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On Badtz and Clothes, er, Hair Clips


I posted a while back about the scoop on how XO actually gets his perfectly-spiked hair.:P Luty took it to another level and posted this:

Clipped Badtz

I laughed so hard when I saw this.:D XO’s face is a classic.:D He seems to be saying, “Ah, the price I have to pay for beauty.” Maybe he’s getting ready for a date.:P He’s all, er, beribboned up, after all.:D

Thanks for making me laugh, Luty!:D

If you want to see her post on this, click here.:D

Child at Heart

Your Inner Child Is Happy
You see life as simple, and simple is a very good thing.
You’re cheerful and upbeat, taking everything as it comes.
And you decide not to worry, even when things look bad.
You figure there’s just so many great things to look forward to.

How Is Your Inner Child?

This makes me really happy.:D I still think that a part of me will remain a child, and I don’t want to change that. It’s not that I have a Peter Pan complex or something to that effect, it’s just that, sometimes, the simple joys of life should be completely enjoyed, instead of looking at the world dourly.

As�a friend once told me, “May we remain like children forever.”:D

"No, I Wouldn’t"


Laughter came from the Jamesons’ garage. This was a typical Thursday afternoon in the household, the schedule of The Hamsters’ rehearsal. The only difference is, the laughter was a bit quieter, maybe because three out of the five band members haven’t arrived yet.

“I still can’t believe you did that,” Joanna said, laughter in her voice. She and her best friend and co-founder of “The Hamsters”, Marco, were killing time as they waited for their bandmates. As usual, they’ve ended up swapping stories of their favorite childhood stories - usually when they’re together. And, as usual too, they’re arguing about who remembered what happened better - usually trying to make the other appear as goofily as possible.

“Yeah, well, we were eight and you dared me to scale Mrs. Roberts’ fence,” Marco said just a bit defensively, but the twinkle in his eye betrayed his enjoyment of their pseudo-debate.

“Not my fault you did that,” Joanna said, sticking out her tongue at him playfully.

“Yeah, and you knew her pitbull was right down there,” Marco said, laughing at the ridiculous expression on his best friend’s face. “I almost got my leg torn off!”

“Pitbull?” Joanna raised her eyebrow in mock anger. “It was a teensy chihuahua! You ran away screaming from a rat dog!”

“Well, that rat dog of yours took a large bite out of my pants! I had to walk home with one hand covering a distinct portion of my back, or else be arrested for indecent exposure.”

Both of them guffawed again.

“Hey Marco,” Joanna said suddenly, while wiping the tears from her eyes, “Would we still be like that 10 years from now?”

“What, that I’d still fall for your stupid dares?” Marco said sarcastically.

“Oh, shut up! That’s not what I meant, and you know it!” Joanna exclaimed, slapping Marco’s arm playfully.

“Well…” Marco said slowly, pretending to think about it. “The Hamsters might still be together, as long as we make a huge hit that would make us filthy rich for the rest of our lives. I’d still be playing drums until my fingers fall off, and you… You’ll probably be disgustingly happy married to Tom,” referring to the lead guitarist of “The Hamsters” and Joanna’s boyfriend of two months.

“I don’t think so…” Joanna said, also slowly. Catching the surprised look on Marco’s face, she hastened to explain. “It’s not that I don’t want to be with him. It’s just that, well, our relationship happened way too fast, and I’m just learning stuff about him right now, and, um, not all that I’m seeing is good.” When one of Marco’s eyebrows raised in question, she explained further. “It’s not that he’s treating me wrong. He’s a perfect gentleman. The problem is, well, he’s not really… What I’m trying to say is, he…” Joanna fidgeted.

“That he can be duller than a sack of bricks?” Marco asked.

“Oh, you!” Joanna said, slapping Marco again. “But yeah, spoken like a true debate king that you are, yeah, Tom isn’t really the smartest dude on the planet.”

“Then why are you still seeing him them?”

“I don’t know… Maybe a part of me is kind of scared that if I break up with him, we’ll lose a�great guitarist.”

“Come on, Joanna. The band isn’t as important as your happiness. There are tons of guitarists out there, but I only have one best friend,” Marco said, with surprising vehemence.

