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Kawaii Anime Girls :D


I love checking out Rei’s blog because she features really cute stuff.:D Her new post is not an exception.:P Heeheehee! I don’t think it’s annoying, just really, really cute.:D Everyone sing!

Click here if you want to see it on a different window.:D

(Hello) Kitties for Sale


Looks like Kitty Shop’s finally allowed people to order their stuff. Yay! There are two things that make me sad though:1. The Badtz-Maru design didn’t win.:( I imagined toting around the umbrella and bag while wearing the shirt, but it doesn’t look like it’s meant to be.

2. It can only be ordered using credit cards.:/ I’ll try and ask my mum if she’s willing to lend me hers. I might even try to convince her to order it for me. I just want to get the stuff!

Since there’s no XO item, I’d probably go for the umbrella because of the weather here. Even with the sun and rain, I’d still be protected by my pretty pink umbrella.:D

Psycho Alert!


Har har har. I took this test just for the heck of it, and apparently, I’ve got a lot of personality disorders. lol I can take the paranoia and the obsessive-compulsive thing, but narcissism? Of course not! Of course I don’t always think about me! I’m the most giving person there is! There was this this one time that I… Haha! Ok, I’ll stop with the sarcasm. The test just made me think though. Do I have that many issues?o_O

Disorder Rating
Paranoid Disorder: High
Schizoid Disorder: Moderate
Schizotypal Disorder: Moderate
Antisocial Disorder: Low
Borderline Disorder: Moderate
Histrionic Disorder: Moderate
Narcissistic Disorder: High
Avoidant Disorder: Low
Dependent Disorder: Low
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: High

Personality Disorder Test - Take It!
Personality Disorders

76% Intuitive


Even though Raein said that these things aren’t really trustworthy, I still admit to being a complete sucker for online personality quizzes.:P They’re just really one of the most fun things in the world.:D

Strange though, I would’ve expected my results to come up higher - based on certain stuff about me. But anyway, who am I to argue with a few bits of HTML codes? :P

You Are 76% Intuitive

You are a very intuitive person. And luckily, your intuition is normally right.

You’re wise enough to know that relying on intuition alone can be dangerous.

When your intuition seems really off, you tend to ignore it - and look at the facts instead.

How Intuitive Are You?



Muffled noises came from the laundry room, the sound of two feminine voices trying to keep from being overheard.

“Come on, Melissa! What’s this about?”

“Nothing!” An insistent voice came out.

“Oh really? Then why did you drag here in the laundry room?”

“Urm, to do my laundry?”

“And where, pray tell, is your laundry?”

Deep sigh. “You are way too smart for me, Tasha.” Another deep breath.

“So what’s the deal?” The voice, now identified as Tasha’s, came, sounding a bit annoyed but excited at the same time. Mumbling sound. “What’s that?” Tasha said almost cheerfully. “Can’t really hear you because of these washing machines.”

“Sssshhh!” Melissa hissed. “Do you plan to let the whole world know that we’re here?”

“Lis, no one in their right minds would be going to the laundry room, and,” Tasha’s voice paused briefly, “Even if we’re in a huge dorm, no one would be crazy enough to be here at midnight on a Saturday night.” Enough meaning dripped in her voice to imply that, she, at least, had other things better to do on what remained of that time.

“Ok, ok, I can take a hint.” Melissa’s voice came out, this time in surrender. Another deep sigh. At the rate she’s inhaling, she’ll be having an asthma attack in 10 minutes because of the powdered detergent. “I don’t really know where to begin…”

“Let me guess,” came Tasha’s voice again, and this time, there can be no mistaking her teasing tone, “It’s about Mark.”

“How did you know about…” Came Melissa’s shocked voice.

“Dear, just about everyone knows, except perhaps you and Mark.” Tasha’s voice ended in a giggle.

“We’re that obvious, huh?” Melissa sounded crushed.

“Well… Probably not,” Tasha said. “But we’ve known each other since we were five, Lis. You can’t really expect to hide these things from me. So spill.” She giggled again. “Anything happen between the two of you? Has he admitted his undying love already!”

“Tasha!” Melissa’s voice came out, but this time, she also had hints of laughter in her voice. “Of course not! There can’t possibly be anything that will happen between the two of us.” At this bit, her voice turned into a whisper, making it almost inaudible.

“What’s the matter?” Tasha’s voice came, sounding concerned. “He hasn’t acted like a jerk, has he?”

“Of course he has,” Melissa said, sounding bitter. “What more can you expect from a guy who thinks he’s got it all?”

“Well, he does have almost all of that,” Tasha pointed out.

“That’s not the point!” Melissa’s usual gentle voice burst out. “He is such a chauvinist, making sly remarks about how great he is! Who would want an arrogant pig like that? And why does he have to parade around with all these girls around as if they’re his harem! And don’t even get me started on…”

“You love him, don’t you?” In contrast to Melissa’s rising voice, Tasha’s became softer.

“God help me, I do,” Melissa’s voice came, just as softly. “I don’t even know why. I just do. He’s just such a great guy when he’s not acting like an idiot, and I don’t know why he still keeps on doing that. It’s like, he’s hiding behind this mask, and he only lets it slip when he’s with me, but when someone else comes, the shield comes up automatically.” Deep sigh. “I just don’t know, Tasha. I don’t know if I can continue waiting for someone who doesn’t want to admit that he’s human.”

