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Here’s another short story.:p Sorry for plugging a show, but what can I say? I adore it.:D
The gang sat on their typical table at the local diner, laughing their heads off at the usual antics of Dave, who was attempting to do a perfect headstand on the table without the owner noticing.

Fat chance.

“Get off there!” roared Mr. Estevez, surprising Dave who promptly fell off the table in shock and making the group’s laughter even louder.

“You are such a nut, Dave,” Cammie said, wiping tears off her eyes, a result of laughing too hard.

“I know,” Dave said, smiling widely and making a mock bow at her.

“You’re the man, dude!”

Dave pivoted around and grinned at the speaker. “Thanks, bro,” he told John, his older brother - by exactly seven minutes.

His twin grinned back, and then said cockily, “But I bet I could do a better job than you.”

“Haha! You wish!”

“Bring it on, little bro.”

The rest of the group rolled their eyes. They were too used to the brothers’ good-natured goofing to be turned off by it.

“So,” Maria said, leaning forward, “anyone watched the latest episode of ‘Heroes’?”

“That was so sweet!” burst out Dan, his mouth still filled with fries. “I loved it when Peter Petrelli fell off the gym roof and…”

“Ok, I know sharing is a good thing, but not when it already came from someone else’s mouth,” John interrupted, theatrically wiping his face off and making everyone else on the table laugh again, even Dan.

“Peter’s pretty hot,” Tanya said with a twinkle in her eye. She could never resist teasing Dan, her boyfriend of two years. In response, he gave a mock growl and stole the plate of fries in front of her. “Hey!” she protested when he shoved five in his mouth in one go, but her voice was almost drowned out by the laughter.

“Yeah, he’s cute,” Cammie said with a smile, “But I think Hiro is better.”

“That chubby little guy?” Dave asked with a frown. “Why him?”

“Because he’s funny,” Cammie said, her smile growing wider. “I mean, who would’ve thought asking someone to concentrate would be hilarious?”

“Haha! Yeah!” John agreed, ignoring the dirty look thrown by his brother. “Flying man! Whooo!” making the hand gesture and earning the chuckles of the people present.

“My favorite’s Claire,” Mac volunteered, grabbing a fry from Tanya’s former plate.

“Yeah, you would love her,” Hannah said, playfully elbowing him. “Especially since she’s a cheerleader.” Mac’s forehead turned red, and everyone laughed again.

“Well, anyway, my favorite’s Isaac,” Dave said. “I can relate with him.”

“What, the drug thing?” John asked dryly.

“No, doofus. You know I wouldn’t touch the stuff. He’s an artist, like me.”

“Yeah, tortured soul and all that,” Cammie muttered under her breath, but smiling up at Dave when he looked at her quizzically.

“You think he’s got the coolest power?” Mac asked him.

“Wouldn’t hurt to know the future,” Dave said, giving his trademark half-grin.

“Why? You think someone’s out to get you?” Maria said playfully.

“Haha! More like, I want to look after someone - even if she doesn’t know it,” and his gaze shifted to Cammie before going back to Maria.

Not noticing his sideways glance, the others immediately began prying him on who the mystery girl is, but he grinned at them and waved off their questions. Only one didn’t join in the teasing. Cammie looked at him quizzically and raised an eyebrow at him, and he held her gaze for what seemed like forever until -

“Hey Dave! I bet I can stuff an entire burger in my mouth in 10 seconds!”

Regretfully smiling at Cammie, he called out to John, “I can beat you to that, and with fries on the side!” who was already unwrapping his burger.

He doesn’t need Isaac’s power to paint the future to know that he’ll be having a talk with Cammie soon.

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  1. Awwww, that’s just so sweet :)

  2. Noo, do all short stories end like this?? DX I want to know what happens to Dave and Cammie! ;_;

    You’re a great writer, by the way! :)

    P.S. I think Pandaba is yawning down there. XD

  3. Hey Erin! Long time no blog!:D Thanks for the compliment.:D Just getting used to writing these, I’m more used to fanfics. Haha! Sorry, it’s a thing of mine: I love cliffies!:D You want me to continue with the story? :P I could try making a sequence. Heeheehee!

    Haha! And here I thought Pandaba has a huge cheese wedge in her mouth.:P

  4. Tears of Kilig: Haha! Thanks.:P A lot of people are probably interested in finding out the continuation of the story too.:D

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