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Talking Feet

What Your Feet Say About You:
You are pretty average in your expressiveness. You can express yourself well, but you don’t always want to.

You are a very passionate person. You are highly charged and easily inspired.

You are an assertive person at times. You’ll pull out all the stops to get what you want, if it’s worth it.

You take a while to fall in love, but once you do, you stay pretty attached to your partner.

You are not easily frightened, but you have a few strong phobias.

You are very practical and down to earth. You’re more concerned with action than thoughts.

You are an amazingly hard worker. You aren’t spoiled and you don’t mind getting your hands dirty.

You are easily influenced by other people. You’re quite impressionable, so you should only be around people who are a good influence.

I seriously want to know where the people who make these quizzes come up with the traits they list here.:P I mean, seriously? You give a relative description of your feet and you get these handed to you? Completely wicked (as Ron would put it).:P

I bet I could make my own quiz too - like, say, if you ate eggs for breakfast this morning, it means you have a sunny disposition, but may be a bit unlucky in love at times.

And, for the nth time, I’m not making any sense.o_o


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You Are Fruit Loops
You’re very fun loving and easily bored.
You need everything in your life to be over the top.

You are definitely attracted to shiny and colorful objects.
If kids love something, you tend to love it as well.

You a very short attention span and are easily distracted.
You are likely to eat something very random for breakfast… or forget to eat it at all.


Hahaha! And my kiddie side comes out yet again.^_^ I have to defend my attention span though: it’s only short when I’m not interested. If it’s something that I’m curious about (and I’m curious about gazillions of things), then I can focus on it - or try to, anyway. I might fidget and look around, but I do try and listen.

That doesn’t sound like a good defense, doesn’t it?:/


Aly & Aj


I’m not usually a pop kind of person (I prefer alternative, myself), but first time I heard Aly & Aj, I immediately loved their sound!

Alyson and Amanda Michalka are actually sisters. If Aly looks familiar to you, it’s probably because you saw her as Keely, the best friend-turned-girlfriend of Phil of Phil of the Future, a Disney sitcom.

It’s actually pretty funny, because Aly & Aj are affiliated with Disney. Don’t mistake their music to be bubblegum pop, though! They have an edgy, rock vibe going for them which I absolutely love. Here are a couple of their songs (my favorites of theirs, actually):


Thanks to charmander017 for posting this!^_^

Anyway, hope you like these sound bytes.^_^

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Oh yeah, I’m cool.:P

You Are Wintergreen Flavored Gum
You are laid back, low maintenance, and super cool.
You go with the flow, and you never cause too much of a fuss.

You are very in touch with nature and the world around you.
You prefer to keep things simple. Complexity stresses you out.

You are a very real person. Openness and honesty are important to you.
You can be friends with almost anyone, as long as they tell it like it is.


Heehee! Sorry, I’m not that logical right now. I’m a bit sleepy, so I’m babbling gibberish.


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Staying Alive, Staying Alive

You Belong in the Baby Boomer Generation
You fit in best with people born between 1943 and 1960.
You are optimistic, rebellious, and even a little self centered.
You still believe that you will change the world.
You detest authority and rules. Deep down, you’re a non conformist.


Oh darn. And here I was hoping that I’m really supposed to be from the hippie period (’60s-’70s). I loved their clothes back then! The boheme look, peasant tops, flowing skirts, bellbottom pants, big shades, headbands, cool accessories… I would definitely love to be part of that period - sans the drugs, of course.:P

Anyone who agrees, say “Peace!”^_^


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Gimme Some Orange!


You Need Some Orange in Your Life
Orange will make you feel open, lively, and artistic.
And with a little orange, you will project an aura of friendliness.
If you want bolder experiences, you’ve got to get a little orange in your life!

For extra punch: Combine orange with red or yellow

The downside of orange: It’s too powerful and unusual for some people to deal with

The consequences of more orange in your life:

You will become more creative in almost every aspect of your life
You will find humor in the most serious and dismal situations
You will feel like life is exciting, even when you’re doing ordinary things

Hmmm… Maybe I should change my favorite color. I just realized that blue and green (two of my favorite characters - and that’s why I love teal ^_^) are cool colors, and I’ve never really liked bright/warm ones. Red is too, er, red, and yellow is too bright. Orange is actually cute, but I’m definitely not going to go for overkill.

