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Founders’ Victory!

I just read on the HKO Events blog that my guild won the event! Yay! I wasn’t able to participate in this, but I’m really happy and proud that HKO Founders really worked hard to get this. Kaito gave me the numbers of the items that were gathered, I can’t remember the actual numbers, but they were huge, so I’m really amazed at the skill and the time the people put into this, not only those from HKOF, but from everyone who participated in the event.

Major shout-outs to Kaito, Kenman, Serenity, and JamJam, I’m pretty sure these four really were the pioneers of the creation of the 20 shirts. You guys rock!

Grats also to Coffee Shoppe and Misfits, as well as the runners-up (MAIcrostyle, Charmmy Kitties, Tiger Melody, Super Cute, I ♥ Hello Kitty, HKO Anonymous, Pirate Guild) and those who gave for the sake of giving (Sailoria, Twilight, Twin Starrs, and Vampire Kittens). Everyone did an amazing job on this event. You’re all awesome! Thanks to all of you, kids can have 183 shirts and 84 bags.^_^

7 Responses to “Founders’ Victory!”

  1. Like I said in my gigantic post, it was all them 3. They just dragged my lazy butt along in a wagon. ;P

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  3. Congrats!

  4. Congrats! ^_^

  5. Congrats! ^_^

  6. MAJOR CONGRATULATIONS!! Kaito, Kenman, Jamjam, and Serenity, it’s amazing what they do XD

  7. Hey, yeah we are in the same guild haha my in game name was Ai

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