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I Wish I Was Still in San Diego…

So I could’ve attended the Comic Con.

You know why?

Because Johnny Depp made a surprise appearance there! They didn’t really know he was coming, Tim Burton only said that he wanted his "imaginary friend" to join him onstage (in promoting "Alice in Wonderland"). Lo and behold, it was Johnny! Ack! <3<3<3! I’m such a huge fan of Johnny Depp, it would’ve been awesome to have an up-close-and-personal sighting of him.*sigh*

Anyway, the teaser trailer for the movie looks awesome. Check it out:

Another comic con thing I would’ve wanted to check out is the Capcom booth, they said they’ll be giving away free shirts and a sneak peek at Darkside Chronicles, which will be released by December.

Still, I’m more hyper about "Alice in Wonderland" over RE (surprisingly?:P) Hah, if only Johnny Depp can be cloned and turned into a younger version of himself…XD

6 Responses to “I Wish I Was Still in San Diego…”

  1. Oh eem gee THATS AWESOME!
    & yay, badtz maru :)

  2. FUN FUN! My brother’s there now! XD

    I want the RE shirt as well. All you have to do is play one stage of the demo with a friend and both of you will get the shirt!

  3. I soooo wanted to go to an international comic con. But that is an impossibility. :( I would love to see Johnny Depp in the flesh!!!! Lucky folks! (thanks for the comment ^^)

  4. I’m excited about Alice in Wonderland too! xD

  5. I want to go as well. I want to try all the games and get all the freebies.

  6. treeson: Oh man, why is it that our relatives could go there but we can’t?:P Unfair!
    tee! I know, me too!
    alpha7: You said it!

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