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Finished with the Pochi Quest!

Pochi, bless his soul, is a hungry little thing.x_x I don’t think Badtz ever feeds him, because he eats. A lot.


Here’s his food list:

  • 10 Tangerine Juice
  • 21 Roast Veggies
  • 10 Oat Biscuits
  • 20 Roast Corn
  • 15 Salvia Biscuits (I’m wondering if it’s supposed to be "saliva" biscuits, but that would be a little gross :P)
  • 20 Roots (maybe he’ll boil ‘em for tea?)
  • 10 Sweet Potatoes

And to think he’s tiny.


See? You can barely see him. (Is it just me, or are my feet transparent there?)

Anyway, many outfits later, I’ve finally completed the quest! Woot! Thanks to Sebastius and Suqua for helping me out.^_^ And also to Sugar_chan, because she offered her extra roots.^_^


Anyway, I’m now in London! The first thing I did was to get my dream hair!

my new look!
Woot! I’ve wanted to get the hairstyle ever since I saw it on someone, and I don’t think I’ll be changing my hairdo anymore.^_^ Liking this look. Oh and yeah, my outfit isn’t coordinated at all. I know.x_x I’m working on it though. I’m hoping higher-level clothes at least match, but hey, it’s better to look weird but extra-protected from creatures than to be stylish at times, right?


I started doing the easy (read: non-violent) quests first, because I tried doing the one where I need to fight the spooky trees, and my second one promptly knocked me out.x_x

Here’s my first look at my farm!

me and my farm

I was hoping for a Badtz-Maru plot, but you can’t have everything.


I also had a horse on my farm too!

me and my horsie

My first attempt at farming was a disaster. I finished the strawberry quest alright, but I wasted almost a hundred of the fertilizer to get the 15 strawberries.x_x

Here’s a screenie of my first time harvesting my crops:



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  1. Congrats on the blue hair you like! I’m now wondering if the black hair ever comes in the two pony tail style, I think thats adorable hehehe.

  2. Hahaha! That’s a very hungry NPC! :P

  3. ooh the horse is so cute!

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