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Congratulations, Luty!^_^

Woohoo! Luty, congratulations!^_^ We’re so proud of you!*cries hysterically* heehee! Just kidding! I love your video! You look like you had so much fun!


Oh yeah, for those who think I’m just raving like crazy, I have a reason: Luty got an honorable mention on the “A Dazzling Moment” contest! Woot! Your video rocks!^_^ Now I can tell people I know one of the people who was featured in the contest. Heehee!^_^

5 Responses to “Congratulations, Luty!^_^”

  1. *throw balloons* yay!!

  2. yay luty! we’re famous!!! …cause we know someone who’s famous XDD

  3. Ohhhh thank you Mel!!! You’re so sweet!!! Thank you very much!! \o/
    Tingal and Raein - XD I am not famous!!! But thank you!!!! I’m so glad!!!

  4. Luty: No problem!^_^ I was glad to do it!:D

    Raein: Yay! We’re famoooouuuuuus!^_^

    Tingal: Let’s have a party!^_^

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