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Happy Halloween!



Bleh. I envy Badtz, Hana Maru, and Pandaba. I’ve never trick-or-treated in my life. Ever.:P Anyway, I hope that those who do will enjoy the day.^_^

Walk of Death


There was a new event launched today in HKO called "Monster Rancher." Apparently, Keroleen lost her pets (I can’t really remember the story) and your task is to defeat them to get their collars (oh yeah, I definitely can’t remember how it went x_x). On the event blog, it said that you shouldn’t even attempt to try the quest without being at least Level 15. I was happy, thinking that I could do it since I was Level 18 (hah! Three notches above the minimum!) so I went to go and whack one of the creatures.

When I was lining up for a shot at Egor, I noticed something that made me o_O:


It’s not that hard to spot me. I’m the one with the completely different clothes.x_x So I was thinking if I should get out of the line, since all of them were obviously better prepared than I am, when suddenly it was my turn. I waited for Egor to regenerate, all the while thinking, "Please be stunned with only a few whacks!"

Well, it worked.

Except that I was the one who ended up stunned. KO’d, in fact.x_x One of my guildmates reckons that it’s not my level that’s the problem, but my clothes, and she advised that I buy better threads, so I went off to the London shops to get new clothes, when I realized that the clothes were for levels 15, 18, and 20. I was at the tail end of Level 18, so I decided to wait until I reach Level 20 before I buy new clothes, that way I wouldn’t need to spend twice (and yes, I’m broke :P). Now I’m doing major grinding to reach Level 20 before the event ends. I’m now 3/4 done with Level 19, so it’s only a few more!^_^

Oh, some random screenies for you:


Me staring at Badtz (Sorry, Hello Kitty :P)



Heh, one of the GMs looking for a croissant. Found that so funny. 

New Online Quizzie


I was going through the official blogs and I saw that the blog featured this week is Arcsis! Congratulations, Arcsis!

I found this quizzie on her blog:

You paid attention during 79% of high school!

68-84% Pretty good, you know that there are libraries and newspapers, and you remember what you’ve read. You were a child that wasn’t left behind!

Do you deserve your high school diploma?
Take More Quizzes


Oh… Wow.x_x Well, at least I passed.:P

Oh, and yeah, I haven’t been playing HKO that much these days, so that’s why I haven’t posted any screenies this week. I’m actually procrastinating, because I don’t really want to farm - I spend way too much time (and money!) on fertilizers, and I have no idea how to save up on it.



Tidesong mentioned NaNowRiMo about a month ago, and then Zakura brought it up again in her blog. I’m thinking whether or not I’d join it, because it’s going to start in a few days’ time and I still don’t have a concept in my head on what to write, so I don’t know if I should participate in it.

Anyway, for those who don’t know NaNowRiMo is a bit of a celebration of November, which is Novels month. What better way to celebrate the day than to write your very own novel?:P The goal is to write a 175-page (or 50,000-word) novel by midnight of November 30.

Yes, it’s scary. Yes, it’s intimidating. But it potentially sounds like great fun!^_^ The cool thing with NaNowRiMo is that it’s fine if you stank in writing it, because it’s really just a creative exercise, when you get down to it. I really want to contribute, but the latest fiction stuff I did are the ones in the Lites section, and those are purely one-shots.x_x

Anyway, I have a few days to think about it, so wish me luck!

Moderately Scary


I realized that I haven’t been posting online quizzies for the longest time (heh, addiction to HKO makes me a wee bit distracted on some stuff), so here’s one I got from brittanyundead (since Halloween is just around the corner):

You Are a Little Scary
You’ve got a nice edge to you. Use it.


Hahaha! Well, at least there’s a little bit of scare in me.:P Oh, and is it just me, or does the cat look like it’s yawning instead of looking scary?

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Finished with the Pochi Quest!


Pochi, bless his soul, is a hungry little thing.x_x I don’t think Badtz ever feeds him, because he eats. A lot.


Here’s his food list:

  • 10 Tangerine Juice
  • 21 Roast Veggies
  • 10 Oat Biscuits
  • 20 Roast Corn
  • 15 Salvia Biscuits (I’m wondering if it’s supposed to be "saliva" biscuits, but that would be a little gross :P)
  • 20 Roots (maybe he’ll boil ‘em for tea?)
  • 10 Sweet Potatoes

And to think he’s tiny.


See? You can barely see him. (Is it just me, or are my feet transparent there?)

Anyway, many outfits later, I’ve finally completed the quest! Woot! Thanks to Sebastius and Suqua for helping me out.^_^ And also to Sugar_chan, because she offered her extra roots.^_^


Anyway, I’m now in London! The first thing I did was to get my dream hair!

my new look!
Woot! I’ve wanted to get the hairstyle ever since I saw it on someone, and I don’t think I’ll be changing my hairdo anymore.^_^ Liking this look. Oh and yeah, my outfit isn’t coordinated at all. I know.x_x I’m working on it though. I’m hoping higher-level clothes at least match, but hey, it’s better to look weird but extra-protected from creatures than to be stylish at times, right?


