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I wish I could turn back, just alittle. Sure I have learned alot the last year. It have been pretty good. But there are these things that have changed me forever, not to the better, no no, to the worse. In one way it have actually changed my life to the better. I’ve never felt so good as I did with you, your words were like silk towards my heart. But after, it left me wrecked, for almost 5 months it have felt like a train have crashed inside of me. and you knew I already were a walking disaster, that I already were feeling bad. I guess we weren’t ment to be, but did you have to do like you did? and especially now, do you have to do this? You swore that you were always gonna be by my side, atleast as a friend. and now I don’t you if you’re dead or alive. The thing I miss the most is our friendship, and you know that. That I could talk with you about everything, how you always made me smile. and that it were the part I didn’t wanna loose. But still I have lost it. and it makes me wonder if there really are a reason for anything. well, you know i miss you. and I guess the problem were that for a moment we were more than just that. i’m sorry to say that this maybe ruined something beautiful, something so pure. But still I can’t forget you. You can’t forget someone who changed your whole life.

that’s why I want to turn back time. so i’d never met you, never know that you existed.

cuz this is fucking killing me. not slow, this is a fast rollercoaster, going down.

How’s it hanging?

It’s a good day, actually. It’s not making me totally sick atleast :)

actually I should really sleep now, i’m getting up early tomorrow for food shopping with my friend Jennica, (welcome to the adult life)

I just feel that I need to share about my today’s outfit (no, no picture, I swear it were so.. hideous).
I’ve had a “cosy day” with Jennica, we watched twilight (no i’m not in love with edward cullen, i just thought it were a funny movie, today were the first time i saw it)
so it were slacker pants, who are like, 3/4 length, to that I took kneehigh sockings, and a purple sweater. Well, after that I thought, hey let’s continue this matching. It ended up with purple converse (it’s only like 10-15-20 cm snow here) and my hello kitty hat, hello kitty mitts, and my pink see through backpack, which ofcourse also have hello kitty on. I felt kind of, childish, today. But I swear it were really cute. lolz.
at least it were comfortable, and that is what matters when it’s movie time!

Well, now I’ll go to sleep, it’s a long day tomorrow, with an early morning, cleaning and then work until 21.15.

Have a good night, and take care kittens.

now i’ve been totally worthless and haven’t been writing again. But I guess it’s because I don’t have anything interesting to write about. It’s just work, work, work :)

well. I have spent alot of time missing the love of my life.
Damn I miss you.. it kills me slowly. You were, you are, and you will always be the love of my life.

Well I’m not stupid, I know it wont be the two of us again. But I just can’t stop missing you. I just need to move on, in my own speed.

take care kittens, luv ya.

Great morning I tell you. I’m done for work and it’s 20 minutes until it’s time to go for work. Toni is sleeping and I’m quiet. I’ve been dancing around to Franz Ferdinand in my ipod and ah it’s a wonderful day. I feel great. I’m actually looking forward to work. I work from 7.15-18:00 today, quite a long day but that’s the way it is. I almost have the weekend off, and I’m looking forward to spend it with people I love.

Well. I hope you all have a great day, and take care kittens!

I just got up and now I’m on my way to my bff, she’s inviting me for lunch! And after that it’s time for work. Great. Smell ya later, or tonight to be honest.

have a good day kittens!

I hope you all had a good weekend. Mine were good, except for the work today, lolz, some people really need treatment. Or is it just me who don’t think it’s right to say to people to go to hell?

Well, I’m happy anyway, I’m right now crashing at my parents home cuz they ain’t home, so I’m getting able to have the car in the garage. It’s really cold here so it’s nice to just drive the car out of the garage, warm, in the morning.

Yesterday I got Toni to play my Hello Kitty memory game with me, aw that was so cute, and it made me happy.

Well, I think I’ll go and do something, maybe I’ll play some sims today, that could be pretty sweet actually.

take care kittens,

ps. that’s a fake hello kitty tattoo, it were a.. going drunk on new year thing. haha.

yes yes yes. I’m happy. I have fixed in the apartment now, and now it happends. I’m happy as hell. What a wonderful day. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I’ll not say now cuz.. I don’t wanna. But hey, maybe later ;) we’ll see how it goes. I’m a happy little shit right now atleast. Sweeeeet.

Now I have to.. do something. no I don’t have to. everything is fixed, I’m drinking a glass of wine and i’m nervous like shit. So, take care kittens, I’ll surf into facebook for a while and then I’ll just chill and wait. :)


I’m actually gonna write a happy post today, cuz I’m in the world’s greatest mood.

I came home like.. 30 minutes ago. First I were working, and then I went to my parents home. It have been a great day, I’ve been happy and laughing the whole day. It’s awesome, I love this kind of days.

I’ll soon go and take care of the dishes.. I’ll just. yeah, do something. anything. lolz.

moa&ida This is a pic of me&my friend Moa, it’s from new years eve, the best new year ever, I swear!

Naah, now I’ll go, smell you later kittens.

It’s 1½ year since I wrote in this blog the last time. I’ve had a life I guess, but I felt that I need to start writing myself off again. I’m happy now, my life is wonderful. No error, no delete. Just happiness and joy. Life is wonderful.

I’m gonna write a summary of the best things 2009. And here it comes:

  • my 20th birthday
    I became 20, it’s a big thing actually. I start to feel old. gah.
  • england
    I had a great vacation to england in february. AWESOME. naat.
  • tunisia
    I went to tunisia in june with my best friend. We had alot of sun, shopping and cute guys, mjau!
  • moving
    I moved from home, it were kind of scary in the beginning. But I like it, it’s really me and hello kitty here. We love it. It’s pink and hello kitty everywhere.

It have also happend sad things. I found the best friend in the world. Flori. We fell apart, and oh I miss him so much. He were the best thing that happend to me.. but due to special circumstances we can’t be.. flori and ida anymore. Maybe one day, which we both hope for. Honestly the tears never dry.

I have my new year resolutions too. It’s that I were gonna go “all-in” on a guy I fancy. I can admit that I will not keep it. Cuz I don’t think that.. well. It’s like it should be, you understand? But hey. We’ll see what the future holds for me.

Now I’m gonna go and take a bath, and I’m actually gonna start to write in the blog again, so I think I’ll maybe update later.

take care sweet kittens.
Love never dies

edit* I just saw that this one came under the old one, but this is a newer one.

After a long day of thinking, I have realized what I really want.

Such a lie. No I don’t know what I want, yes I do, I want to have fun. I want to be able to enjoy life and, yeah such things. I’m looking forward to a wonderful year, full of work, happy surprises and yeah, such things.

and btw, I haven’t been thinking at all. I have been totally brain dead, I have been crying cuz I miss my best friend, I’m dying without you Flori. You know you are my everything.

Now I longing for going to work, this is really taking on my nerves, I hate missing a person. But I’ll soon be back to work, 7am actually. So it’s time to take a bath, enjoy some good music and just be. I think I need it.

In one way I like sitting and thinking about what we have done, and what the future hopefully will hold for us. I just wish I would have been hugging you at 12 o’clock, that we could have been cheering in a new year for us to just be, I miss talking with you the whole nights, you know everything about me, you are the one who knows my secrets, all of them. You are my airbag, the one who’ve been catching me when I fell. Flori, you are my everything.

Now I’ll go, I can’t stare at this computer the whole evening. My dear bathtub, Here I come!

take care sweet kittens

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