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Happy Birthday, Badtz!


Well, actually, his birthday’s not until tomorrow (April 1), but I thought I’d dedicate a post to XO! I found some screenies here on Sanriotown featuring him in 3-D glory, so I thought I’d share them with you to celebrate his birthday.:P





Omg, Badtz is a cross-dresser.o_o


Happy birthday, Badtz!



Because I’m on (semi-) vacation already, I now have time to read up my new stash of books!

I have the following:

  • "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen. Just started reading it, so far it’s pretty fun, even though I don’t really agree with the ideals of the story.
  • "No Exit and Other Plays" by Jean-Paul Sartre. It’s an existentialist novel. No, I’m not an atheist, but it’s interesting to see how the other side sees things.
  • "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Beckett. I had an e-book of this years back, and I loved the story, but my PC got reformatted and I can’t recover the e-book anymore, so I bought a paperback version.
  • C.S. Lewis books
    • "Space" trilogy. Not a sci-fi fan, but because I’m a C.S. Lewis fan (I love "The Chronicles of Narnia" and "The Screwtape Letters", I’m willing to read these.
    • "The Problem of Pain"
  • "An Acceptable Time" by Madeleine L’Engle. I liked "A Wrinkle in Time" and "A Swiftly Tilting Planet" (strange, the books are both easy and hard to read), so I thought I’d buy this one.
  • "Peter and the Starcatchers" by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. It’s a prequel of Peter Pan’s story.
  • "Angela’s Ashes" by Frank McCourt. Hey, it won a Pullitzer, so it’s got to be good, right?
  • "Chronicle of a Death Foretold" and "Innocent Erendira and Other Stories" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I’m a fan of GGM, so I bought these books.
  • "Regina’s Song" by David and Leigh Eddings. I’m a fan of the Eddings’, so I bought this book even if it’s not fantasy.


There are a few others, but I can’t remember what their titles are right now.

Yeah, my reading interests are pretty varied.:P Strange that I wasn’t able to buy a fantasy book yet, must remedy that.:p It’s my favorite genre, so I need to check out fantasy fiction  too. I read Ursula Le Guin’s original three "Earthsea" novels, but I didn’t like them. I also didn’t like Christopher Paolini’s "Inheritance" novels, I felt they were rip-offs of J.R.R. Tolkien and David Eddings. I’ll have to check out Raymond Feist and Brandon Sanderson, tidesong and Bi recommended them to me and I still haven’t checked out their works.x_x

I’m also looking for "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime" novel, I still haven’t found a copy of it.

Anyway, if you’ve got good books to recommend, let me know! I’m gonna be back to bookworm mode (and I’ll also be catching up on movies and TV shows, but that’s for a different entry :P), so I’d love to hear about good books out there.:P

Just a Few More!


I only need to do one paper, one presentation, and one web campaign and I’m all done for school! Woohoo! Things have been so stressful for the past days that I haven’t been sleeping that well, but it’s really the last stretch, so I’m going to do this! I need a really, really long rest after all these schoolwork.x_x

Anyway, TV update! Sere posted what she’s squeeing about in her fave TV show, so I’m going to post mine!lindsaydanny

Lindsay (Anna Belknap) and Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo) are finally married! I’ve been a puddle for the last weeks when I take my CSI: NY break and I see the Lindsay/Danny scenes, and they finally tied the knot on Episode 18 (which was a few weeks ago, but since I haven’t blogged about it, pretend they’ve just shown that episode XD). Woohoo! Finally! It’s the first CSI relationship to work out on-screen (the Grissom/Sara relationship ended before it began on-screen) so I’m hoping they’ll stick with this, instead of killing either Lindsay or Danny in the later seasons. Bleh.

I wonder what would have happened if Anna Belknap had not gotten pregnant? Would the network still make this relationship work? Oh well. We’ll never know the answer, but I don’t really care right now. I’m just happy they’re together.^_^



HKO and Sanriotown Stuffies


From the HKO event blog:

Sanrio Digital recently received an unexpected surprise from the children who received the bags and shirts you selflessly worked for during our Helping Hearts charity event. Of course, none of this would have been possible without you, our dear players, so now we’d like to share with you a few scanned images of the thank you cards we received from the Po Leung Kuk residential child care unit.

