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Walk of Death

There was a new event launched today in HKO called "Monster Rancher." Apparently, Keroleen lost her pets (I can’t really remember the story) and your task is to defeat them to get their collars (oh yeah, I definitely can’t remember how it went x_x). On the event blog, it said that you shouldn’t even attempt to try the quest without being at least Level 15. I was happy, thinking that I could do it since I was Level 18 (hah! Three notches above the minimum!) so I went to go and whack one of the creatures.

When I was lining up for a shot at Egor, I noticed something that made me o_O:


It’s not that hard to spot me. I’m the one with the completely different clothes.x_x So I was thinking if I should get out of the line, since all of them were obviously better prepared than I am, when suddenly it was my turn. I waited for Egor to regenerate, all the while thinking, "Please be stunned with only a few whacks!"

Well, it worked.

Except that I was the one who ended up stunned. KO’d, in fact.x_x One of my guildmates reckons that it’s not my level that’s the problem, but my clothes, and she advised that I buy better threads, so I went off to the London shops to get new clothes, when I realized that the clothes were for levels 15, 18, and 20. I was at the tail end of Level 18, so I decided to wait until I reach Level 20 before I buy new clothes, that way I wouldn’t need to spend twice (and yes, I’m broke :P). Now I’m doing major grinding to reach Level 20 before the event ends. I’m now 3/4 done with Level 19, so it’s only a few more!^_^

Oh, some random screenies for you:


Me staring at Badtz (Sorry, Hello Kitty :P)



Heh, one of the GMs looking for a croissant. Found that so funny. 

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  1. Organized camping! That’s very rare in MMOs. I hope players are still like that when the game is officially out.

  2. Great story, too bad i’m on level 11, hope u complete the quest real soon.
    Is it just me or did they took out the rating systems from our blogs?

  3. I noticed the rating system was gone yesterday too! Wonder if its permanently gone…

    Anyway, I am level 18 and wearing a roarer top… do I have to level too before I can do it?.. cos honestly my time for playing is like… dwindling :(

  4. Hm, now I am wishing I didn’t just first start yesterday because I am just at level 7. :P Good luck!

  5. lol, Hello Kitty looks dejected! That’s a first :) The croissant thing is hilarious :) I love fun GMs :)

  6. Sorry for not getting back to you on your ‘early christmas present’ on time, I just wanted to know, do you want me to e-mail it to you or simply write a post about Badtz’s GF?

  7. By the time I got to it there was no queue. Except for one place where someone was obviously waiting for egor to get itself un-stunned so I waited for that person to be done first.

    By the way. For anyone that’s not high leveled enough… if you need help I have absolutely no problems bringing the mob down to a low level for you so that you can have the stunning shots. Of course that’s likely to happen only on monday after I’m done with real life business :) (unless I somehow manage to stay awake on saturday night after waking up at 5am…) So you have time to try and level up on your own. (and hopefully the event is still on o.O)

  8. where did you saw hello kitty? I wanna meet her so badly :(

  9. oh im from dizzypengbear blog of wordpress :) my username is rockstargurl. i wish i could meet you! im actually lvl 13…i’ll be lvl 14 soon :)

  10. Hi lovermitzu! She’s in London.^_^ You have to do a few quests to unlock the place where she’s at (Madame Taussaudes- not sure if I spelled it right.x_x)
    tidesong, what level do you think a player should be to face the critters? I don’t think 15 is high enough as said in the event blog… x_x I don’t wanna go and challenge them to get KO’d again.
    Pink Bear! Thanks! You can post in on your blog and I can grab it from there.^_^ That way, everyone will know it’s your work.^_^
    Hi Ai! I know! I felt a little guilty, but Badtz is my favorite, and Kitty’s got enough fans, anyway.:P
    sparkly, maybe if you grind, you can beat the event?:P Good luck!
    ripple and victor, yeah the ratings thing disappeared.:( I hope it comes back soon though, I like seeing the stars, even if the ratings are not that good.:P Where do you get the roarer top, anyway?
    fairlady, yeah, I like that too! I’ve been seeing a bunch of photos showing people lining up to get the prizes and have a chance to whack Keroleen’s pets (I dunno why she keeps savage pets x_x), and I find that really nice of the people.^_^ Most of the people on HKO are nice, except for those who KS deliberately.:(

  11. I am level 23. I think that’s a nice level, I didn’t have to heal during the fight. But someone recommended level 21 to be a good level as well.

    I find that using a multiple approach is good to levelling up. Best to hit mobs and collect items that allow you to craft with them. So that once your health and energy are low/0 you die, quickly get back to town and then get to skilling. By the time your skilling is over you should have regenerated :)

  12. thank you for the comment on my blog roarer tops are not the best in the game the best would be the punishment tops so far that i see which are in london clothing shops for about 10,000 i was just working on making the roarer top. You need to get the guide from the wolves in order to make it and i just happened to have one.

  13. People line up to whack a creature? :/ Poor creature!

  14. it happened on halloween? XD

  15. Thanks, kel! I got a guildee to give me a roarer top. I’m such a mooch! Hahahaha!
    amethyst_lover: Think of it this way: it’s like we’re just tickling them, and they got back in action after a few minutes.:P
    luty: Wahahahaha! You’re so right! I got knocked out on Halloween. How perfect.:P

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