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HKO and *GASP* The Mystery Behind XO’s Girlfriend

I tried playing HKO over the weekend, but apparently, poor old Diego can’t take the pinkness, and coughed the game right out.

Well, it didn’t really, but you know what I mean.x_x Seems my poor old laptop can’t play the game, so I might be able to play HKO during the weekdays only. Boo. So much for my bonding time with XO.

Speaking of XO, I got news from Chou and lilybethflame that the little pink penguin is actually not Badtz’s girlfriend, but his… sister?O_O So what I did was that I did an exhaustive research (Google, .03 seconds) on the name Chou gave me and what I got was this:


What?O_O Sister? So what’s with the hearts and the love and all that stuff?x_x I’m confuzzled.

Anyway, if you want to see more info on Badtz, click here to see where I got the info from.

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8 Responses to “HKO and *GASP* The Mystery Behind XO’s Girlfriend”

  1. Maybe the relationship did not go too well, so they decided to remain as brother and sister, badtz being the brother of course.

    What do you think of my analysis?

  2. I think it’s scary, no offense my friend, but I have two brothers and I can’t imaging dating one of them, YIKE! I’m stilling guessing that it was drawn by a confused Badtz fan. You know, the same way that most people think Mimmy is a miss representation of her sister Kitty. There’s a lot of confusion for fans, …HEY …I have an idea, how about I try to draw or paint a girlfriend for Badtz? As an early Christmas present for Iheartbadtz? :D…or no, I shouldn’t try it…well it all depends on you Iheartbadtz. Tell me soon if I should go on with the idea.

  3. That would be great, lilybethflame.^_^ Hope to see you in-game!
    tingal! Hahaha! Well, it’s an analysis. I can’t even come up with my own.x_x

  4. watch out for me tomorrow, then I’m free and will go online about now and play for the whole day..
    today I’ll be back playing in about 6-7 hours (after work) ^^

  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! His sister?! @_@

  6. aww! i don’t think i’d seen his sister before! she’s cute!

  7. well if we start to talk about Freud….well never mind haha
    but it’s a cute family :D

  8. Omg, Freud. Wahahahaha! Oh noez. I wouldn’t wanna go there.

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