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Bluetooth Boo-Boo


“Hiya, Clairebear!”


Claire sighed, putting down the novel she was reading. “How many times do I have to tell you, Eddie? I don’t like being called Clairebear.”


Eddie grinned, revealing his braces, which somehow accentuated his cuteness. “Come on, Clairebear! I’ve been calling you that for the past,” he stuck up his fingers, pretending to count, “twelve years.”


Claire rolled her eyes. “Exactly, Eduard,” she said, emphasizing the name and grinned in satisfaction when she saw him wince, albeit theatrically. “Yep, I’ll keep calling you Eduard unless you stop calling me Clairebear.”


Eddie melodramatically rolled his eyes. “Fine, Claire. I don’t even know why you want me stop calling you that name, not after all these years. You didn’t seem to mind then.”


“Yeah, Eddie, when I was four,” Claire said, rolling her own eyes too.


“Oh yeah, now you’re all grown up,” Eddie said, grinning, and then snatching the book Claire had been reading and ignoring her protest. “Hmmm… ‘P.S. I Love You.’ Pretty mature stuff,” he snorted, and laughed loudly at Claire’s immediate red face.


“Whatever, Eddie,” Claire muttered, snatching her book away and pretending to read it to try and cover her still-blushing face.


“Hey, don’t be mad, Claire,” Eddie tried teasing her. “I just wanted to see if you have that new Transformers movie tone, you know, the one where Optimus Prime and Megatron face off.” Claire remained stubbornly silent. “Come on, Claire,” Eddie teased, “I know you’re going to giving it to me. If you don’t, I’m going to give you my best puppy dog face until you do.” So saying, he proceeded to pout exaggeratedly, sticking out his lower lip and making his eyes as big as he possibly can.


Claire laughed. “Stop that, Eddie! You look like a sick cow. As a matter of fact, I do have that tone, and I’ll send it to you if you stop looking at me that way. I just had lunch and I don’t want to waste my $20 by throwing it up.”


He immediately stopped and grinned at her. “What? You ate your $20? Claire, how many times do I have to tell you? Only cockroaches can digest paper? I thought you of all people knew - OW!” He exclaimed, rubbing his arm which Claire smacked. “No need to get violent!” he said, scowling at her.


Claire smiled innocently. “So,” she said, waving her mobile phone in front of his face. “Do you want the tone or not?”


“Yeah, I do!”


“Turn on your Bluetooth, then!”


“Alright, turning on, turning on…. Yep, it’s on! Oh wait! Oh no, don’t turn yours…”


“What’s the matter, Eddie?” Claire frowned at him as she switched her phone’s bluetooth on. “A few minutes ago, you were willing to look like a dying frog just to get the tone, but now you don’t? I don’t want to spend my credits on you when I can send it for free! Hey, what gives?” She said, annoyed, as Eddie makes a wild swipe at her phone. She kept it away from him by leaning on to the other side. “Aha, my phone’s reading other Bluetooth devices… Hang on, you’re getting your tone… Eddie stop that! Ok, I think this is yours…” She suddenly became silent and looked at Eddie.


She looked at Eddie, who was even redder than she was when he was teasing her about the book. “Clairebear?” she asked softly, turning over her phone to face him. Still bright, her screen displayed the following words:


Read Devices: Clairebear.



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