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Post-HKO Christmas Reunion, er, Post

Hi everyone! Haven’t updated in almost a week, I went on vacation (finally!) during the Christmas break, so I didn’t spend much time on the computer then. The good news: I was able to go on a trip to a gorgeous place (pictures to follow). Yay! The bad news is, I only got to play the Christmas HKO thing for two days, and only for around 30 minutes each, so yeah, I didn’t really get a lot done by way of the game, I think I only did two quests, the ones given by Hana-Maru.

Anyway, here are some more screenies I got of the game:


Hana Maru gives me one of his quests. It’s weird, because I was able to finish the first two ones, but when I loaded the game the following day, it didn’t count the second one, and it showed on my Quests page that it’s still not done. Apparently, there was a rollback (did I get the term right?:P), and for some reason, it didn’t count the candy canes I got before I logged off. Weird.

Anyway, I got a scarf and a Santa hat as rewards. Yay! Here’s me trying on the pretty hat:



Chippy Mouse gave me a quest too!


Unfortunately, his wasn’t that nice: he wanted me to help him make snowballs so he can take revenge on Badtz throwing ‘em at him…


To the point of dreaming about it.x_x I pitied the poor guy for what Badtz did to him (after all, he’s much smaller than XO), but I wasn’t going to help him get back at my fave character!XD The fact that I couldn’t farm that much snow in such a short time didn’t have anything to do with it, I swear!

Since I was in NY, I checked up on Pochi, just to see if his tummy’s nice and full (if he’s still hungry after all the food given to him by the players during the Hunger Strike, I will seriously start doubting XO’s pet skills).


Based on the fact that he squeaked when I showed him a strawberry cake, I’m thinking, yep, he’s still full.XD

Look who I saw in NY too!


Tsunko, Badtz-Maru’s sister or girlfriend! I tried asking her what her actual relationship with XO is, but she ignored me. Hurmph. Corny pink penguin. Maybe she got jealous because of my name.XD

I saw Cinnamoroll in Harbor too, (two Santa Clauses showed me the way) and he gave me an event quest:


His quest list was a little long though, so I didn’t think I could do it, so I just walked around. I had this thought of facing my worst nightmare in HKO to cure myself of my being scared of him, so I walked all the way to London to face my greatest HKO fear…


O-Chan! Aaack!

9 Responses to “Post-HKO Christmas Reunion, er, Post”

  1. Hey, sorry we didn’t do much on the quest. But at least we got to meet in there. ^_^ Hope you still had fun.

    I also had some glitch when logging back on the second day. But I didn’t just lose some stuff like candy canes and snow, but my Medical Mask (formerly known as a “gag”) actually turned into a beard. Long story, I’ll try to post it later.

  2. Omg. That burry balls quest was haunting me in my quest list because I never did it. I was kinda hoping it wouldnt be there. Haha.

  3. That sounds like quite an adventure there. :)

  4. The reunion was fun fun fun! The snowball quest seemed neverending! It took me a long time to get all the snow. But it still wasn’t as bad as the burry ball quest :P

  5. otakutopian: Nice meeting you too.^_^ Yeah, it was fun. I loved seeing the Christmas/snow-themed additions to the map, really cute.
    tee: wahahaha! I know what you mean. I traded with a guildmate so I could get my burry balls.:P
    lizzyslocket: Yep, it was!^_^ Try playing HKO sometime when it opens again, it would be great to see you and Pink Bear there.XD
    Starrfire: Hahahaha! I’m glad that you finished it.:P I didn’t even attempt to try doing it.

  6. hey I’m in your ss! xD
    and you’re in HKOF
    ok if i link you? :)

  7. Tsunko is Badz sister and his girlfriend is Ijuin Pandaba *LOL*
    You played for 2 days, I only got to play one day :( atleast we got to experience this reunion :)

  8. Het, how do u use the Technorati Tags? I do have an account there.

  9. Hi JamJam! Hey, you are! Sure, I added you too.^_^
    victor, I started using the Livewriter thingy.:P You can search the net for it, there’s an option there that you can make tags without using HTML.

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