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Resident Evil 5 Release!


resident-evil-5Today’s March 13, the day RE5 gets released to the majority of the stores around the world! Woohoo! I still haven’t bought the console, but I don’t mind not being one of the first to play the game (especially since I’m one of the people who love spoilers, and I can watch the cutscenes or read up online to know what the story is XD). I can’t wait to get my hands on the game too, since it has one of my favorite characters of the franchise as the lead character: Chris Redfield (and I still think he’s hot, one of the few rugged-looking guys that I actually appreciate.XD The other’s Danny Messer(Carmine Giovinazzo), but let’s not go there XD).  

Anyway, I read online that the game’s sparking a lot of controversy, because of the allegedly racial issues. The main character’s White, and a lot of the enemies he has to gun down are blacks. I don’t know, but for me, it’s not really an issue (and I don’t mean to offend people here). The game hasn’t been accused of racism against the Spaniards back when RE4 was released, so I don’t know why they’re pulling out the race card now. It’s not their skin color that makes them the "bad guys" - they’re pretty much the walking dead already, since they’ve been infected. It’s like those crazy zombie movies (not just RE movies!) they make: race becomes a nonfactor when you’re already a zombie. Besides, from what I heard, infected Africans aren’t the only enemies there - in fact, the main baddie of the group is also white like Chris. That’s just me, though. Again, no offense to anyone there.

jillandchris1 The one thing that makes me anticipate the game so much is that it might answer my question about Chris and Jill. Please, Capcom, give us a sign that the two ended up together!XD


Okay, I’ll stop spazzing now.

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