A hint or two would be cute. And besides… I love the fruit.:p


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Crazy Ones


Remember my post sometime back about being crazy? I found this video and I thought I’d share it with you.^_^

I really love this ad.^_^ Hats off to all the people who are seen as the “crazy ones” - together, we can rule the world! Heeheehee! Ok, I’m kidding, but we can change it.^_^ Dare to be different!


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You Are A Good Friend
You’re always willing to listen
Or lend a shoulder to cry on
You’re there through thick and thin
Many people consider you their “best friend”!


Isn’t that sweet?^_^ It’s good to know people could trust me. Wow. Am I starting to believe this quizzes now?


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I don’t know why some people get so insulted when they’re called crazy. I don’t think that’s really a bad thing (unless it refers to you being locked up in a rubber room), I mean, everyone should allow themselves to be a little nuts.:p Isn’t that how geniuses were described, to be brilliant, but at the same time more than a little mad? Anyway, the reason why I’m talking about it is because of… You guessed it! Another quiz I took!


You Are a Hazelnut
You are very unique and distinct. You may even freak some people out.
Most people don’t really know how to interact with you.
You get along best with anyone who is super sweet.
But you really do get along with almost anyone. You just need a chance to wow them.


Yeah, yeah, I do admit to being more than a little nuts at times.^_^ Hmmm… I wonder what crimes nuts have committed to be used as a synonym for someone’s who’s a bit whacked/ready for the loony bin/cuckoo?

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling now.:P


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Another Lite! It’s definitely not my best story, but I thought I’d try a different writing style. Please let me know what you think of this attempt.:)


A car rolled along the suburban streets. The vehicle was obviously a luxury car. Top of the class. And it fit right in the neighborhood. Affluent. Posh. The kind where you expect people to wear diamonds on a daily basis as though it were nothing.  The gates were tall, high enough that you cannot see what was behind those, and intimidating enough that you’d be scared of ringing the doorbell for whatever reason. What it cannot hide are the large houses, visible even with the barriers, as well as the neatly-trimmed trees that cannot have been made The streets were empty. No one was walking their dog, even with the lateness of the afternoon. No kids were running around as well. All in all, the place gives off a polished air that seems strangely empty.


The car slowly stopped in front of the most modest house in the neighborhood (yet still considered enormous in the outside world). Out of it stepped a young woman, wearing completely white, save for the huge shades she wore that covered half of her face.


Thank you for the ride, she said.


No, she’s ok.


No, she didn’t want anything else, but thanks for offering.


She slowly walked towards the gate, deactivating and reactivating the security as she stepped in. She proceeded on the path to the house. In front of the door, she paused, and then taking a deep breath, she turned the knob and walked in.


The house still looked the same.


The arrangement was exactly as she left it. The white sofa was tilted a little to the right, with the beige pillows invitingly fluffed, begging to be placed on someone’s lap. In the other room was the dining area. Like the


Just the way he liked it.


She shook her head, as if to clear it. As if to remove what entered her mind, she proceeded instead to the bedroom.


Bad idea.


The memories these evoke are more tangible. The white rug they picked out was there. His shaving equipment and his toothbrush are still in the connecting bathroom. The bed with its eggshell-colored sheets was there, but not bearing the indentation of his form. Worse was the smell. His scent lingered. She inhaled. She always loved that smell, more addicting than the Clinique Happy scent they both loved so much. Almost in a daze, she stepped to the closet and opened it. The scent was stronger, but all too soon, it faded. Too quickly, it seemed, as though to mock her that the only thread that held him there didn’t exist. She pulled out the blue plaid shirt, his favorite, an irony since he always preferred white over any other color. She held it in her hands. Tightly, as though it were her lifeline. Finally, her composure slipped, and she started sobbing. Quietly at first, and then steadily growing harder, until finally, her legs gave way and she collapsed on her knees, still sobbing, still clutching the shirt on her chest.


Why? Why did you have to leave?







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