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The Most Random Museums in the World


I think so, anyway, but in the article I found, they’re actually “The Eight Museums You Won’t Be Bored By.” Hurmph. Fine. I still think they’re pretty random though. I mean, who wouldn’t go and be like o_O when they hear museums being made to honor mustard, bad art, spam (and I’m not talking about the psycho stuff we get in our blogs and inboxes), and clowns (which scare me silly).

Check the list out by clicking here!


Oh yeah, I recently had a friend read some of my lites. Turns out she writes short stories too, so we ended up swapping our stuff. Now I have to come up with new ones, just because she gave me more than what I shared to her.o_o Oh well, time to get the creative juices flowing again, then.


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