However, you do tend to react to situations. Stress makes you speed up.


Funny, I never really thought I was a heart. Not that I’m emotionless or anything, but I’m not really focused on emotions, at least, not as much as the people I know. Does that make sense?

This is true though: stress does make me crazier than I already am.:P

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’90s Baby


You Belong in 1990
With you anything goes! You’re grunge one day, ghetto fabulous the next. It’s all good!


Oh yeah, definitely! I’ve lived practically half my life in the ’90s, actually, I pretty much grew up in that period, so this is true.XD I admit to getting into the boyband phase and all that stuff.XD

Incidentally though, I also like music made in the ’60s-’80s, like New Wave ("Take on Me" by A-Ha is still my favorite music video of all time), as well as music made by The Beatles, Bread, etc. It really depends on my mood on what music I’ll listen to for that day.

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August is Almost Over


I only realized now that in just a few days, it’ll be September. Gah. Can we make time move just a little slower? That way October would still be a long way off and I’d still have a lot of time to work on my paper, which has gone through way too many revisions already but is still not perfected, crazy adviser for not really specifying what she wants to see in it. Urgh. I’m a perfectionist myself, but it’s just annoying that I have to change the focus every time I talk to her, because she’s pretty indecisive, and the only tips she can give are things that she doesn’t want to see, not what she wants, so I end up writing about something completely different from what she’s thinking. Rawr. Now I only have a couple of months left, and I pretty much have to start from scratch, including data gathering. Why did I do this special credit thing again?

Oh, and I just checked the Sanrio town official blog, I’m already off the list. Oh well. It was good while it lasted.:P Now I can’t even get a score higher than 50,000.:P

Top 10!


Lookie, lookie!

I’m part of the Top 10 for the Super Engineer minigame of Sanrio town.XD I didn’t even know there was a contest going on until I saw it on the Sanrio town blog. Pretty cool.


Thing is, they’re only awarding the Top Three players, from what I’ve read. There’s no way I could reach 100,000+, let alone 800,000.x_x 80,000 is an achievement enough for me.:P

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What Dog is This?


I guess some of you already know I love going on to LOLdogs to check out the cute doggies there. Anyway, I saw this picture, and it confused me:


What breed of dog is this? I actually thought it was an actual polar bear, but I don’t think anyone would have one in their backseat, right?

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G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra


gijoeriseofcorbra1 Just watched it. It was okay, I mean, It wasn’t as bad as Transformers 2: Rise of the Fallen. The two things I liked about the movie were: Channing Tatum and Lee Byung-Hun.XD Channing’s definitely eye candy, and Lee Byung-Hun was just awesome, I was kinda rooting for him more than Snake Eyes. Just a little bit.:P

Anyway, there wasn’t anything that memorable about the movie for me. There were explosions, gadgets, and special effects, and I guess if that’s what you’re looking for in it, then you’re good to go. Was hoping for more Joseph Gordon-Levitt scenes (loved him in Ten Things I Hate About You and Third Rock from the Sun), but I suppose he’ll have his time in the next movie (I’m pretty sure there will be sequels, owing to how the film ended).

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CSI News


Just read that Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) will be returning to CSI, while Riley Adams (Lauren Lee Smith) will be leaving.

That’s weird. I liked Riley (especially with Greg :P). I also thought Jorja Fox wouldn’t be returning to the show anymore because she said that she wanted new projects or something. Weird.

Oh, and there will be a three-part thing featuring CSI, CSI: NY, and CSI: Miami, with Ray Langston (Laurence Fishburne) apparently going to New York and Miami. Looks like they’re giving Laurence Fishburne a lot of screen time in the latest season.

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Nerd Score

You Are 24% Nerdy
You’re a little nerdy, but no one would ever call you a nerd.
You sometimes get into nerdy things, but only after they’ve become a part of mainstream culture.

Was expecting it to be a little higher, actually.:P But then, my nerdiness extends to my loving to study and being curious about new stuff, and not on the sci-fi movies and TV shows kinda thing (except maybe Heroes), so yeah.

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