Joanna blinked. To cover her confusion, she asked Marco, “What do you want me to do then?”

Silence, and then, “I just want you to be happy, of course.” Marco exhaled. “How about you? How do you imagine yourself ten years from now?”

Joanna’s eyes turned dreamy. “I want what you said a while ago to come true. I want to be really happily married to my dream guy and have a family, and…”

“Dream guy?” Marco leaned forward interestedly. “You have a dream guy? Is this guy for real? Have you met him yet?”

“I think I have,” Joanna said truthfully. “Maybe it’s him, maybe it’s not. All I know is that, whoever he is, I want him to be smarter…”

“Than a sack of bricks?” Marco quipped.

“Will you let me finish? I want him to be smart, but not in a know-it-all way. I want him to be intelligent and is comfortable with it, that he won’t feel the need to prove himself. He’s someone who cares enough about others and anything and everything around him and not so focused on himself. He’s sweet and protective, but not to the extent that he’ll end up suffocating me. He loves and accepts me for who I am, but at the same time will help me to become a better person. He’s caring and gentle, but also with a twisted sense of humor that completely goes with my psycho wavelength. Come to think of it,” she said,giggling, “He has to have a wicked sense of humor, otherwise, he’ll soon get tired of me or go insane because of…”

“No, I wouldn’t,” Marco said quietly.

Their eyes met. Silence followed.


Finally, another short story! It’s been a looong time since I was able to come up with a new “lite,” and I kinda like the way this flows, even if it is shorter compared to the other ones.

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The Story Behind XO’s Hair


So this is how he gets his hair. This is an official Sanrio release, so that’s pretty cool.:D

I wonder how long he sits still before his hair gets all spiky. Does he use hair products along with the pins? Hmmm…


Where does this picture fit in then?:P



Which One’s the Real XO?


I saw these two pictures on two different sites and I couldn’t resist putting them here in my blog.:D


Is he this diligent student of Gorgeous Academy?


Or is he a little penguin afraid to show his report card to his mommy?:P If it’s the second one, it’s probably because he’s too busy thinking up world domination schemes to put too much attention to schoolwork.


Tsk. Tsk. School is important, XO!

Just Right :)




You Can Hang With the Guys and the Girls
You’ve struck a good balance between girlie and laid back.
You can keep it casual but when you dress up, you are as girly as the next girl.

Finally, a quiz that I can truly agree on.:D I am a bit of both. I can hang around with both guys and girls and be completely comfortable. I wasn’t able to answer one question correctly though. I don’t drink any alcoholic drink, so I couldn’t really answer which of the pina colada (what’s in it, anyway?), the diet coke and rum, or the beer I drink. I chose the diet coke one, since it’s the only thing I drink among the three. The rum part, I disregarded.:D

Woohoo! Blog of the Week!


Yaaaaaay! I was chosen as the Blog of the Week by the SanrioTown Blog. Woot! Woot! *Does cartwheels and backflips* Okay, so maybe I can’t do cartwheels and backflips. I can dream, can’t I?^_^ I’m still really happy! Hopefully, I can find more XO fans now.:D Speaking of XO, I’ll post some pics (screenshots actually) of him from the Stump Village. I caught the Japanese trailer on YouTube, and I couldn’t resist taking these images. It’s rare for XO to look this happy.:D



Anyone have any pictures of a happy XO too? :D I can’t seem to find any, and that’s why I took these screenshots.:p


Disturbing Badtz-Maru Picture


Can anyone believe this photo?o_O I mean, I definitely heart Badtz-Maru, and I like Hello Kitty fine, but this one was just a little too weird for my taste. I mean, a Hello Kitty and Hana-Maru crossbreed? What is it called? A Kitty Maru?o_O I know it’s probably made by a fan, but this is just a little too weird for me.

Hang Ten!


Is it just me, or does the penguin from “Surf’s Up” look like XO?

Surf's Up


See? The same black coloring with the white tummy and the spiky hair, as well as the love for the sea. He’s closer to the “new” look of Badtz too, what with the blond hair and all.:p

Maybe it’s a conspiracy!

I’m An Average Internet Kid. Are You?


I took this quiz and my result was something that went, “You’re cool with the net, but it doesn’t rule your life.”


How do you rate?:P

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