I started doing the easy (read: non-violent) quests first, because I tried doing the one where I need to fight the spooky trees, and my second one promptly knocked me out.x_x

Here’s my first look at my farm!

me and my farm

I was hoping for a Badtz-Maru plot, but you can’t have everything.


I also had a horse on my farm too!

me and my horsie

My first attempt at farming was a disaster. I finished the strawberry quest alright, but I wasted almost a hundred of the fertilizer to get the 15 strawberries.x_x

Here’s a screenie of my first time harvesting my crops:



Finally Done with Florapolis!


Woot! I’m finally done with the Florapolis quests! I haven’t left it yet though, I’m just collecting the stuffies I need to sew new threads (and to pump up my sewing skill as well. It’s my worst so far, so I have to make my stats there higher).


There were a couple of times that I entered London territory though, and those were when I got freebies from some of my guildmates. I got stuff from Deepy and HelloKitty (thanks!^_^)


The leopard leader bows them before the awesomeness of HelloKitty.:P


Anyway! I got a different look now! Compare and contrast.

This is how I looked like after a few quests:

new look

This is me (semi-now):

long black hair 

Woot! Talk about extreme makeover! actually had blue hair before this one:

blue hair

But I swapped it for the black hair because I wanted to see how it looked like.:P I like the blue hair more though, since it looks more like me than the brunette one for some reason (and no, my hair isn’t blue).

Oh yeah! I actually changed my top, so this isn’t what I’m using now. I haven’t gotten a screenie though, since I equipped it the last few minutes before maintenance.:P Now I’m wearing pink, but I liked the ones on the screenies more. I would actually wear a top like that in real life: cute look, and the color’s pretty too.^_^

Buggy Bugs


Looks like I spoke too soon.x_x I think I said a couple of entries ago that I don’t think I’ll ever get stuck somewhere. Looks like I’m wrong.x_x

missing badtz

Do you see the problem? If you don’t, that’s the problem.x_x I suddenly evaporated. Like, pffft. Good thing GM-Mickey’s active in our guild forum, or I wouldn’t have known how to get myself visible again.

That’s one of the times I didn’t mind getting beaten up by the boars.x_x


The second bug I encountered is one that annoys me to no end. I was going to get Sakura’s key under the tree, so I clicked on the bubbles.

Bubbles disappearing after clicking? Check.

Crystals removed from my inventory? Check.

Key in my inventory? Er, no.x_x


Argh. The bad thing is, I don’t know where else to get the crystals, so I’m dead. I have no idea where to get the tears to make ‘em.:(


Noticed also something: I think the Tool NPC in Florapolis is the hottest out of ‘em all. He seems to always be surrounded by people every time I check.x_x


Outsmarting Diego and Meeting Friends


I tried outsmarting my laptop Diego by installing HKO on to my external hard drive so I can play the game at home (addict!) It worked! There was a glitch though. I don’t know if it was because there were a lot of people logged in at that time because they wanted to be the first to feed Pochi (event quest!) that there was major lag going on (imagine being alive one moment and then being sent back to the village the next), or if it was just Diego complaining in his old age that he can’t keep up with the players of HKO.

Anyway, I still got some screenies for you!


I met starrfire! Woohoo! She introduced me to Ghost and neemisha too. Sadly, Diego went pffft right after the introductions so…


I met ripplecloud on the next night. I almost didn’t see her, and we both did double-takes to get back and meet each other. Anyway, I didn’t get a screenshot of us on the same screen, so I made do with the next best thing: a screenie of her avatar.:P Unfortunately, Diego went pffft again as I was talking with her.


Notice how Diego doesn’t want me to talk to my friends?x_x Tsk, tsk. Bad, bad Diego.


Anyway, I also talked with Pochi for the NY event thing.


Pochi whining because I haven’t gotten his food for him yet.x_x (Poor watchgator. His tummy must really be rumbling).


I’ve gotten some of the stuff already (like the juice). My guildmate suqua was also nice enough to give me her extra sweet potatoes.Thanks suqua!


I’m not sure if I could do it though, since I’m still at Florapolis without a farm of my own. I get kinda obsessive-compulsive with finishing quests before moving on to the next town, so I don’t think I can move to London without finishing up on Florapolis first.x_x We’ll see, right? Sugar_chan said I might be able to finish it, so it’s going to be a combination of speed, luck, and nice HKO people (yes, I’m begging :p) to finish the event quest. Cross fingers!

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The Case of the *Gasp* Dead Bodies


Oh noez! Looks like the spell that befell the Sanrio characters also affected the players! There’ve been bodies lying around in Sanrio land, and I have no idea what happened to them:

dead guy 


dead girl

Lookie white text. As I left them, they were talking about giving the poor girl a funeral.x_x Guess the boars really are deadly, after all.

Can anyone solve the case? *Cue in CSI theme* (Speaking of CSI, cried my eyes out on the season premiere.x_x)


Speaking of strange, I saw a guy who had no pants at all O_O

no pants

OMG *covers eyes* Good thing his wand had a strategic position.x_x

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