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Happy Hearts is Now Over


So sad, HKO’s closed its doors once again.:/

I’m happy though, because for the first time, I was able to be in the last few moments of an HKO beta. Yay!

I ended up not being able to contribute to the charity event (rats!), but I did get some guild screenies.


Serenity and JamJam started a line right beside the farm manager, so I ended up leaving my farm to join ‘em.

Pretty soon, we got attention from the people, like in the form of Pure…


and GM-Zel.


While we were sitting down, apparently, someone was getting married in Paris.

DeevFactor apparently married… My Melody.o_o (If someone’s got screenies of this, I would love to see ‘em.XD)

Anyway, while we were sitting down, for some weird reason, people started appearing where we were, until the area was filled with people:


And when I say filled, I mean only that area had people:


Gaaah. Claustrophobia striking in.x_x

Bacon being emo…


Speaking of Bacon, he made us troop all over to Paris for a group screenie before the event ended, so we marched all the way there, braving the wolves, the pythons, and the yam to go and have a photo-op. While I walked, I realized that I was actually a triplet:


o_o Heroes vibe, anyone?

Anyway, we settled down. Major lag going on, because the place was filled with people:


Sat with my guildmates.


Can you spot which GM got rid of the uniform?XD


The end :( :


I made it to the final screenie! Yay! I didn’t think I would, since I was at the edge of the group already, but I’m glad I made it in.^_^



Btw, congrats to guild leaders/robots Kaito and Kenman, and the third robot Sere (XD) for winning in the Happy Hearts quest event!^_^ Congrats also to Miyabi and Yueya!

See you all next time!



Has Happy Hearts ended? I just want to send an apology to my guildmates (HKO Founders) for being MIA the past few days. Real life caught up with me, and I had to do a load of stuff for school over the weekend (contacting NGOs, writing papers, preparing for a proposal defense), so I wasn’t able to go online.x_x I feel really bad about it, since I promised myself I’d be really active this time around (especially with the charity event going on), but circumstances made me not follow through with that.:/ Sorry, guys.

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