Bad Badtzmaru calendar

Clinton Loves XO?

That’s weird.o_O Apparently, Bill Clinton gave an interview in 1999 saying that XO’s his favorite Sanrio character. He goes on and says, “…he lives in Gorgeoustown, where he attends first grade at the Gorgeous Academy with his friends Hana Maru the seal and Pandaba the panda bear. Badtz-Maru likes to take walks in the park with his pet alligator Pochi. He is so funny!”


I dream of XO


Who would’ve thought a former US president could know so much about a Sanrio character?o_O


7 Responses to “Clinton Loves XO?”

  1. That’s so adorable!!!! XDDD

    Did he know more about badtz than you do? XD

  2. Heehee! I hope not!:P

  3. Awww, so sweet of him! Or was he thinking about Monica Lewsomething when he was talking about XO?

  4. Lewinski! XD

  5. Tingal and Luty: AAACK! I hope not!:O :O :O

  6. How come he knows so much about XO, lol.
    about Lewinsky, I hope not too! it gives bad images on my head :P

  7. Yeah, that would be too… disturbing.O_O

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