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AMD and Intel, In Perfect Harmony?

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

Who says that two incompatible individuals can’t be together at last? Will this mean that Intel’s rivalry with AMD has already ceased?

Intel has chosen ATI to be integrated with their motherboard line, D101GGC.

As quoted from the ati website ( : “Intel has teamed up with ATI to deliver its first Intel branded motherboard with the ATI Radeon Xpress 200 chipset. As part of the new Intel® Desktop Board Essential Series, the D101GGC offers a cost-efficient solution for the budget conscious user.”

ATI was earlier acquired by AMD (NYSE:AMD) last October 25, 2006 for a whooping $5.4 Million Dollars thus giving additional strength to its technological advancement.

“Intel’s use of the Radeon Xpress 200 IGP is a huge step forward in graphics performance compared to Intel’s Extreme Graphics architecture. ” says’s Brandon Hill.

The D101GGC key features are:

  • PCI Express™ integrated chipset
  • Radeon® X300 Direct X® 9 integrated graphics
  • Ready for the next generation Operating System
  • High definition audio/video for Windows MCE
  • Full support for the latest technologies to up sell

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VISTA (Virii, Infection, Spyware, Trojan, Adware)

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

Is it time for vista? Microsoft recently launched the OSX-Wannabee-Long-awaited-Stable-Duh-duh-Systemhungry-
Microsoft Vista, and being a beta user for RC1, i felt no difference in using Vista Ultimate and Vista Ultimate Beta Version XXiforgot.0123.b.lame.again

A recent discussion at between me and someone from MS’s technet told me that the reason why my system is so unstable is because that my system did not meet the minimum specs for vista (which i told him earlier that i had 2 opteron dual, 3 gb of ram and crossfired 2 ati x1650 512mb) duh… like hmm… lame OS… (well MS started to be lame when WinMe came out, somewhat referred to as “Windows Mill-LAME-nium).

From my point of view, the vista beta was more stable than the retail edition, stable in the sense that it will be more stable if it was inside a dvd case beside an ibm-compatible computer running Linux-bootstrapped OS-X (Don’t worry Steve Jobs, i have an original copy of it.)

Bill Gates clearly has issues with his design… it was a lame attempt to copy the “real” stable OS-X… but in fairness toMr. Gates, well there was these really “stable” OS that he did…It was MS-DOS (*whilst playing tunes down the memory lane…)