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Microscopic Artwork


I just have to share this with you! I was just browsing through the ‘net, and I saw this:








Yep, these are little artworks made on the head of a pin, a small fish hook, and on eyes of needles! Best of all, these aren’t photoshopped - these are actually creations of a "microsculpture"/"micro-miniaturist" artist Willard Wigen, whose creations are actually made using dust particles, sugar crystals, grains of sand, and the like. To be seen properly, his works are set on display literally under microscopes. The little girl in one of the pictures up there isn’t perched on a little stick: she’s actually placed on top of an eyelash glued to the needle. You know how he makes ‘em? He sculpts/paints these "between heartbeats", so his hands are still.

You can check out his website by clicking here. If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is.

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