Thank you card from Po Leung Kuk

Thank you card from Po Leung Kuk

Thank you card from Po Leung Kuk

Thank you card from Po Leung Kuk


I’m so proud of all the players who made this charity event successful.^_^ ‘Nuff said.


Oh, anyone participating in the Easter egg hunt contest thing? Love how Badtz became defensive about the eggs.XD

Chris x Jill!


Just heard a podcast, apparently, there is something going on between Chris and Jill, and it’s straight from the mouth of Capcom itself! Well, more of Jun Takeuchi, the producer of RE5, but still.XD He’s also with some other Capcom guys, so yay! Thanks for finally answering the question!

Click here if you’re an RE fan to go download the podcast.

Sorry, Zel. Guess you’ll be force-fed fried chicken by Wesker too.XD

These Boots are Made for Walking


You Are Rain Boots
You are a very playful and fun loving person. Nothing can slow you down.
You are dreamy, and you can find the romance in anything. The littlest things make you smile.

You are outgoing and friendly. You always find yourself talking to strangers.
You are optimistic about the world. Even when it’s raining out, the sun is shining in your heart.

I’m sure I’ve said it before here on this blog, but I’ll say it again: I love boots! I’ve got a lot of pairs at home, and they’re really my favorite shoes, so taking this quiz is a must for me.:P I find the results funny, some of it are pretty true. I have to say, though: I’ve never owned a pair of rain boots in my life, ever.:P

Oh, and school updates!

Papers: 1 90% done (only needs editing), 1 80% done, 1 95% done (also just needs editing), 1 60% done (only needs analysis of the data), 1 40% done (I only have a really, really rough outline of this. Darn those people who get assigned as your partner but act as total leeches). Gah.

Report: Two down, one more to go

Web promo: Not even started.x_x


Badtzy is beezee as a bee.


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Academic Insanity


It’s the last stretch before the sem ends! I had a report Wednesday, and I thought that along with that and a paper, I’d already be done with the requirements of my Wednesday class, but I was wrong. When my teacher got to class, she immediately started distributing all these sheets of paper. Turns out it contained details of our finals papers. Yes, papers. We’re supposed to submit three papers, along with the one that we have to submit based on our report. Add that with two more reports and papers (both of which requires major research), and I’m pretty much a panicky headless chicken.x_x  At least our event’s over and done with already.

Two LOLdogs to capture what I feel right now:




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I’m starting to get addicted with LOLdogs.XD I never knew about the site, I only know about the lolcats, so seeing this made me squeal, because I love dogs more than cats. I only discovered them recently (as in yesterday recently), and I think I’ve squeed enough to last me a lifetime.XD

Here are some of my favorites so far:













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High School Diploma

You paid attention during 68% of high school!

68-84% Pretty good, you know that there are libraries and newspapers, and you remember what you’ve read. You were a child that wasn’t left behind!

Do you deserve your high school diploma?
Take More Quizzes

Phew! It’s a good thing I got this, otherwise…XD

I’m actually one of the people who enjoyed high school life, but if you were to ask me if I want to back in time to relive it, I’d decline. High school was nice and all, but I prefer life as it is now.:P

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You Crave a Thoughtful Life
Your dream is to live a live you cherish. You don’t want to waste time on things that don’t matter.
Doing what you love with the people you love is the most important thing to you.

You want your life to be about rest, relaxation, and recreation. You want to slow down and appreciate what you have.
You believe that wisdom comes to those who don’t rush through life. And you’d like to gain more wisdom over the years.

That’s pretty true, especially now because I’m superstressed, and I really am in need of more than a little R&R. I have to slow down, I’m thinking about way too many things at the same time that I don’t take time to stop and smell the roses. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve promised myself to take life one day at a time, and I never fulfilled that. I don’t agree with the last part of my result though. I don’t think wisdom necessarily comes with age, but more of when you choose to keep an open mind about the experiences you have, and reflecting on these things would give you a bigger perspective on what life’s about. One can be young but still have an old soul, and I’d like to think I’m like that (if you peel away the sugar-induced high that I always have, anyway).

Meh, now I’ve gone deep on this entry. Better stop now, before I start wondering about the meaning of life.:P

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