Bad Badtzmaru calendar


Here’s another short story.:p Sorry for plugging a show, but what can I say? I adore it.:D
The gang sat on their typical table at the local diner, laughing their heads off at the usual antics of Dave, who was attempting to do a perfect headstand on the table without the owner noticing.

Fat chance.

“Get off there!” roared Mr. Estevez, surprising Dave who promptly fell off the table in shock and making the group’s laughter even louder.

“You are such a nut, Dave,” Cammie said, wiping tears off her eyes, a result of laughing too hard.

“I know,” Dave said, smiling widely and making a mock bow at her.

“You’re the man, dude!”

Dave pivoted around and grinned at the speaker. “Thanks, bro,” he told John, his older brother - by exactly seven minutes.

His twin grinned back,