“Ssshhh… It’s ok. Things are going to be ok,” came Tasha’s voice. “Everything will work out…”

Mark’s hand was frozen on the doorknob of the laundry room. He was going to sneak in some of his clothes while the rest of the co-ed dormitory was sleeping, but he stopped when he heard the voices inside the room. As the minutes passed by, he was surprised with what he heard.

She loves me? He wondered in puzzlement, and to add to his confusion, delight.

I’m A Caramel Doughnut!


You Are a Caramel Crunch Donut

You’re a complex creature, and you’re guilty of complicating things for fun.You’ve been known to sit around pondering the meaning of life…

Or at times, pondering the meaning of your doughnut.

To frost or not to frost? To fill or not to fill? These are your eternal questions.

What Donut Are You?

This is so creepy. I took this test on a whim, and I can’t believe it got a huge part of my personality covered. I don’t really understand how they could assign character traits to a doughnut, but what do I know? :P

Hmmm…. Caramel.

New Badtz o_O


I saw this in the Downloads section of SanrioTown, and I could not be more shocked!


They’re changing Badtz-Maru’s look?:O I’m pretty sure they didn’t make a mistake in labeling it, but I can’t believe they made a new look for XO. This one’s cute, I guess, (might take a lot of time to get used to), but I definitely love the original one more than this. I hope they’re not planning to make this into a permanent thing, because I love him more with the beak and the spiky hair. I’ll protest in front of the Sanrio office if I have to, as long as they don’t change the way he looks!



Here’s another short story.:p Sorry for plugging a show, but what can I say? I adore it.:D
The gang sat on their typical table at the local diner, laughing their heads off at the usual antics of Dave, who was attempting to do a perfect headstand on the table without the owner noticing.

Fat chance.

“Get off there!” roared Mr. Estevez, surprising Dave who promptly fell off the table in shock and making the group’s laughter even louder.

“You are such a nut, Dave,” Cammie said, wiping tears off her eyes, a result of laughing too hard.

“I know,” Dave said, smiling widely and making a mock bow at her.

“You’re the man, dude!”

Dave pivoted around and grinned at the speaker. “Thanks, bro,” he told John, his older brother - by exactly seven minutes.

His twin grinned back, and then said cockily, “But I bet I could do a better job than you.”

“Haha! You wish!”

“Bring it on, little bro.”

The rest of the group rolled their eyes. They were too used to the brothers’ good-natured goofing to be turned off by it.

“So,” Maria said, leaning forward, “anyone watched the latest episode of ‘Heroes’?”

“That was so sweet!” burst out Dan, his mouth still filled with fries. “I loved it when Peter Petrelli fell off the gym roof and…”

“Ok, I know sharing is a good thing, but not when it already came from someone else’s mouth,” John interrupted, theatrically wiping his face off and making everyone else on the table laugh again, even Dan.

“Peter’s pretty hot,” Tanya said with a twinkle in her eye. She could never resist teasing Dan, her boyfriend of two years. In response, he gave a mock growl and stole the plate of fries in front of her. “Hey!” she protested when he shoved five in his mouth in one go, but her voice was almost drowned out by the laughter.

“Yeah, he’s cute,” Cammie said with a smile, “But I think Hiro is better.”

“That chubby little guy?” Dave asked with a frown. “Why him?”

“Because he’s funny,” Cammie said, her smile growing wider. “I mean, who would’ve thought asking someone to concentrate would be hilarious?”

“Haha! Yeah!” John agreed, ignoring the dirty look thrown by his brother. “Flying man! Whooo!” making the hand gesture and earning the chuckles of the people present.

“My favorite’s Claire,” Mac volunteered, grabbing a fry from Tanya’s former plate.

“Yeah, you would love her,” Hannah said, playfully elbowing him. “Especially since she’s a cheerleader.” Mac’s forehead turned red, and everyone laughed again.

“Well, anyway, my favorite’s Isaac,” Dave said. “I can relate with him.”

“What, the drug thing?” John asked dryly.

“No, doofus. You know I wouldn’t touch the stuff. He’s an artist, like me.”

“Yeah, tortured soul and all that,” Cammie muttered under her breath, but smiling up at Dave when he looked at her quizzically.

“You think he’s got the coolest power?” Mac asked him.

“Wouldn’t hurt to know the future,” Dave said, giving his trademark half-grin.

“Why? You think someone’s out to get you?” Maria said playfully.

“Haha! More like, I want to look after someone - even if she doesn’t know it,” and his gaze shifted to Cammie before going back to Maria.

Not noticing his sideways glance, the others immediately began prying him on who the mystery girl is, but he grinned at them and waved off their questions. Only one didn’t join in the teasing. Cammie looked at him quizzically and raised an eyebrow at him, and he held her gaze for what seemed like forever until -

“Hey Dave! I bet I can stuff an entire burger in my mouth in 10 seconds!”

Regretfully smiling at Cammie, he called out to John, “I can beat you to that, and with fries on the side!” who was already unwrapping his burger.

He doesn’t need Isaac’s power to paint the future to know that he’ll be having a talk with Cammie soon.

XO and Oral Hygiene


Laughed so hard when I saw this picture.:D I didn’t know that XO had teeth.:D It’s a good thing he’s hygienic, though.:D Now, to figure out what Pandaba has in her mouth.o_O


His Name is Maru… Badtz-Maru.


I was browsing through the Internet looking for XO images I can use as a wallpaper when I came upon this:

Wow! I can’t believe it! XO as a super secret agent? He’ll probably do a great job on this.:D Is this an official Sanrio release? If it’s not, it would be cool to make a story revolving around this plotline.:D

I can imagine it now: Badtz-Maru fighting off bad guys to save the world. So cool.

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