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Happy Quests


The quests are finally over for Happy Hearts. I’m a bit sad about it, because it means bye-bye HKO again, but it was fun.:) As the_otakutopian said, at least we got to spend some time with our friends, both from and outside our guild.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m getting sentimental. *sniff* I guess this is my luckiest HKO beta so far, since I was able to meet with most of the people I know from the blogging world.:P

Onwards to pictures!

I finally got my Badtz farm. He had the strangest form of acne, so I covered his face with strawberries to keep him hidden.XD AlmightyTallest was right: once your plants start producing fruit, there’s no off button! They just go on and on and on…



The only off button you could use is when you don’t water it, as we found out when we were farming in Kaito’s farm. Rainy, whitensilver and I were actually trying to steal his crops, but then he caught us and made us his slaves.XD kaitofarm1

Apparently, the plants don’t bear fruit if you don’t water them, and if you ignore their cries of help, they shrivel up and die.o_o Good thing we noticed earlier, or he plants would’ve been as dizzy as Kaito’s python XD (j/k Kaito!) Seriously though, I find it great that we can farm on someone else’s farm now. What happens is that what the other "workers" gather will automatically be placed in the owner’s inventory. Sad thing is, if the owner leaves while you’re still in his/her farm, you get automatically evicted.x_x

While we were in the farm, Kaito (who was planning on doing a pet guide) was asking on what the stats of the water dogs (I refuse to call them curs!) are, and then suddenly, two of ‘em started running around!


This is why I don’t take my pets out for a walk.XD

Speaking of pets, did you know that the merchants could also have pets? Don’t believe me? Check this out:


Seedman’s got a pet spooky tree! And no, that’s not my pet, since my three "equipped" ones are my water dog, dino, and rat.


Lookie how cute Cupid is!^_^


One of the most memorable chats I’ve had was the one with Bi:


We came up with the craziest conspiracy theory involving GM-Neverender and GM-Bacon, with GM-Zel thrown in the mix. Not contented, we then plotted to lay a trap for GM-Wayne so we can steal his umbrella.XD Yeeeaaah, don’t tell them, please.XD

Another person I saw was Tigerlyly.

weirded out tigerlyly

No, the wind bell tree isn’t the one that’s talking.x_x I think I weirded out tigerlyly because I was gathering cotton even after the quests were finished.:P I wanted to raise my sewing skills, so I was collecting cotton to sew into fine cotton (actually creating them this time, and not buying them XD heh, thanks to RainyG for telling me about the Harbor shop).

Also seen was tee, who I almost ignored because my net’s connection suddenly messed up:


I ended up just sitting down for almost an hour, to wait for my net to be better.XD

Other people from the HKO blogging ring who I’ve seen but wasn’t able to take screenies of are ripplecloud, JamJam, and noliai.:P

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