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Death by Spider Bite… And a New-Found Uncle


I withdraw my complaint about the crazy pink crab, because the creatures of Florapolis are way tougher than them. In fact, Sanrio Harbor’s animals are downright fluffy and friendly compared to these guys, who attack you by the swarm.x_x

After my experience with the boxpigs, I breathed a sigh of relief when I entered the next scene and found spiders. Spiders are not as bad as boars right? After all, they just make webs and walk funny and… Ouch! Who would’ve thunk that spiders are stronger and tougher than the boars?x_x I tucked myself into a little nook to rest…


And then those little spiders found me and proceeded to sting the life out of me.x_x


It’s a good thing though, because when I got teleported, I saw my guildmates Feather, Remedy, and Rainy G!  Hurray! (Oh, and GM-Wayne with the pink dinosaur too, but he wasn’t talking to any of us :P).


Wheee! Badtz joins our parteh!



Oh, and on non-HKO related news, I adopted a new pet (by Megarose)!

uncle badtzmore

Meet Uncle Badtzmore, long-lost uncle of Badtz-Maru who’s filthy rich, loves tapdancing and who is so cool, he’s blue. And yep, he’s from Antarctica, not Hawaii.


(Maybe I should ask him about the mystery of Tsunko.)


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