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These Boots are Made for Walking


You Are Rain Boots
You are a very playful and fun loving person. Nothing can slow you down.
You are dreamy, and you can find the romance in anything. The littlest things make you smile.

You are outgoing and friendly. You always find yourself talking to strangers.
You are optimistic about the world. Even when it’s raining out, the sun is shining in your heart.

I’m sure I’ve said it before here on this blog, but I’ll say it again: I love boots! I’ve got a lot of pairs at home, and they’re really my favorite shoes, so taking this quiz is a must for me.:P I find the results funny, some of it are pretty true. I have to say, though: I’ve never owned a pair of rain boots in my life, ever.:P

Oh, and school updates!

Papers: 1 90% done (only needs editing), 1 80% done, 1 95% done (also just needs editing), 1 60% done (only needs analysis of the data), 1 40% done (I only have a really, really rough outline of this. Darn those people who get assigned as your partner but act as total leeches). Gah.

Report: Two down, one more to go

Web promo: Not even started.x_x


Badtzy is beezee as a bee.


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