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First Day in HKO

Typing this real quick, since I’m gonna leave for class in a few (HKO’s gonna be ruining my life in the next month, I can feel it hahahaha!) In case you’re wondering, I’m using someone else’s PC to check it out (I couldn’t wait until mine got fixed)

Just wanted to show some screenies of the first few seconds I was in HKO:


Me and my Badtzy! Wheee! I squeed when I saw first saw him.^_^ wanted to hug him, but all I could do was sit beside him.x_x Oh well, at least I still saw my fave character.^_^


Keroppi! I bet Kyorosuke isn’t happy Keroppi’s getting center stage and not him.


Another one of my fave characters, Pochacco.^_^




I forgot to get a screenie of Mimmy.x_x Oops. I hope she doesn’t feel too bad when she sees it after she wakes up from the spell.


Been looking for the people I know here in the blog, but I haven’t seen any of ‘em yet.x_x Anyway, I’m still stuck at the crab quest. The little buggers keep killing me.x_x

14 Responses to “First Day in HKO”

  1. If the crabs keep killing you, level up by collecting more plants!

  2. oh i did not see all these characters! and places.. I suck on the game haha only made some quests

  3. Ohh~ seem like you’re having fun. XD I’m also a founder but I don’t have time to play…oh well…

  4. I’ll keep my eyes open for you! Wanna meet more of my blogbuddies ingame! ^_^

  5. Update! I’ll see y’all Monday. I tried installing HKO on Diego, and he… froze.x_x Poor little guy can’t take the pinkness, I think. I think it’s time he retires, but I’m too attached to my laptop to let him go.

    I miss my PC.x_x

  6. Hey are the papers over? I hope you had no trouble with those… and yea see you soon!

  7. i’ve just got my account-i wanted to be called lollipop but it was taken so i went for lilypop-i think i saw ripplecloud on it at some point but it might have been someone else

  8. SO cute!!!! Badtzies!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOTs! I want to hug him too! What did he say to your character?

    Oh, you dont have to worry about Mimmy. She WILL DEFINITELY feel bad whether she sees this or not. HAHA!

  9. tidesong: Really? Harvesting gives EXP? Will try that out!
    luty: I know! Imagine getting whonked by a little crab.x_x But I will prevail!
    ripplecloud: Woot! I’m on sembreak! I just hope my grades aren’t lousy, or my parents would kill me. Hahaha!
    ting: He gave me tips on how to play, newbie that I am.:P Hahaha! I know! She’ll probably be, “Why isn’t it Mimmy Online?!”

    See you all in-game!^_^

  10. lucky you!

  11. HAHAHA!!! You know her so well, badtzies. Hey, sorry to hear that you are not able to play it on your laptop. Hugs. It takes up a lot of memories?

  12. I dunno why it doesn’t load it, but it definitely doesn’t have all the system requirements needed to play the game.x_x

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